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Last week­end was the club’s an­nual fun run. Again this year we had nice at­ten­dance, but that white fluffy stuff was a no show. I have a the­ory about why we haven’t been get­ting any snow, but in­stead of point­ing any fin­gers, let me just put this state­ment out there. If you are think­ing of up­grad­ing to a new sled, please do it this win­ter. One of the top­ics of dis­cus­sion at the fun run was the vin­tage run that was held in Deer­ing last year. We heard that there may be a few more in the area, and hope­fully they can still be held this win­ter. Even if you do not have a vin­tage sled of your own, they are so fun to check out and watch the rid­ers. More than once I have been flip­ping chan­nels and found my­self caught up in a piece they show oc­ca­sion­ally on PBS on a vin­tage fun run that was held maybe in Min­nesota or Wis­con­sin. For me, the vin­tage sleds bring back child­hood mem­o­ries of rid­ing our fa­ther’s sled around our yard and in the neigh­bor­ing fields. For coun­try kids like us, with­out any hills, hook­ing up a sled or in­ner tube to the back of the snow­mo­bile was how we went sled­ding. Many of us re­mem­ber the first time we drove a sled, in fact at our house our daugh­ter is start­ing to learn the same way, so she is ready to drive her own sled when she turns twelve. Un­til then she gets to ride with dad, but she is al­ways ex­cited to get suited up and go for a ride. She is a coun­try kid too, get­ting pulled around the yard by a 4-wheeler or our old Yamaha in a calf sled. I am still not sure who has more fun though – dad or daugh­ter. Hope­fully soon the new snow­mo­bile jinx will wear off, and the snow will start to fall around here. But if not, hope­fully you are able to get out on the trail where you are.

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