2016 Po­laris® IQ® Race Sled Fea­tures Walker Evans Shock Pack­age That Has Won Ti­tles & Gives Rac­ers Out­stand­ing Ad­justa­bil­ity

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Po­laris snow­mo­bile rac­ers head into the sea­son with op­ti­mism and con­fi­dence fu­eled by the proven, win­ning 2016 Po­laris IQ® Race Sled. Po­laris rac­ers will en­joy the great­est range of ride and han­dling ad­just abil­ity ever from the Walker Evans® Rac­ing shock pack­age that was de­vel­oped through ex­ten­sive test­ing and rac­ing.

“Our shocks in re­cent sea­sons have been re­ally good, but we spent the bet­ter part of three years de­vel­op­ing the cal­i­bra­tion of this sled in con­junc­tion with Walker Evans Rac­ing,” said Po­laris Rac­ing Man­ager Tom Rager, Jr. “The big ben­e­fit is ad­just abil­ity. Th­ese are high-low re­bound-ad­justable shocks that have a dif­fer­ent kind of re­bound than most shocks, and the de­sign keeps the click­ers sep­a­rate from each other so they don’t af­fect each other when you make ad­just­ments to one of them.”

Top Po­laris rac­ers such tested the shocks and race sled ex­ten­sively in the spring of 2014 and through­out the 2014-2015 rac­ing sea­son. They de­vel­oped spe­cial­ized sus­pen­sion set­ups that suited their in­di­vid­ual rac­ing styles – and won snocross races in the United States and Canada.

Po­laris has his­tor­i­cally de­vel­oped high-per­for­mance tech­nol­ogy on race sleds, then im­ple­mented ver­sions of th­ese com­po­nents and de­signs on con­sumer sleds. Such fea­tures in­clude leg­endary Po­laris IFS, the light­weight crank­shaft, high/low com­pres­sion-ad­justable shocks, high-strength chas­sis ar­chi­tec­ture, rider bal­anced po­si­tion­ing, and more.

Key Fea­tures on the 2016 Po­laris IQ Race Sled Walker Evans Rac­ing Shock Pack­age

• IFS shocks: Front track and rear track shock are Walker Evans Alu­minum IFP Ad­justable Shocks with Pig­gy­back Reser­voirs

• IFS shocks and rear track shock are high/low/re­bound ad­justable with 28 low speed po­si­tions, 22 high speed po­si­tions and 16 re­bound po­si­tions of ad­just abil­ity

• Front track shock is high/low ad­justable with 28 low speed po­si­tions and 22 high speed po­si­tions of ad­just abil­ity

• Click­ers on each shock are in iso­lated po­si­tions for easy ad­just­ment with­out af­fect­ing one an­other

• IFS shocks have a 2”-di­am­e­ter shock body, up from 1.75”; the in­creased area re­duces in­ter­nal pres­sures re­sult­ing in im­proved shock per­for­mance

• IFS travel is 10.3” (26.1 cm) and rear sus­pen­sion travel is 13.9” (35.3 cm)

• The shock de­signs let teams make changes quickly on the track and at track­side be­tween mo­tos

128” Rear Sus­pen­sion

• Po­laris 128” rear sus­pen­sion with 128” track pro­vides out­stand­ing trac­tion

• In­creased tor­sion spring rate

• This setup de­liv­ers out­stand­ing holeshots, bet­ter sta­bil­ity in whoops sec­tions, and im­proved cor­ner­ing

• This rear sus­pen­sion tracks straighter in the whoops sec­tions, and helps min­i­mize ski lift for en­hanced turn­ing

• The track is an ag­gres­sive 15” x 128” x 1.75” Sno-XT track

Proven Po­laris IQ® Chas­sis

• The 2016 IQ Race Sled is built on the strong, durable, light­weight Po­laris-ex­clu­sive IQ®

Chas­sis • Ad­vanced as­sem­bly tech­niques min­i­mize sled weight and the num­ber of parts used • De­sign, ma­te­ri­als, and manufacturing pro­cesses pro­vide max­i­mum strength and dura­bil­ity

Po­laris Lib­erty® 600 En­gine

• Liq­uid-cooled 600 twin de­liv­ers best-in-class ac­cel­er­a­tion for out­stand­ing holeshots

• En­gine de­liv­ers im­pres­sive horse­power across the en­tire RPM range

• Twin Mikuni Rack TM 40 car­bu­re­tors

• NiCaSil-lined cylin­ders for ef­fi­cient heat dis­per­sion

• Po­laris VES (Vari­able Ex­haust Sys­tem) for max­i­mum power and in­stant throt­tle re­sponse

• Sled uses leg­endary Po­laris P-85 drive clutch and Light­weight TEAM® Roller driven clutch

Light­weight Crank­shaft

• Has a 2.5-pound weight re­duc­tion in ro­tat­ing mass com­pared to the pre­vi­ous crank­shaft

• In­er­tia is re­duced by 25%, and throt­tle re­sponse and ac­cel­er­a­tion are en­hanced

• This all adds up to im­proved holeshots and the en­gine reach­ing its op­ti­mal op­er­at­ing RPM


Premium Brake Pads

• Hayes® Type 126 brake pads de­liver con­sis­tently re­li­able brak­ing as brakes heat up dur­ing rac­ing

• They also help to ex­tended brake pad life

• Liq­uid-cooled brake sys­tem uses Cy­clone master cylin­der and “Phan­tom” dual pis­ton caliper

NEW 2016 Rac­ing Graph­ics

• New rac­ing paint scheme fea­tures: red hood, side pan­els and front skid plate; black low wind­shield

• Rac­ing seat is black and red with Po­laris graph­ics

• Hood and side pan­els fea­ture Po­laris 600 R graph­ics

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