DAYS: Sami Re­unites With EJ

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■ Sami gets the DNA re­sults back and dis­cov­ers that the mys­tery pa­tient is, in­deed, her pre­sumed-dead hubby, EJ.

“Ali Sweeney is not sure that it’s ac­tu­ally EJ, but Sami is never one to hes­i­tate,” notes Sami’s por­trayer. “She’s de­cided it’s EJ. All the cir­cum­stan­tial ev­i­dence points to that. I think she’s think­ing a lot of things at once, ob­vi­ously re­lief and val­i­da­tion af­ter all this hard work and all this search­ing. It’s al­ready a tough road ahead of what she has to do to help him even get out of the cir­cum­stance he’s in. It’s not just all like, ‘Oh, thank God; it’s all bet­ter now!’ She feels just a mil­lion dif­fer­ent things. And, of course, heartache for what he’s been through and how he is right now and burned.”

Sami ad­mits to Belle that she isn’t ready to let Su­san in on the news. “Su­san is not su­per-ra­tio­nal or help­ful,” points out Sweeney. “Su­san’s com­pli­cated and she doesn’t want to deal with it. She wants to do it her way. Sami feels that she knows what’s best. Su­san ob­vi­ously shows some lack of judg­ment when it comes to the peo­ple that Sami cares about — the lit­tle episode with Will is cer­tainly fresh in Sami’s mind. I don’t know that she feels su­per-com­pas­sion­ate to­ward Su­san right now.”

Nev­er­the­less, Su­san dis­cov­ers the truth and kid­naps her son. With help from Will and Paul, Sami man­ages to track Su­san down, but she pulls a scalpel on Sami. “She’s got EJ hid­den in the morgue, and it is not safe for EJ to even be out of his room,” says Sweeney. “Sami’s freak­ing out about that and sort of point­ing out to Su­san like, ‘This is ex­actly why I didn’t tell you. You’re mak­ing self­ish de­ci­sions about EJ.’ She tries to rea­son with Su­san, and Su­san acts very emo­tion­ally.” Sami apol­o­gizes and the women make peace.

Af­ter, Sami at­tends John and Marlena’s nups, which is a much hap­pier oc­ca­sion than the first at­tempt. “I think Sami feels com­pletely vin­di­cated,” notes the ac­tress. “She wasn’t try­ing to ruin the wed­ding, she was try­ing to help her mom, and she did in the long run. And she’s not the one who shot her. In some ways, I think it’s all’s well that ends well and she’s happy to sort of full cir­cle it out and be there for the real wed­ding. But I think Sami al­ways is go­ing to have an in­fe­ri­or­ity com­plex in that fam­ily. No mat­ter how much she can ra­tio­nal­ize it or her brain tells her, ‘It’s over, you’re not that kid any­more,’ I don’t think she’s ever gonna feel 100 per­cent like she fits into that fam­ily.”

Af­ter the “I do’s,” Sami and Su­san take EJ to a pri­vate fa­cil­ity in Europe where he can hope­fully re­cover.

Sharp Ob­jects: Su­san (Stacy Haiduk, l.) tries to keep Sami (Sweeney) from get­ting near EJ.

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