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■ At Bill’s be­hest, Justin looks into Judge Mc­mullen’s back­ground, and re­turns with some in­ter­est­ing in­for­ma­tion. “Bill has made it known that he wasn’t pleased with the judge or the judge’s ver­dict in Will’s cus­tody hear­ing,” re­lays his por­trayer, Don Di­a­mont. “Bill’s got good in­stincts and he is think­ing that some­thing isn’t right here. He was very dis­ap­pointed with the judge’s de­ci­sion, and we all know how Bill gets when things don’t go his way.”

Justin in­forms his boss that he dis­cov­ered that Ridge and the judge are old school chums, which im­me­di­ately raises a red flag with Bill. “What are the odds?” muses Di­a­mont. “Bill def­i­nitely smells a rat. Ridge is al­ways quick to crit­i­cize Bill for his hard­ball tac­tics but when push comes to shove, he’s just a big hyp­ocrite. Bill knows that ‘The Dress­maker’ can be just as un­der­handed, if not more. At least Bill is up­front about his ac­tions.”

Bill takes his sus­pi­cions to Brooke and grills her about the pos­si­bil­ity of Ridge rig­ging the cus­tody hear­ing against him. “The last thing Bill wants to do is hurt Brooke,” the ac­tor says. “He doesn’t want to put her in the mid­dle of all this. He knows that she has taken

“Bill def­i­nitely smells a rat.”

heat for sup­port­ing him in the cus­tody case and he doesn’t want to make things worse for her. But if any­body knows what’s go­ing on with Ridge, it would be Brooke.”

When pressed by Bill, Brooke doesn’t spill what she knows about Ridge and Judge Mc­mullen. How­ever, that doesn’t de­ter him from his quest to get to the bot­tom of things. “At this point, Bill is like a dog with a bone,” notes Di­a­mont. “He’s not go­ing to give up on this. Bill is trust­ing his gut here, and his gut is telling him that there is more here than meets the eye.”

Bill then opts to hire a pro­fes­sional to help him ac­com­plish his goal. “Bill calls our fa­vorite com­puter tech­ni­cian,” Di­a­mont says. “If any­body can track down calls or text mes­sages to find proof of a con­nec­tion, it’s this guy.” With the help of Ken in IT, Bill feels like it’s only a mat­ter of time un­til his hunch pays off. “Bill knows a sneak when he sees one, and his Spencer Spidey sense — his Spencey sense — is on full blast right now.”

Skill Set: Thanks to Justin’s (Aaron D. Spears, c.) dis­cov­ery, Bill (Di­a­mont, r.) en­lists the help of IT whiz Ken (Danny Wood­burn).

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