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■ Who do you root for in a story when ev­ery­one is be­ing a jerk?

■ Y&R ex­ploded in a shock­ing story we’ll call ABBOTTS BE­HAV­ING BADLY. The petty pen­du­lum usu­ally swings be­tween Jack and Vic­tor, but Jack, Billy, Kyle and Ash­ley all took turns ly­ing to cover their tracks and ap­peal­ing to each other’s worst in­stincts as they tried to wrest power within the fam­ily busi­ness.

Jack: “You faked a pa­ter­nity test?”

Ash­ley: “Didn’t think I had it in me, did you?”

Ash­ley jus­ti­fied her ac­tions (con­vinc­ing their Alzheimer’s-stricken mother she had cheated on John to con­ceive Jack) as pay­back for Jack hav­ing in­sti­tuted the Blood Ab­bott Clause, which cost Ash­ley the CEO po­si­tion. “Your fa­ther would be dis­gusted at how you pushed his daugh­ter out of his com­pany,” she spit at Jack, gloat­ing that months of him be­liev­ing he was il­le­git­i­mate do not com­pare to a life­time of her know­ing it. Ash­ley threw Kyle, Dina, Jill, the DNA guy, even Traci un­der the bus, stun­ning Jack with her treach­ery.

Ash­ley: “I wanted to hurt you. I wanted you to know what it felt like to not be a part of your own fam­ily.” Jack: “Mis­sion ac­com­plished. I see a cold, heart­less, vi­cious mon­ster

Time was when we in­stinc­tively rooted for Ridge against Bill on B&B, but not any­more.

who I wouldn’t want to know, much less be re­lated to.”

Jack punc­tu­ated his dis­gust by throw­ing John’s chair through a plate glass win­dow and Ash­ley wound up ousted as CEO of Jabot. Was it worth it? Not for the bro­ken Ab­bott fam­ily, but it will be for Y&R come Emmy time.

■ Time was when we in­stinc­tively rooted for Ridge against Bill on B&B, but not any­more. Ridge’s in­sis­tence on strong-arm­ing the judge (who Bill nick­named “Judge Mc­moron”) to in­sure Bill lost cus­tody of Will re­sulted in Ridge’s an­gry wife sid­ing with Bill. Worse, Brooke con­vinced Katie to soften her stance on Bill see­ing his son so the whole trial was for naught. Bill (to Brooke): “You went to the mat for me and I can’t thank you enough.”

He can, how­ever, kiss her and en­rage her hus­band to the point where Ridge threw Bill off a bal­cony to cre­ate even more root­ing value for his en­emy.

There are no win­ners here, with the pos­si­ble ex­cep­tion of Katie, who fi­nally got a clas­sic line. Katie (re: see­ing Will): “The only le­git­i­mate ex­cuse for can­cel­ing is if you have malaria or some­one dies.”

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