Ash­ley Te­soro (ex-kim­berly, B&B) is ex­pect­ing her third child on Valen­tine’s Day.

B&B Alum Ash­ley Te­soro is ready for a party of five

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“I’m so ex­cited and thank­ful for my third and fi­nal preg­nancy!” en­thuses Ash­ley Te­soro (ex-kim­berly, B&B), who is al­ready mom to Gabriella, 5, and An­thony, 2. “We are hav­ing a lit­tle girl and we are thrilled to an­nounce her name: Valentina Ash­ley Te­soro. I’m happy to give her my first name as her mid­dle name, so she car­ries a piece of me al­ways.”

Valentina will make her world de­but in early 2019. “It’s amaz­ing be­cause she is due in the mid­dle of Fe­bru­ary,” Te­soro says. “I was born Fe­bru­ary 15th. My par­ents’ an­niver­sary is Fe­bru­ary 14th. This is a spe­cial month for us, and I love that she’s due Fe­bru­ary 19th be­cause she’ll be born in the month of love. Her name, Valentina, is an Ital­ian name and it’s the fem­i­nine ver­sion of Valen­tine. I re­ally wanted to have my fi­nal child in Fe­bru­ary, and I ac­tu­ally counted down the days, cal­cu­lat­ing ex­actly when I would need to get preg­nant in or­der to achieve that goal!”

Since the baby’s birth day is al­ready sched­uled, Te­soro has time to pre­pare. “I had to have a C-sec­tion with my son, An­thony John, so in­evitabil­ity I’ll have to have a C-sec­tion with Valentina, too,” she ex­plains. “So I al­ready had my doc­tor sched­ule my de­liv­ery surgery for Valen­tine’s Day; thus the in­spi­ra­tion for her name. I asked my doc­tor to sched­ule me on Fe­bru­ary 14th for my de­liv­ery, and to set it right away so the hos­pi­tal wouldn’t fill up. My doc­tor in­formed me that it would be no prob­lem be­cause not very many women re­quest that day to de­liver [laughs]! I guess most women want to keep that date for them and their sig­nif­i­cant other. I don’t mind shar­ing the day, though. I think it’s spe­cial. I’ve al­ways wanted a Valen­tine’s Day baby. I was born only 30 min­utes af­ter Valen­tine’s Day and my mother promises me that she held off push­ing so I could have my own day! I hope I’ll get my wish and have this an­gel on the day of love. This will hap­pen as long as she doesn’t de­cide to come early.”

With two young ones at home, Te­soro knows what to ex­pect with a third. “When I was preg­nant with my daugh­ter and she was first born, I was more con­cerned about ev­ery­thing be­cause I had never been through mother­hood be­fore,” she ex­plains. “Now that I have two chil­dren I feel like a pro! I feel much more at ease. I put my chil­dren first and I’m a very dili­gent and hands-on mother. In life you can’t achieve per­fec­tion with mother­hood or any­thing else; if you’re com­mit­ted and your heart is in the right place, your chil­dren will al­ways feel your love. That’s what’s most im­por­tant.”

Gabriella and An­thony, she re­ports, “are so ex­cited about the baby. Ev­ery day they kiss my belly and say hi to Valentina. The kids are very com­mit­ted to their role as big sis­ter and big brother.” As is she to her most im­por­tant role yet. “Mother­hood is the great­est bless­ing of my life and has taught me so much about my­self,” Te­soro re­flects. “I think my chil­dren have ac­tu­ally been my great­est teach­ers. Be­ing with them ev­ery day, they have pulled out great-

nesses, pa­tience and en­durance in me that I didn’t even know ex­isted. Be­ing a mother is the most chal­leng­ing and most re­ward­ing ex­pe­ri­ence of my life. I would give up any­thing and ev­ery­thing to be there with my chil­dren.”

Te­soro has en­tered the nesting phase while wait­ing to wel­come baby Valentina. “I’m hav­ing fun dec­o­rat­ing the nurs­ery,” she smiles. “I’m feel­ing healthy and swim­ming, walk­ing and do­ing Pi­lates to stay in shape. I’m also en­joy­ing all the ex­tra at­ten­tion from my hubby. I’m get­ting some good home cook­ing, foot mas­sages, and he’s been on nurs­ery build­ing duty, too! I feel very blessed. An­thony and I and our chil­dren, Gabriella and An­thony, are ea­gerly await­ing her ar­rival a few months from now.”

Spe­cial De­liv­ery: Te­soro is en­joy­ing the spe­cial at­ten­tion hubby An­thony is giv­ing her dur­ing her preg­nancy.

Think Pink: “I’m hav­ing fun dec­o­rat­ing the nurs­ery,” Te­soro re­ports.

Ready And Wait­ing: “An­thony and I and our chil­dren, Gabriella and An­thony, are ea­gerly await­ing her ar­rival,” en­thuses Te­soro.

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