Di­gest’s an­nual salute to soaps’ most beau­ti­ful women.

We put eight of day­time’s loveli­est ladies in the spot­light.

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Who, beauty to icon? you, is “El­iz­a­beth the ul­ti­mate Tay­lor. class and She beauty. had so She much ex­uded con­fi­dence and strength, and def­i­nitely had that old Hol­ly­wood glam­our. My grand­fa­ther, Charles Lang, worked with her on many films as the cin­e­matog­ra­pher.” What’s been your big­gest beauty blun­der? “I got a perm when I was 18 and my hair fell out. I looked like a poo­dle. It was ter­ri­ble!” What prod­ucts/brands do you swear by? “I love Sonya Dakar prod­ucts for my face. It’s all-nat­u­ral. I love the creams and masks.” What is al­ways in your makeup bag? “Make Up For Ever foun­da­tion, be­cause it is light and sheer, and Lancôme pen­cil and mas­cara and blush. When I do my own makeup, I keep it pretty nat­u­ral.” What is your skin-care regimen? “I wear sun­screen dur­ing the day. I get reg­u­lar fa­cials and mi­cro­der­mabra­sion. I go to Sonya Dakar’s clinic so she can keep my face look­ing healthy and re­freshed. I use her creams in the morn­ing and at night.” What are your must-have hair prod­ucts? “When my hair feels dry, I put co­conut oil on my hair and let it sit for an hour and then wash it out.” What are your thoughts on plas­tic surgery? “To each their own. There are so many ways to look and stay younger nowa­days: anti-ag­ing di­ets, vi­ta­mins, skin care, health care. You must do what you can to stay healthy be­cause in the end, that is what shines through. Also, be a kind, lov­ing and giv­ing per­son with a smile on your face. Beauty does shine from within.”

Who, to you, is the ul­ti­mate beauty icon? “Maya An­gelou. Strange choice, I know, but I be­lieve beauty comes from the in­side out. Not only was Maya quite ‘clas­si­cally’ beau­ti­ful in her youth, but I loved watch­ing her face as she aged. She wore her life proudly. I hope I have the courage to do the same.” What’s been your big­gest beauty blun­der? “I’m not the type to ques­tion and mi­cro­man­age a hair or makeup stylist, but there are some pic­tures I look back on and def­i­nitely wish I’d been more vo­cal. Be­cause my fea­tures are nat­u­rally so de­fined, I don’t need a lot of makeup. When I do have on too much, I can veer into scary ter­ri­tory.” What is al­ways in your makeup bag? “A good gloss. I like some­thing that I can put over a lip liner to make it pop, and some­thing that I can put on alone to wear with jeans and a T-shirt dur­ing the day.” What beauty les­son do you wish you had learned sooner? “Eye­brow pluck­ing. Thanks for the heads-up, Mom. Not!” What is the best makeup tip you’ve picked up from the B&B artists? “A lit­tle bit of pur­ple eye­shadow in the outer crease of the eye­lid makes brown eyes pop.” What beauty brand would you love to win a gift bag from? “Mixed Chicks ve­gan and curly hair prod­ucts. Plus, bronz­ers. I love a good bronzer.” What are your es­sen­tial, must-have hair prod­ucts? “Good con­di­tioner, no ques­tion. I of­ten don’t sham­poo, I just rinse re­ally well and con­di­tion. It helps curls stay hy­drated. I love De­vac­url con­di­tioner for my curly hair.”

Who, to you, is the ul­ti­mate beauty icon? “The first per­son who comes to mind is Sophia Loren. She’s one of these women who con­tin­ues to stay gor­geous.” Is there any­thing you wanted to change about your looks when you were younger? “Yes, my bushy eye­brows. Now I wish I wouldn’t have wor­ried about them be­cause it’s all about bushy eye­brows and I can’t get them to grow as bushy any­more. If you keep pluck­ing them or wax­ing them, the hairs won’t grow back, and that’s what’s hap­pened.” What’s the big­gest beauty blun­der you’ve ever made? “There have been lots of them! Glit­tery lip gloss, glit­tery eye shadow, frosty eye­shadow .... ” What prod­ucts do you swear by? “Skin Na­tion, Michelle Stafford’s [Nina, GH] prod­ucts. She’s a dear friend of mine, and I ac­tu­ally re­ally love her stuff. She’s given me tons of stuff to try, and it’s all re­ally im­pres­sive, clean and or­ganic, and at a great price point. I re­ally like the body cream called Mir­a­cle Po­tion. I used it through both preg­nan­cies. I don’t know if that had any­thing to do with it, but I didn’t get a sin­gle stretch mark on my body, be­fore or af­ter.” What is al­ways in your makeup bag? “There’s a lip gloss I al­ways wear on the show and I al­ways wear in real life. There’s noth­ing else I wear, and I just learned they’ve dis­con­tin­ued it, and it’s break­ing my heart. It’s from Ur­ban De­cay’s Naked line and it’s called Walk of Shame. I also like M.A.C Blot Film. It’s a prod­uct that takes the shine away from your face.”

Who, to you, is the ul­ti­mate beauty icon? “Right now, I would have to say Meghan Markle. She’s very easy and all about the nat­u­ral beauty from within and tak­ing care of your­self, and that’s who I am.” What’s the big­gest beauty blun­der you’ve ever made? “Wear­ing too much makeup. When I was younger, I would just pile it on. I never re­ally needed to do that. I didn’t strug­gle with skin is­sues. It was just be­ing in my 20s and think­ing you had to have all this makeup on to be con­sid­ered beau­ti­ful.” Which celebrity’s closet would you most want to raid? “I love how Char­l­ize Theron dresses, from her red car­pet looks to ev­ery­day jeans, blazer and a cute pair of heels.” What is your big­gest splurge when it comes to beauty? “My fa­cials. They get ex­pen­sive. If you’re go­ing ev­ery month, it adds up. I do be­lieve in this in­dus­try, where you wear makeup so much and it’s clogging up your pores, you need to get fa­cials.” How long do you spend on your beauty rou­tine on the av­er­age day? “It’s re­ally quick, 10 min­utes at the most. I wash my face, put on my day serum and sun­block, and am pretty much done. If I’m go­ing to be out meet­ing friends, I’ll put on a tinted mois­tur­izer, a lit­tle bit of mas­cara, blush, lip pen­cil, do my eye­brows and go.” What beauty treat­ment are you dy­ing to try? “I keep hear­ing about this vam­pire fa­cial. It’s some­thing where they take blood platelets and give you a fa­cial with it.”

When do you feel most beau­ti­ful? “When I get out of the shower. I’m al­ways re­ally feel­ing my­self when I get out of the shower — barefaced, squeaky clean, that’s when I feel my most beau­ti­ful.”

How did you get into makeup? “In my teens, I used to go out danc­ing a lot; I would just find par­ties out­side of my school that I could go to. That’s when I re­ally started to play with glit­ter, con­cealer, col­ored hair gels. I’m cur­rently in a pe­riod of my life where I’m re­ally en­joy­ing my barefaced phase. I still love makeup and

I love get­ting glammed — it’s just a lot of work!”

What is your fa­vorite beauty prod­uct? “The daily ex­fo­liant by Der­ma­log­ica — feel free to send me a case, guys!

I’ve been us­ing it for years. I used to work at a beauty bar, a Der­ma­log­ica bar, and I fell in love with that prod­uct. It’s a chem­i­cal ex­fo­liant that’s gen­tler than a me­chan­i­cal ex­fo­liant with beads, and you can use it on your body, as well. I swear by it.”

What is your big­gest beauty splurge? “Get­ting laser hair re­moval on my body and my face. That was a big splurge, and it helped me feel so much more com­fort­able in my body as a trans woman.”

What’s the best thing about get­ting your makeup done at GH? “My makeup artist there puts in­di­vid­ual lashes on me. That’s a lux­ury that I re­ally don’t have time for in my real life.” Who are your own beauty icons? “The amaz­ing hu­mans within my beau­ti­ful trans­gen­der com­mu­nity. The abil­ity to walk out the door and shine ev­ery day as who you are, de­spite all the ad­ver­sity that we still face to­day, I think that is in­spir­ing and makes all of my trans broth­ers and sis­ters ab­so­lutely beau­ti­ful.”

What beauty tool could you not do with­out? “I love us­ing my ice roller in the morn­ing. It was like $15 on Ama­zon. They say to wash your face with warm wa­ter and then splash your pores with cold wa­ter to close the pores up nice and tight so that the makeup doesn’t get in. That’s es­sen­tially what an ice roller does; it makes your pores re­ally small and tight. It has a firm­ing ef­fect and it de­creases swelling and puffi­ness. Also, when I do it on my way to work, I feel like the makeup they put on me lays re­ally well.” When you were younger, was there a celebrity whose looks you ad­mired? “When I was in high school, I thought that Buffy the Vam­pire Slayer was so freak­ing cute. I wanted to look like Sarah Michelle Gel­lar.” What’s your go-to nail color? “Big Ap­ple Red by OPI. I have to do gels so they don’t chip at work. But I have to ad­mit, I’ve been in a nail down­ward spi­ral this year. I don’t know what hap­pened; I just stopped get­ting man­i­cures!” How do you take care of your blonde hair color? “I use a pur­ple sham­poo once a week, to stop it from get­ting brassy; my hair al­ways pulls a lit­tle brassy, with an or­angey hue. I’ve tried a bunch of dif­fer­ent brands and re­ally, I don’t think it mat­ters: Just use a pur­ple sham­poo and you’re good.” What beauty mes­sage do you hope to im­part to your daugh­ter? “In terms of beauty and self-ex­pres­sion through makeup and hair and cloth­ing, I want her to know that it is a form of self-ex­pres­sion, that you can be crazy and silly with it, and I don’t want her to feel like she has to tame that for any­one else.”

Who is your beauty icon? “I re­ally love Cate Blanchett. She has fair skin like me and she’s ag­ing like a champ. Her look is so time­less and unique at the same time. She’s so ethe­real. She’s clas­si­cally beau­ti­ful, yet there’s some­thing dif­fer­ent there that makes you un­able to stop look­ing at her.” When you were younger, was there any­thing you wanted to change about your looks? “I re­ally didn’t like my teeth, but I didn’t want to take the time to do braces. I even­tu­ally got them fixed and it made a re­ally big dif­fer­ence.” What’s al­ways in your makeup bag? “Foun­da­tion. Since I don’t have great skin, I’ve got to cover it some­times. The foun­da­tion I use is by Fenty Beauty. In fact, there are a lot of Fenty prod­ucts that are call­ing my name.” What is your take on plas­tic surgery? “If you want to change some­thing, that’s fine, but make sure you’re not try­ing to look like a dif­fer­ent per­son. Do what makes you happy, but be sure it’s for the right rea­son and try not to go over­board.” What prod­uct do you swear by? “Ro­dan + Fields Lip Re­new­ing Serum, which keeps my lips su­per-hy­drated. They come in lit­tle cap­sules that you just pop open and use on your lips. When I’m trav­el­ing, I just throw a few into my toi­letry bag.” When do you feel the most beau­ti­ful? “Af­ter I’ve ac­com­plished some­thing in­cred­i­bly phys­i­cal. I was just in Kauai, where I kayaked and hiked for miles. I felt so strong and ca­pa­ble af­ter­ward. Ad­ven­tur­ing makes me hap­pi­est in my soul and that’s when I feel the most beau­ti­ful.”

When do you feel the most beau­ti­ful? “I think that there are two dif­fer­ent types of beau­ti­ful. When I’m at home with­out makeup, my fi­ancé al­ways telling me that I look beau­ti­ful doesn’t hurt. But I do think that when I get all dressed, I feel more con­fi­dent.” What beauty prod­uct do you al­ways have with you? “Lip gloss. I’m stuck in the ’90s with lip gloss. I don’t have a fa­vorite brand, just any and all pink lip glosses.” What’s the best beauty ad­vice that you got from your mother? “Well, I didn’t lis­ten to my mom when I was younger and she told me to wear sun­block ev­ery day. But as I’ve got­ten older, I’ve learned the im­por­tance of avoid­ing skin dam­age and pro­tect­ing your­self from skin can­cer, so I’m very adamant about ap­ply­ing sun­block sev­eral times on a daily ba­sis.” What do you wish you could change about your looks? “In the sum­mer, I get freck­les all over my face. I’m su­perin­se­cure about them and hate them, but I don’t re­ally know why. I just don’t want to be kissed by the sun.” Which cur­rent movie star do you think is beau­ti­ful? “Jen­nifer Lawrence. I just love her.” What are your fa­vorite hair prod­ucts? “I love any­thing from Dry­bar. When­ever I use their prod­ucts on my hair, my fi­ancé tells me I smell good.” What was your big­gest beauty blun­der? “Self-tan­ner with sparkles.”

What do you do on a bad hair day? “I blow-dry the bangs, then throw the rest up in a ratty bun. As long as the front looks good, I’m fine.”

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