B&B’S Wy­att & Sally

Darin Brooks and Court­ney Hope are thrilled to no longer be cast­aways.

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Soap Opera Di­gest: What was your re­ac­tion when you heard you were go­ing to be a cou­ple?

Darin Brooks: I was su­per-ex­cited. We never re­ally got to work to­gether much be­fore. It was sort of in pass­ing. But when this came to fruition, we were like, “Oh, great, cool! Let’s do it.”

Court­ney Hope: Yeah, I was re­ally ex­cited. I think Wy­att is good for Sally. Ob­vi­ously, I like Darin and he’s awe­some to work with, so I was ex­cited about that, but I also was ex­cited for the po­ten­tial of the cou­ple, in gen­eral, be­cause I feel like there are so many sim­i­lar­i­ties and so many places we could go with it.

Brooks: When we first started, what were the fans call­ing them?

Hope: Cast­aways.

Brooks: Cast­aways! I was gonna say “ship­wreck”. I was like no, it wasn’t that. (They both laugh.)

Brooks: It’s such a fit­ting ti­tle, be­cause it does de­scribe how these two char­ac­ters came to­gether.

Di­gest: You mean, af­ter be­ing cast off from their re­spec­tive part­ners, Katie and Thomas? Both: Ex­actly!

Di­gest: Did you feel any push­back from the “Watie” fans?

Brooks: Well, their demise was abrupt, and I think that left the fans go­ing, “Whoa, what hap­pened?” But I think they’ve come around. If we get a lit­tle half-and-half there, a lit­tle quad­ran­gle ac­tion with Katie and Thorne, that could be fun, to shake up the happy cou­ples and see Katie and Sally throw down.

Di­gest: Are you up for that, Court­ney? Hope: Oh, yeah! That would be tons of fun.

Di­gest: How is Sally feel­ing about Thomas these days?

Hope: Who’s Thomas?

Brooks: Well played!

Hope: I don’t think that he crosses her mind what­so­ever. I think she fi­nally learned, “Okay, here’s a good guy who I can in­vest in, who’s not taken, and this is how I’m sup­posed to be treated.”

Di­gest: Is this a re­bound ro­mance? Hope:yes, and that’s not a bad thing. For Sally, the re­bound is what she needed. She did not need to be in a se­ri­ous re­la­tion­ship at all. She was not in the headspace for it and she couldn’t think clearly. The bless­ing was that Wy­att came along and they could cre­ate a flour­ish­ing, sub­stan­tial friend­ship — in ad­di­tion to the sex­ual, ro­man­tic as­pect of it.

Brooks: Court­ney said she likes that Wy­att doesn’t take Sally’s crap, that in a way they find each other as wor­thy op­po­nents, and they bonded over that. They can keep up with each other.

Di­gest: Now that Wy­att’s work­ing at For­rester Cre­ations, is that a good thing?

Hope: I per­son­ally think it’s fun be­cause there is a lot of po­ten­tial for great drama. It’s in­evitable. I mean, he’s work­ing with his mom, who doesn’t re­ally like Sally. He’s work­ing with his not one but two ex-wives, who also don’t re­ally like Sally.

Brooks: I com­pletely agree — so much drama! Hope­fully, we can ex­plore a lot of that.

Di­gest: Quinn has not been fond of the women in Wy­att’s life. Court­ney, would you like to have more scenes with Rena Sofer (Quinn)? Hope: Ab­so­lutely! I don’t feel like I’ve had a lot of time work­ing with her. I love the ten­sion that she throws ev­ery­one’s way in her “Quinn-ness” queen stare.

Brooks: She makes great choices. Rena’s a pro at that. She re­ally takes on that “mama bear” qual­ity. She’ll pur­posely ig­nore peo­ple. She’s ig­nored Sally a cou­ple of times.

Hope: That stuff she does in­tu­itively is just per­fect.

Brooks: I want Wy­att to be sit­ting in the cor­ner eat­ing pop­corn and watch­ing it hap­pen when they fi­nally have those scenes.

Di­gest: What has been your fa­vorite “Wally” mo­ment so far? Brooks: I don’t know.

Hope: They’re all his fa­vorite.

Brooks: Yeah!

Hope: I ac­tu­ally liked when Zoe came in briefly and there was a bit of ten­sion and back and forth be­tween them. I do hope we can have some more of those, where they’re butting heads against each other — or we’re ral­ly­ing to­gether against some­one else.

Brooks: Agreed.

Di­gest: What chal­lenges would you like to see this cou­ple face?

Brooks: With our show, and I’m just throw­ing it out there, but a cou­ple re­ally isn’t so­lid­i­fied un­til they travel some­where and then it’s like, “Boom!” So, if they want to take us to Italy to so­lid­ify the re­la­tion­ship, well, I’m for it!

Hope: I sec­ond that!

Brooks: I would re­ally like to see if they can sur­vive that and Monte Carlo.

Hope: You re­ally get to know some­one when you travel with them, so I com­pletely agree.

Brooks: See? An­other thing we have in com­mon! But closer to home, it would be in­ter­est­ing to ex­plore some of those op­por­tu­ni­ties with the exes, since Wy­att’s past is so read­ily avail­able. They all work at the same place so ob­vi­ously, there could be ar­gu­ments and what­ever. We could also ex­plore some­thing with all those peo­ple who might be try­ing to hold Sally back. Or, we could pull some­thing out of their dis­tant pasts, since we don’t know much about ei­ther of their back­grounds.

Hope: That’s true. They both had to scrape by and look af­ter fam­ily mem­bers, so that’s more they have in com­mon.

Di­gest: Start­ing out, what was your ini­tial im­pres­sion of the other?

Hope: To be hon­est, I don’t re­mem­ber the first time I ever saw him. I knew of him be­cause I had a friend who was on DAYS when he was [play­ing Max], so I knew who he was and I knew that he was a jokester. I was a fan of his

“I’ve grown to re­ally re­spect him as a per­son and as an ac­tor.” — Hope

work. I feel like the first time we ac­tu­ally got to hang out was in France when we went, and Darin and Kelly [Kruger, Macken­zie, Y&R, his wife] and Chad [Duell, Michael, GH, her boyfriend] and I met up. That was the first time where I was like, “This is an easy­go­ing per­son.” That was re­ally nice to see.

Brooks: Same thing. We didn’t re­ally hang out much here be­cause we didn’t have sto­ry­lines to­gether. I met Chad at your birth­day party and he was a cool dude. Kelly and Court get along. It’s awe­some.

Di­gest: Did it take long to find your rhythm? Hope: For me, it felt pretty nat­u­ral. It just came. Darin’s very present in scenes and so it was easy to just dive in. I felt like we hit the ground run­ning and it just worked.

Brooks: Yeah, I 100-per­cent agree. I said to her, “I’m sorry if I ad-lib a lit­tle too much,” and she’s like, “No, it’s cool. I’m fine with it,” and I was like, “Okay, per­fect! This is go­ing to work just fine,” be­cause some peo­ple can ad-lib and some peo­ple can’t. She’s great at it. For us to just tango in these scenes and in­cor­po­rate our own in­flec­tions here and there, it meshes great. We have a good time, too, so it’s per­fect.

Di­gest: At Hope and Liam’s wed­ding, you two didn’t have much di­a­logue but your fa­cial ex­pres­sions and bits re­ally stole the show.

Hope: We did barely say any­thing but we still took it!

Brooks: You bet­ter be­lieve it! I love those mo­ments, like when Hunter [Tylo, Tay­lor] and Kather­ine Kelly Lang [Brooke] walked out with the cake on their faces and our re­ac­tion was the same. We both took a drink at the same time. We didn’t plan that. It just hap­pened and ev­ery­body was like, “That was per­fect!”

Di­gest: What’s some­thing you’ve learned about each other since work­ing to­gether? Hope: He’s a big jokester, that’s no se­cret, but what was re­ally in­ter­est­ing to see is that he’s very grounded and very in­tel­li­gent, and that speaks for Wy­att and for Darin. We’ve had some re­ally good con­ver­sa­tions about a lot of dif­fer­ent things. I’ve grown to re­ally re­spect him as a per­son and as an ac­tor.

Brooks: Same thing. I’m learn­ing a lot about her, like she stud­ied with Ivana Chub­buck, which I did, too, so we un­der­stand the way we go about things. It’s to­tal ad­mi­ra­tion all around.

Di­gest: You men­tioned that you and your sig­nif­i­cant oth­ers bonded while abroad. Have the four of you ever gone out for a night on the town in L.A.?

Hope: I feel like we’ve been plan­ning that since the be­gin­ning.

Brooks: We def­i­nitely have been try­ing.

Hope: The truth of the mat­ter is, both of us are home­body cou­ples. I talk to Kelly all the time. We text all the time. We’re al­ways talk­ing about ran­dom things — dogs and work­ing out and food and just non­sense. I feel like it’s one of those things that once we do hang out, then we are go­ing to hang out more. But when Fri­day or Satur­day night comes, we have our fam­ily of dogs, each of us —

Brooks: Ev­ery­body has dogs!

Hope: So, we stay home and hang out with our fam­ily.

Brooks: We’ll get there. I swear it’s com­ing!

“It’s to­tal ad­mi­ra­tion all around.” — Brooks


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