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El­iz­a­beth Hen­drick­son re­flects on her Y&R exit and Port Charles jour­ney.

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Soap Opera Di­gest: So, we are go­ing to start back at the be­gin­ning of your day­time ca­reer, which was ALL MY CHIL­DREN [where she played Frankie, then Frankie’s twin, Mag­gie]. On your very first day there you worked with Su­san Lucci [ex-erica] — not in­tim­i­dat­ing or any­thing!

El­iz­a­beth Hen­drick­son: No, not at all! I re­mem­ber be­ing ut­terly pet­ri­fied. Not only was it my first day with Su­san Lucci, but she ran [Frankie] over with a car! I just re­mem­ber get­ting to set — I had only had one act­ing job be­fore that, so this re­ally was my first ex­pe­ri­ence, es­pe­cially, like, in a stu­dio and shoot­ing the way that soaps shoot — [and] I re­mem­ber not hav­ing my script and ev­ery­one else al­ways had their scripts and I just re­mem­ber stand­ing there be­ing like, “Oh, God, I’m do­ing all of this wrong!” Like, “This is all wrong and I’m with the most pop­u­lar, iconic ac­tress in day­time and I look like an id­iot!” Of course, Su­san was lovely and amaz­ing and gra­cious. I re­ally fell in love with the medium on that day be­cause I re­ally never thought that was some­thing I was in­ter­ested in do­ing. I never watched soap op­eras; it was never my thing. I knew of Su­san Lucci, be­cause who didn’t, but I didn’t grow up watch­ing soaps. I was more of a game show kind of kid when I was home sick. I would watch, like, THE PRICE IS RIGHT and SU­PER­MAR­KET SWEEP and things like that. Di­gest: Af­ter ALL MY CHIL­DREN, you landed on YOUNG AND REST­LESS and you spent many years in the role of Chloe, rack­ing up a zil­lion Emmy nom­i­na­tions along the way, not to men­tion. What stands out to you when you look back on your Y&R run?

Hen­drick­son: My Y&R run re­ally came as a sur­prise to me .... I was test­ing a bunch and so close to all of these, like, great prime-time gigs for like pi­lots and things like that and then all of a sud­den, the writ­ers’ strike hap­pened and the busi­ness came to, like, a screech­ing halt. I just tried to keep my­self as busy as pos­si­ble. I had signed on to do­ing a one-act [play] and Greg Rikaart [ex-kevin, Y&R] played my love in­ter­est and Bar­bara Bloom, who [was] the head of CBS Day­time, was there and the next thing I know, I had a meet­ing. I was re­ally only sup­posed to be there for a few episodes [but] I re­al­ized that first week it was al­most the same feel­ing that I had when I was on ALL MY CHIL­DREN, that I re­ally did love the medium and I loved be­ing able to cre­ate a char­ac­ter. I’ve been re­ally lucky that I get handed these char­ac­ters that kind of have these blank pages, if you will. They re­ally have never been con­tract [roles]. Even Mar­gaux is not a con­tract player [so] they’re kind of just con­stantly de­vel­op­ing the char­ac­ter as it goes.

Di­gest: How did you feel about Chloe’s exit?

Hen­drick­son: I mean, to be hon­est, I

re­ally did not like that exit. It was not only a sur­prise to me, but I didn’t re­ally love the way that .... I didn’t mind leav­ing, but then when they brought her back to do this kind of pre­tend­ing that she was dead, ghost, soapy stuff, and then to kind of take Greg along with me, just didn’t feel right. I’m be­ing com­pletely hon­est. It was def­i­nitely not my fa­vorite exit, but at least she wasn’t killed! It wasn’t some aw­ful death or any­thing like that, but it def­i­nitely wasn’t my fa­vorite good-bye.

Di­gest: At least you got to cross at­tend­ing your own fu­neral off your soap opera bucket list that I imag­ine you have.

Hen­drick­son: You al­most took the words right out of my mouth! I re­mem­ber when I was shoot­ing, I was like, “Well, now I’ve done ev­ery soap cliché in the book!”

Di­gest: That story did put you in such close prox­im­ity with Eric Brae­den [Vic­tor, Y&R]; I feel like you also have this “work­ing with le­gends” thing go­ing on.

Hen­drick­son: I know! You know, I re­ally re­al­ized that, es­pe­cially right now be­cause I’m work­ing so much with Mau­rice [Be­nard, Sonny] and Laura [Wright, Carly] .... I was work­ing with Laura a cou­ple weeks ago and we were in the ceme­tery and she’s, like, go­ing af­ter me and I’m just, like, watch­ing her. I’m like, “Oh, God, wait, no, I’m act­ing. Act!” Even though I said I didn’t watch soap op­eras way back when, I mean, I’ve been in day­time for 10-plus years now, ob­vi­ously I do watch and GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL, I’ve al­ways loved the ac­tors so much. I think the ac­tors are in­cred­i­ble on the show. When­ever I’m watch­ing Emmy reels, I’m al­ways just drool­ing over Laura and even Mau­rice. And then when you get to work with them, it’s kind of like you end up in an out-of-body ex­pe­ri­ence. Di­gest: Some­one you did work with a lot is Billy Miller [Drew; ex-billy, Y&R], when you two were at YOUNG AND REST­LESS. Is it eas­ier to share scenes with him be­cause it’s fa­mil­iar, even

though the char­ac­ter is new to you?

Hen­drick­son: I would al­most say it’s harder be­cause you just so want to make it dif­fer­ent. I think that this whole me­mory thing has been kind of, like, over­shad­ow­ing the chem­istry that he and I share to­gether be­cause she re­ally hasn’t had many great mo­ments. She’s pretty an­noy­ing! I’m just like, “Gosh, she’s not do­ing her­self any fa­vors. Not try­ing to make friends here!” I don’t re­ally know what’s go­ing on with that sto­ry­line and where that’s re­ally gonna go, but I hope for us to have some scenes with maybe a lit­tle lev­ity and bring back some new, fresh stuff that we can do with each other. Yes, it is com­fort­able be­cause I’ve known him for so many years and it’s al­ways so great, es­pe­cially when you’re new on a show, to have a friendly face and you know what to ex­pect when you get to work, you trust them, he’s al­ways got your back, so all of that makes it all so much eas­ier.

Di­gest: You’ve got­ten to work with so many amaz­ing peo­ple in the cast. Is there any­body you haven’t worked with that you’re look­ing for­ward to cross­ing paths with?

Hen­drick­son: Yeah, I’ve al­ways loved Nancy Lee Grahn [Alexis] so much. I would love to work with her. And I re­ally, re­ally, re­ally want to work with Fi­nola [Hughes, Anna]. I got to work with her on ALL MY CHIL­DREN and she was like my idol back then. I just loved ev­ery­thing about her. I just thought she was like the coolest chick ever. I still feel that way about her, but when I was younger, I was like, “Oh, my God, this is what I wanna be when I grow up!” She’s just so rad and she’s got the coolest clothes. I’ll never get the ac­cent, but she’s got the ac­cent, she’s gor­geous and she’s such a fab­u­lous ac­tress and she’s such an awe­some per­son. I’d love to work with her. I would love to work with Michelle [Stafford, Nina; ex-phyl­lis, Y&R] again. I worked with her a lot when I was on Y&R the first cou­ple years; my char­ac­ter worked for her and I got to work with her a lot and I learned a lot from her. Di­gest: I know that be­fore you got to GH, you used to watch it in the makeup room at ALL MY CHIL­DREN, and I know that you were a Sonny fan. Ex­plain what it’s like to ac­tu­ally be work­ing with Mau­rice. Hen­drick­son: Oh, my gosh, it is like the best thing in the world. I don’t know if this is a com­pli­ment or not, but I’m al­ways so im­pressed with the peo­ple who have been do­ing it for a long time [who] show up to work like it’s still their first day. I re­ally get that with Mau­rice, and Laura, but Mau­rice has this re­ally cool thing that he does where you re­ally never know .... I mean, yes, he plays the mob­ster, like, so well, but he has this thing where he re­ally locks in with you like, right in the eyes. When I work with him I don’t feel like — I don’t want to say I don’t feel like I’m act­ing, [but] ev­ery­thing else kind of like falls away. He re­ally shows up for his ac­tors and he’s an ex­tremely sup­port­ive co-star. He re­ally cares about what you bring to the ta­ble and he loves a good fight, but he also loves the vul­ner­a­bil­ity. I love how vul­ner­a­ble he gets, like when he was cry­ing about his father; he just has this re­ally great sen­si­tiv­ity to him that I think shows up in his work. As an ac­tor, it just gives you so much more to work with. I show up to work and I think these scenes are go­ing to be played a cer­tain way and then all of a sud­den some­thing just hap­pens that we didn’t ex­pect to hap­pen. Some­times when you do day­time those lit­tle mo­ments get lost be­cause we move so quickly and we don’t have a lot of re­hearsal time, but when I work with him, those lit­tle, like, magic mo­ments get to hap­pen. We just had one the other day, which is re­ally great. We have re­ally big scenes. I’ve ac­tu­ally worked with him a lot this week. It just gets re­ally juicy and fun.

Miller Time: “It is com­fort­able be­cause I’ve known him for so many years,” Hen­drick­son notes of work­ing with Billy Miller (Drew), who was one of her Y&R lead­ing men dur­ing his stint as Billy.


Grave Rob­ber: As Y&R’S Chloe, Hen­drick­son (pic­tured with Greg Rikaart as Kevin) got to at­tend her own fu­neral.

Top Man: Hen­drick­son de­scribes shar­ing scenes with Mau­rice Be­nard (Sonny) as “the best thing in the world.”

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