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Although Noemi Gon­za­lez has been on plenty of au­di­tions, there was some­thing dif­fer­ent about the cast­ing call for Y&R to play Rey’s es­tranged wife, Mia. “This one was unique in the way that it was a same-day au­di­tion,” says the ac­tress. “I had three or four hours to pre­pare, then run to CBS. Luck­ily, the scene was short and the ma­te­rial re­ally clicked with me. I was drawn to the role and I was drawn to the show im­me­di­ately. It was to me a won­der­ful ex­pe­ri­ence to do it this way where it was ‘All right, get go­ing, make it hap­pen!’ ”

Af­ter the meet­ing, Gon­za­lez “felt won­der­ful about it. As soon as I was done, the cast­ing direc­tor had her arms in the air like a vic­tory, like I had nailed it. I asked if she needed any­thing else from me and she said no, but I have had that ex­pe­ri­ence be­fore and noth­ing comes from it. How­ever, the next day I was called back for a chem­istry read. I think that the hands in the air was a great sign!”

The next step was read­ing with Sharon Case (Sharon) and Jordi Vi­la­suso (Rey). “Sharon was just a sweet­heart; I felt her wel­com­ing en­ergy,” Gon­za­lez re­calls. “With Jordi, I asked if he was will­ing for me to be af­fec­tion­ate with him and po­ten­tially kiss him, so I had to ask more of Jordi and he was game the whole time. He’s a very giv­ing part­ner.”

Find­ing out that she won the role was the best medicine. “It was a Satur­day and I was nurs­ing a mi­graine,” Gon­za­lez sighs. “At 11 a.m. I got a phone call and my rep said, ‘What did you do at the test?!’ I was like, ‘What do you mean?’ I was so wor­ried, and they said, ‘No, you booked it!’ I got up from my bed and my mi­graine was gone! And then two min­utes later, pro­duc­tion was call­ing me to pick up my scripts!”

There was no time to cel­e­brate, the ac­tress re­ports. “I had to be ready by Tues­day and I had a good amount

of work be­cause of the strong in­tro­duc­tion, so there was about 55 pages to learn,” she mar­vels. “I was very ex­cited when the day came. I def­i­nitely was way more in­sanely in work mode than I had ever been be­fore in other projects.”

The more Gon­za­lez has been get­ting to know Mia, the more she likes the char­ac­ter. “She has a

work­ing-class back­ground, and she’s very out­spo­ken and sassy and witty,” her por­trayer en­thuses. “She’s su­per-smart in the sense that she knows how to use her sen­su­al­ity. She’s very savvy busi­ness-wise, which is nice to see, a Latina char­ac­ter like that. We can be sexy, but the fact that she’s smart with it is just so much more

ex­cit­ing to play with. Mainly the big­gest thing that ex­cited me was that she’s a fire­cracker and not afraid of con­fronta­tion. That’s all peo­ple see from her, but there is an in­sane amount of vul­ner­a­bil­ity that she hides. That’s what I re­ally looked for­ward to: some­one who’s not afraid to start trou­ble and shake things up in Genoa City!”

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