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How is Katie feel­ing about keep­ing the se­cret that Ridge in­ter­fered with the cus­tody case? “She feels in­cred­i­bly guilty about it, but Katie knows that she can’t tell Bill for a num­ber of rea­sons, not the least of which is that what Ridge did was il­le­gal and he can go to jail.”

Bill is clos­ing in on the truth. Is there a part of her that wor­ries that she could lose com­plete cus­tody of Will?

“Ab­so­lutely! That’s her worst fear. Even though Katie had noth­ing to do with what Ridge did, she’s afraid that Bill won’t see that. That would be her worst night­mare come to life if that were to hap­pen.”

What prompted Katie to share the se­cret with Thorne, even though Brooke swore her to se­crecy? “Well, keep­ing a big se­cret like that from your hus­band is not a good way to start a mar­riage. Katie did not want to start keep­ing se­crets from Thorne be­cause what ends up hap­pen­ing is it be­gins to snow­ball, and then you start ly­ing to cover up the se­cret.”

Katie seemed sur­prised that Thorne was pleased with Ridge’s ac­tions con­cern­ing Judge Mcmullen.

“She ab­so­lutely was. Thorne is a good man, an honor­able man, which is one of the things she loves about him. So when he said, ‘Good. Good for

Ridge,’ she was like, ‘What? Good for who?’ She was floored by the fact that he doesn’t have any qualms about what Ridge did be­cause she’s hor­ri­fied by it, so that is cer­tainly go­ing to cause more con­flict for them. From Thorne’s point of view, Bill is a hor­ri­ble per­son and he doesn’t de­serve any in­flu­ence in his son’s life. Katie feels dif­fer­ently. Bill is the father of her child. He’ll al­ways have a place in her heart be­cause of that. She feels ter­ri­ble that Bill was in­jured [in that fight]. Katie doesn’t be­lieve he de­served that.”

Will Bill’s ac­ci­dent have con­se­quences for the new­ly­weds? “I think it will. Katie def­i­nitely has is­sues with how things were han­dled. This is go­ing to have big reper­cus­sions for ev­ery­body, so I def­i­nitely think it will cause fric­tion be­tween ev­ery­one in­volved.”

How is Katie feel­ing about Brooke, know­ing that she and Bill have kissed — again? “Well, I’d like to say she’s sur­prised but ... [laughs]. It cer­tainly ex­plains why Brooke sup­ported Bill in the cus­tody case, and Katie was ac­tu­ally a lit­tle hurt by that.

With ev­ery­thing that has hap­pened be­tween them in re­cent years, Katie was re­ally hop­ing that her sis­ter would have her back, but that’s Brooke.” Do you think Katie will even­tu­ally spill the se­cret? “Well, she is ter­ri­ble at keep­ing se­crets [laughs]. She can’t help her­self. Don’t tell Katie any­thing that you don’t want ev­ery­one to know — but then again, that’s ac­tu­ally pretty much true of ev­ery­one on this show.”

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