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Sami and Chloe await the re­sults of their re­spec­tive DNA tests. Kate and Belle of­fer sup­port to Sami, who is ea­ger to dis­cover whether or not the mys­tery pa­tient is EJ. Sami re­veals to Belle that Hat­tie has been pos­ing as their mother. Kayla re­turns with the re­sults. Belle is by Sami’s side when she opens the en­ve­lope: It’s EJ! Sami has an emo­tional re­union with her ban­daged hubby. Af­ter, she tells Belle that she isn’t ready to let

Su­san know about the lat­est de­vel­op­ment yet. How­ever, Su­san has a pre­mo­ni­tion that her son is alive and later slips into the mys­tery man’s room.


Belle hints that Lucas should prob­a­bly drop the cus­tody case. When Shawn ques­tions why she would say that, Belle is eva­sive.

Mag­gie and Ro­man plan an im­promptu en­gage­ment party for Sarah and Rex. Sarah kindly ex­tends in­vites to Mimi and

Bon­nie, who ac­cept. At the bash, Mag­gie and Rex make lov­ing toasts. Chloe ar­rives and drops a big bomb­shell: Mimi is baby Bon­nie’s mother. Mimi is forced to ad­mit that it’s true. Rex re­al­izes the baby is his, and con­fesses that he cheated on Sarah. A fu­ri­ous Sarah races off with Mag­gie on her heels. Bon­nie slips out, wor­ried she’ll be sent back to the clink. Lucas is crushed; Chloe com­forts him. Kate rips into Mimi. Ro­man takes Kate to the pub. Rex, mean­while, holds his daugh­ter, who Mimi named Emily.


Belle re­unites with Mar­lena, who tells her that she did the right thing

re­gard­ing the ad­vance di­rec­tive. John and Belle make peace. Sami con­fides her fears about EJ to Mar­lena, who en­cour­ages her to be strong. Sami gets a call that there’s a fa­cil­ity in Europe that can help EJ’S re­cov­ery. Su­san, mean­while, sees the DNA test prov­ing that EJ is alive. She’s fu­ri­ous over Sami’s lies and takes her son from his room.


A reel­ing Rex tracks down Sarah, who is be­ing com­forted by Mag­gie. He tries to make her un­der­stand why he didn’t tell her about the one-night stand with Mimi. Rex asks for an­other chance, but Sarah says she can’t for­give him and ends things.

Bon­nie asks for Hat­tie’s help now that ev­ery­one knows she lied about

the preg­nancy. Hat­tie can’t help her, ex­plain­ing that she has de­cided to give up im­per­son­at­ing Mar­lena and is head­ing back to prison to fin­ish out her sen­tence. She en­cour­ages Bon­nie to do the same. Later, Bon­nie says good-bye to Mimi and the baby.


A wor­ried Sami dis­cov­ers that EJ is miss­ing and alerts Kayla. With help from Will and Paul, Sami tracks down Su­san, who is with EJ in the morgue. Sami tries to keep her cool, but Su­san pulls a scalpel on her, fu­ri­ous that Sami didn’t tell her that EJ is alive. Sami ex­plains that she was wor­ried that Su­san would cause chaos but con­cedes that she was wrong. Su­san and Sami make peace. Sami in­vites Su­san to ac­com­pany her and EJ to the clinic where she hopes EJ will re­cover.

Ste­fan hears EJ is alive and goes to the hos­pi­tal to meet his half brother for the first time. Ste­fan tells Sami that he wants the rest of the money she promised him, but Sami re­fuses since EJ isn’t com­pletely well, which was a pro­viso of their deal.


Belle in­forms Abe that John mar­ried Hat­tie, not Mar­lena. Abe, Belle, Sami, Will, Paul and Su­san band to­gether to sur­prise John and Mar­lena with an im­promptu wed­ding cer­e­mony. They ex­change touch­ing vows. Af­ter, Sami and Su­san leave town with EJ.


A Shoul­der To Cry On: Rafe (Galen Ger­ing) was by Sami’s (Ali­son Sweeney) side when she learned that EJ was (pre­sumed) dead. flash­back to 2014

How does Sarah re­act to the news about Rex (Kyle Low­der) and Mimi? Lin­sey God­frey ex­plains:“Rex was ‘the good guy’ to her. The fact that he did this and was ‘the bad guy’ is dev­as­tat­ing.”

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