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Q I didn’t know that Rick Hearst (ex-ric, GH et al) was on DY­NASTY. Who did he play? Thanks for the info. G.C., via email

A Soap vet Hearst ap­peared dur­ing the re­boot’s first sea­son as Sen­a­tor Paul Daniels, an old friend of Blake’s who was up for re-elec­tion and was mar­ried to Melissa, played by Kelly Ruther­ford (ex-sam, GEN­ER­A­TIONS et al). It was re­vealed that dur­ing his days as a judge, Paul took nu­mer­ous bribes from Blake so that Carrington could keep his chil­dren af­ter his di­vorce from Alexis, among other things. Daniels, an ar­ro­gant, anti-im­mi­gra­tion politi­cian, was brought down af­ter Cristal’s re­porter friend, Rick Mo­rales, ran an exposé de­tail­ing his nu­mer­ous ex­tra­mar­i­tal af­fairs. Q I know Michael was in prison on GH, but what was he there for and when was it? Cathy L., Mi­ami, FL

A Michael was sent to prison be­cause he was re­spon­si­ble for the death of Clau­dia Zac­chara (he blud­geoned her with an ax). In 2010, he re­ceived a 10-year sen­tence, but he was re­leased into Dante’s cus­tody that same year. When did Ridge start hat­ing Bill on B&B, and what caused him to start hat­ing Bill? Michelle M., via email

A When Bill came to town in 2009, he took over For­rester Cre­ations, and Ridge fought tooth-and-nail to re­claim his fam­ily’s busi­ness. In 2011, Bill was mar­ried to Katie but smit­ten with St­effy, which in­fu­ri­ated Ridge. How­ever, the re­la­tion­ship hadn’t been con­sum­mated — yet. In 2013, Ridge re­turned from Paris to win Brooke back, but was crushed to learn that she had cheated with the still-mar­ried Bill. When Bill whisked Brooke to Abu Dhabi in 2014 to marry, Ridge stopped the cer­e­mony, and Bill or­dered his he­li­copter pilot — a dis­guised Justin — to dump Ridge into the Per­sian Gulf. Ridge was miss­ing for days and when found, he’d suf­fered me­mory loss and an in­jured hand, hin­der­ing his abil­ity to draw. When Ridge’s me­mory re­turned, he nearly dumped Bill from a copter over L.A. In 2015, Bill saw red when he learned that his niece, Caro­line, had fallen for Ridge’s charms. He also re­sented the fact that when she got preg­nant by Thomas, Ridge ca­joled her into hid­ing the baby’s pa­ter­nity. In 2016, Ridge and Brooke’s son, R.J., re­turned from board­ing school, and Ridge bris­tled at the

idea of Bill be­com­ing a step­fa­ther to his son. Then, on the day of Brooke’s wed­ding to Bill, Ridge broke into Bill’s house and tried to per­suade Brooke to back out. When Bill learned of it, he called off the nups. In 2017, Ridge came unglued when Bill bed­ded St­effy and she ended up preg­nant. The baby was Liam’s, but the li­ai­son tor­pe­doed Liam and St­effy’s mar­riage, and Ridge ac­cused Bill of tak­ing ad­van­tage of his daugh­ter.

I am watch­ing THE ROMANOFFS on Ama­zon Prime and thought I saw one of the Jacks from DAYS in episode 3. Was that him? Al­li­son P., White Plains, NY

A Good eye. That was in­deed Mark Val­ley (ex-jack, 1994-97) play­ing Steve Lewis in the episode “House of Spe­cial Pur­pose”. Q The GH col­lec­tors’ edi­tion blurb about Sean and Tiffany men­tioned a cus­tody bat­tle with Bob­bie over Lucas. I don’t re­mem­ber that. Was that over her cur­rent adopted son Lucas? G.D., NY, via email

A Yes. Tiffany’s late sis­ter, Ch­eryl Stans­bury, is Lucas’s bi­o­log­i­cal mother (his bi­o­log­i­cal father is Ju­lian Jerome). Bob­bie had got­ten cus­tody of lit­tle Lucas on the black mar­ket af­ter he was born in 1989, and was un­aware of his true parent­age; mean­while, Ch­eryl had been told that her baby died. In 1990, Bob­bie dis­cov­ered the truth about Lucas’s ori­gins and was ul­ti­mately forced to re­lin­quish the baby to his birth mom. Ch­eryl was struck by a car and died in 1992, and in her will, she stip­u­lated that she wanted Bob­bie and Tony to raise Lucas. Tiffany took the Jone­ses to court, but the judge ruled in their fa­vor, and they legally adopted Lucas in 1993. Q I was watch­ing a re­run of HAPPY DAYS and thought I saw the ac­tress who plays Dina on Y&R. Could you please find out if it was her? Thanks! J.A., via email

AYou are re­fer­ring to Marla Adams and aside from be­ing a soap opera vet­eran, she has also guest-starred on nu­mer­ous prime­time shows. Yes, the ac­tress did ap­pear on HAPPY DAYS, the episode first air­ing in Jan­uary 1983.

Q When Rex came back to town on DAYS, he men­tioned Cassie be­ing stabbed and stuffed into a Thanks­giv­ing piñata. What is he talk­ing about? Thank you. James T., via email

AIn 2004, Rex’s twin, Cassie, un­cov­ered the iden­tity of the Salem Stalker and be­came vic­tim No. 4 at Thanks­giv­ing, when her bloody body fell out of a piñata. She, like the other vic­tims of the Salem Stalker, was re­vealed to be alive and liv­ing on Me­laswen (New Salem back­wards), in 2005.

Po­lit­i­cal Drama: Soap vet Rick Hearst (ex-ric, GH et al) ap­peared on DY­NASTY as Paul, a sen­a­tor who was mar­ried to Melissa (Kelly Ruther­ford).

On This Is­land: Cassie (Alexis Thorpe) and Ro­man (Josh Tay­lor) lived to tell the tale of the Salem Stalker in 2005 on DAYS.

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