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Applause, Applause


GH delivered a super-spooky Halloween “treat” via Mary Pat’s decapitate­d head popping up when Carly bobbed for apples .... DAYS’S special time-out-of-time Halloween of offering was equally fab, full by Classic Lines and a cameo

Judith Chapman’s Anjelica .... We were happy to hear B&B’S Thorne name-drop Ivy when chatting about the upcoming Intimates show in Sydney ....

Nice work by Y&R’S Joshua Morrow (Nick) and Alyvia Alyn Lind (Faith) when the toddler playing Christian got superrambu­nctious during the scenes they of Nick assuring Faith that are still a family; they didn’t miss a line, and Morrow even with started playfully ad-libbing the youngster.

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