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BOLD AND BEAU­TI­FUL “Wally” Says The L Word

Dur­ing a yoga ses­sion, Wy­att and Sally dis­cuss their re­la­tion­ship and “I love you’s” are ex­changed.

“Nei­ther one of them wanted any­thing se­ri­ous when they first be­came in­volved,” notes Court­ney Hope (Sally). “Thomas broke Sally’s heart, so when she met Wy­att, fall­ing in love with him was the last thing she ever ex­pected. But, that’s ex­actly what hap­pened.”

“Ditto!” adds Darin Brooks (Wy­att). “Wy­att was feel­ing pretty bro­ken af­ter things ended with Katie, and all of a sud­den this fiery red­head showed up and even though he didn’t re­al­ize it at the time, I think maybe some­where deep down, he knew that his life would never be the same. These are two peo­ple who ap­pear on the sur­face to be po­lar op­po­sites but when push comes to shove, they know the other has their back. At least, so far, any­way. Right now, things could not be bet­ter for Wy­att and Sally, and they’re just try­ing to enjoy that.”

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Holly’s Fu­ture Uncer­tain

Eric dreams of a happy fu­ture with Holly af­ter Mag­gie agrees to let him raise her grand­child. But when a let­ter from Ni­cole sur­faces, stat­ing that she wants Chloe to take care of her daugh­ter if any­thing hap­pens to her, ev­ery­thing changes. “The last thing Eric can re­mem­ber Ni­cole say­ing to him is, ‘Take care of my daugh­ter,’ ” says Greg Vaughan (Eric). “He wants to ful­fill and honor her wishes. He’s committed to that.”

How­ever, once Mag­gie sees the let­ter, she has a change of heart. She tracks down Eric and in­forms him of Ni­cole’s writ­ten wishes. “It catches Eric off-guard,” ad­mits Vaughan, not­ing that Eric ques­tions the cir­cum­stances un­der which the let­ter was writ­ten. “Ni­cole was be­ing held cap­tive by Xan­der. She might not have been think­ing straight.”

Eric talks to Chloe, in­sist­ing that Ni­cole’s dy­ing re­quest should take prece­dence over the let­ter, but Brady dis­agrees. “Eric’s very emo­tional,” says Vaughan. “He’s be­ing chal­lenged and he’s will­ing to step up. He’s not go­ing to go down with­out a fight. Morally, he thinks [fight­ing for Holly] is the right thing to do.”

YOUNG AND REST­LESS Sharon And Mariah Clash

Af­ter re­triev­ing a ter­ri­fied Tessa from the woods, Mariah finds out that her girl­friend was kid­napped, in­tim­i­dated and in­ter­ro­gated by Sharon, Nikki and Vic­to­ria be­cause they as­sumed Ms. Porter was fram­ing Vic­tor for J.T.’S death. Once Tessa is safe, Mariah con­fronts her mother about her bul­ly­ing tac­tics. “In this whole J.T. sit­u­a­tion, Mariah has been in a state of dis­be­lief,” ex­plains Cam­ryn Grimes (Mariah). “But now that they did this to Tessa, you’re see­ing the ini­tial shock wear off with Mariah, and her anger and frus­tra­tion are com­ing out. She un­der­stands that Tessa messed up, but two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Sharon not only de­fends her ac­tions but re­minds Mariah that Tessa is a liar and a con, which puts mother and daugh­ter at odds with each other. “There’s ten­sion now,” sighs Grimes. “They’re two op­pos­ing forces. Mariah feels she needs to pro­tect Tessa from Sharon and that’s ob­vi­ously go­ing to cause some strain. Noth­ing good can come from this.”

GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL Drew Gets The Flash Drive

Drew is flum­moxed when Mar­gaux hands over the flash drive con­tain­ing his mem­ory map. “Mar­gaux has re­al­ized that the way she has been go­ing af­ter Sonny has not been sat­is­fy­ing, and in all like­li­hood will not pan out,” sets up Co-head Writer Shelly Alt­man. “She is mo­ti­vated, too, by re­al­iz­ing that she has lost a friend­ship [with Drew]. She’s not a bad hu­man be­ing.”

Prior to Mar­gaux’s change of heart, Drew had re­solved his con­flicted feel­ings about whether to try to re­store his miss­ing mem­o­ries. “He is no longer torn, as he was the last time,” Alt­man notes. “Now, he is quite res­o­lute in his de­ci­sion not to pur­sue his old life be­cause to do so could pos­si­bly mean los­ing the life that he has built over these last six years and erase all the years that in­clude Os­car,” his ter­mi­nally ill son.

Drew ends up hav­ing a heart-to-heart with Ja­son. “They are find­ing com­mon ground in cer­tain ar­eas,” Alt­man says. “There is, of course, one prob­lem that will al­ways re­main be­tween them, and that would be Sam. But they are find­ing that in other ar­eas, they can be aligned and ac­tu­ally start to be­have like brothers, if not ex­actly fully feel like ones.”

Two For The Road: Wy­att (Brooks) and Sally (Hope) take their re­la­tion­ship to the next level.

Child Care: Eric (Vaughan) and Chloe (Na­dia Bjor­lin) clash over Holly.

Cut­ting The Dis­cord: Mariah (Grimes, r.) is hugely dis­ap­pointed in Sharon (Sharon Case).

Life’s Work: Drew (Billy Miller) now has the chance to make new old mem­o­ries.

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