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At Bayview, Abi­gail rips into Chad for be­tray­ing her. She then sum­mons Ste­fan and greets him as Gabby. She kisses him and asks him to get her out of the san­i­tar­ium. Though tempted, Ste­fan says he isn’t sure he can be­lieve her.

Rafe ques­tions Gabi about the ac­cu­sa­tions Abi­gail made against her. Gabi de­nies them, then has Kate back her up.


Chad re­turns home to the Kiri­akis man­sion, where Sonny asks if he knew that Kate was be­hind the sex­ual ha­rass­ment law­suit. Sonny is dev­as­tated when Chad ad­mits he knew about Kate us­ing Leo to bring down Sonny and Ti­tan.

Will, mean­while, con­fronts Kate about the law­suit. Kate ad­mits what she did and apol­o­gizes. Will asks her to come clean to take away Leo’s lever­age, but Kate is re­luc­tant.

Hope and Ted con­coct a plan to trap Ben into con­fess­ing. Later, Hope re­turns to Salem from Smith Is­land. Rafe finds her ferry ticket and won­ders what she was do­ing there .... Ted calls Ben and tries to get him to con­fess to start­ing the fire so he can record it. A cagey Ben doesn’t fall for it and sug­gests they meet in per­son .... Rafe ques­tions Hope about her trip to Smith Is­land. She claims she went to pick up a locket Abi­gail left be­hind, but it’s tense be­tween them. Later, Rafe over­hears Hope say­ing she’ll do any­thing to bring Ben down, in­clud­ing ly­ing to her hus­band.


Gabi sneaks into Kayla’s of­fice to get the orig­i­nal DNA tests on Char­lotte and runs into Kayla on her way out. She cov­ers. Later, Kayla no­tices some­one has been us­ing her com­puter.

Ciara con­fides to Kayla that she has feel­ings for Ben. Kayla gives her niece a stern warn­ing, but Ciara isn’t in­ter­ested in hear­ing it. Later, Ben shows up to

make a din­ner date with Ciara.


Sonny lets Kate have it for ru­in­ing his life. She tries to make amends, to no avail. Will lays into his grand­mother, as well, and she ul­ti­mately agrees to clear Sonny’s name. Leo ar­rives and shrugs that any state­ment she makes will be moot once Sonny and Will are in jail for at­tempted mur­der. Kate is stunned to see Leo, who re­it­er­ates that ei­ther Sonny mar­ries him or goes to jail.


Ciara learns that Claire talked Tripp into stay­ing at the loft .... Ben and Ciara’s date hits a snag when Julie re­fuses to take his reser­va­tion. They wind up hav­ing a pic­nic with take­out. Ciara learns that Ben is work­ing for Ste­fan and liv­ing chez Dimera .... John and

Mar­lena have din­ner with Claire and Brady. Mar­lena ad­vises Claire to be care­ful with Tripp. Af­ter the kids leave, John closes the pub and has a ro­man­tic evening with Mar­lena.


Rafe con­fides in Eli, who won­ders if Hope is see­ing some­one else. Rafe says she wouldn’t do that and feels it has some­thing to do with Ben and Ciara. Rafe fol­lows Hope to Smith Is­land. He en­ters the cabin and spies two wine glasses, but not his wife. He calls Julie, who sug­gests Hope is pay­ing him back for his dal­liance with Sami.

Ben tells Ste­fan about the sit­u­a­tion with Ted. Ste­fan or­ders him to trap the lawyer. Ted and Hope wait for Ben’s ar­rival, but he calls to post­pone be­cause his date with Ciara is run­ning late. Hope goes bal­lis­tic.


Sarah talks to Mag­gie about Eric rais­ing Holly. Mag­gie is re­luc­tant, but agrees to think about it.

Brady comes up with an idea to mend fences with Eric. He pro­poses hav­ing a me­mo­rial ser­vice for Ni­cole but Eric blasts him for his hypocrisy and the two wind up brawl­ing. Mag­gie and Sarah walk in and find them fight­ing. Mag­gie doesn’t think Eric is in the right emo­tional state to care for Holly.

Chloe is thrilled when Lu­cas re­turns from his Thanks­giv­ing visit with Al­lie. Lu­cas re­veals that he’s con­cerned about Al­lie’s be­hav­ior and in­tends to re­turn to Europe. Chloe’s stunned when Lu­cas says he doesn’t want her to wait for him. Af­ter Lu­cas leaves, Brady shows up. Chloe cleans his wounds and they com­fort each other.

Bond­ing Time: Chloe (Na­dia Bjor­lin) and Brady (then-kyle Low­der) first grew close while her friends were away in Puerto Rico on a school trip. flash­back to 2001

Does Gabi think she’ll get away with her plan? Camila Banus (l.) says:“Yes. Ab­so­lutely. Specif­i­cally be­cause she has what she feels is the back­ing of Kate [Lau­ren Koslow]. It re­ally so­lid­i­fies that she’s do­ing the right thing and the plan is work­ing.”

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