GH: Kim And Alexis Show­down Over Ju­lian

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■ Blind­sided by be­ing dumped by Ju­lian, and un­der the im­pres­sion that he slept with Alexis, Kim gets into a ma­jor con­fronta­tion with Alexis.

“It’s sort of a nat­u­ral thing for her to as­sume,” be­gins Ta­mara Braun (Kim) of her char­ac­ter’s con­clu­sion about Ju­lian’s bed­mate. “He tells her he slept with some­one and he didn’t deny that it was Alexis. He didn’t con­firm or deny. Alexis is his ex-wife, and she feels like they’ve al­ways had some­thing, that thing where, whether you are to­gether or not, it’s al­ways there.”

Alexis over­hears Drew lam­bast­ing Ju­lian for be­ing un­faith­ful, and af­ter chat­ting with her ex, she re­al­izes that he al­lowed Kim to think they hit the sheets. Picks up Braun, “Kim is in her of­fice and Alexis shows up — and it is not the day that she wants to see Alexis! Alexis says, ba­si­cally, that she wants to make sure that Kim knows it ab­so­lutely was not her. She sent him back to be with Kim on New Year’s Eve, which, as we know, is when Ju­lian saw the kiss be­tween Drew and Kim and in­ter­preted it wrong. The kiss was noth­ing; it was more of a friendly kind of ‘Happy New Year’ kiss. So, Kim and Alexis have it out. Alexis says, ‘You re­ally should give Ju­lian the ben­e­fit of the doubt and give him an­other chance and cut him some slack.’ ”

De­spite Alexis’s best ef­forts, “Kim doesn’t be­lieve her, at first. She’s like, ‘There is some­thing there [be­tween Ju­lian and Alexis]. There al­ways was.’ Kim felt it when­ever Alexis showed up and she tried to ig­nore it, but she thinks, ‘They will al­ways have that thing.’ Kim, with ev­ery­thing that is go­ing on with her son, with Ju­lian ... She cracks, and Alexis gets it! She ba­si­cally says, ‘If that’s what you want, to go ahead and write the next chap­ter of your life with Ju­lian, have at it!’ She re­ally could not care less about what she calls their ‘nox­ious re­la­tion­ship’. She is an­gry, and she is hurt­ing so badly be­cause of Os­car, and now be­cause of Ju­lian.”

Ac­cord­ing to Braun, Alexis’s de­nials don’t change Kim’s wari­ness of Ju­lian’s lin­ger­ing ties to his for­mer wife. “Kim says to Alexis, ‘There is some­thing there and there may al­ways be.’ She feels like there is some­thing un­fin­ished be­tween them. And if he didn’t sleep with her, then he just slept with some ran­dom per­son?! It still doesn’t sit well with Kim that in­stead of talk­ing to her about what he saw, he went off and slept with some­one. Truly, I think she wants things to be the way they were be­fore, but when some­thing like this hap­pens, you can’t ever go back. You can’t undo what has been done.”

“She feels like there is some­thing un­fin­ished be­tween them.”

Bat­tle Of The Exes: Kim (Braun, r.) lays into Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn).

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