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What is your ap­proach to fit­ness? “It’s def­i­nitely a daily thing. I didn’t take fit­ness too se­ri­ously, but about five years ago, I started im­ple­ment­ing it in my sched­ule ev­ery day. If you get into work­ing out and eat­ing clean, in about a month, you start to see the re­sults. You re­ally need to com­mit to it.”

What is your daily eat­ing like? “For the most part, I re­ally try to eat clean from Mon­day to Fri­day.

Break­fast is my heav­i­est meal. You’ve been sleep­ing for how­ever many hours and your body needs fuel. I’ll have six egg whites with ground turkey or chicken or ham and Ezekiel toast. Lunch is pro­tein and a lit­tle bit of carbs; I’ll eat chicken or fish with ei­ther sweet potato or brown rice. Din­ner, I def­i­nitely don’t want to eat any carbs. It’s just pro­tein and veg­eta­bles. I try not to snack af­ter 7, but if I re­ally need some­thing, I’ll have some al­monds or cot­tage cheese. On week­ends, all bets are off. I eat ev­ery­thing I see!”

Do you snack dur­ing the day?

“My snack be­tween break­fast and lunch is a pro­tein shake or a ba­nana or an or­ange. In the af­ter­noon, I’ll usu­ally have an­other pro­tein shake or piece of fruit.”

What do you do to work out? “I like to switch it up. If you sit down at the same ma­chines ev­ery day, it starts to be­come more of a drag in­stead of some­thing you’re look­ing for­ward to. And I re­al­ized af­ter hang­ing out with peo­ple in the fit­ness world, it’s re­ally about con­fus­ing your mus­cles. A lot of times, when peo­ple get into the gym, they cre­ate a spe­cific work­out reg­i­men, but af­ter a while, your body gets used to that.” Do you do both car­dio and weight-lift­ing in the gym? “No, just some reps with weights, and not heavy ones, on the in­cline, flat and de­cline benches. Car­dio is for out­doors. I usu­ally go on a hike ev­ery morn­ing be­fore head­ing to the gym.”

Where do you learn your ex­er­cise rou­tines? “Some I pick up from train­ers, but most of it is just from ex­plor­ing on my own. If I’m do­ing pull-ups, I won­der what it would feel like to have one knee to my chest or lift a leg and turn it to the side when I’m do­ing push-ups. I like to play around a lot, just to keep it from get­ting bor­ing.”

We’ve seen you without your shirt a lot and it looks like you spend hours with weight train­ing. Is that cor­rect? “I ac­tu­ally don’t do that many weights, since my sports-play­ing days. I do more body weight ex­er­cises, which [in­volves] a lot of pushups and pull-ups and good old cal­is­then­ics.” What do the cal­is­then­ics en­tail? A bunch of jump­ing jacks? “Not quite [chuck­les]. In the gym, I’ve been do­ing the gym­nast work­out, which is a lot of L-sits on the dip bars, hand­stands against the walls, squats, burpees and box jumps. Then shorter ex­er­cises with the fo­cus on the shoul­ders and back one day, then legs, obliques and abs an­other day, and chest, lower back and tri the next. I do this for an hour.”

Does this rou­tine take care of your car­dio work­out, as well? “Oh, no. I’ll do car­dio be­fore the gym. I’ll ei­ther swim freestyle about 50 laps or a spin class or jog, but no more than two miles. I can bulk up eas­ily, but I can tone up and lose weight just as fast. If I run more than two miles, I’ll start to lose mus­cle mass.”

What time of day do you start? “First thing. I get up at 5 in the morn­ing.”

Where’s break­fast in all of this? “Af­ter my work­out, I’ll have a pro­tein shake of al­mond milk with two serv­ings of matcha tea pow­der, half a ba­nana and two straw­ber­ries and blend it up with ice. If I have to work that day, I’ll add some raw oat­meal.”

What about your other meals? “For lunch, I’ll sim­mer ground turkey with chicken broth, spinach, three dif­fer­ent kinds of pep­pers and [San] Marzano toma­toes, and eat that with a baked sweet potato. For din­ner, I usu­ally have baked fish, steamed broc­coli and a salad, and one glass of red wine. Other than wine in the evening, I only drink wa­ter. I can’t tell you the last time I had juice or soda.”

What about snacks? “I get some great fig bars and se­same sticks in bulk at Erewhon [Nat­u­ral Foods].”

What keeps you mo­ti­vated to get to the gym? “Know­ing that I’ll even­tu­ally have a shirt­less scene on the show. If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.

It’s eas­ier to just con­sis­tently do it. If I’m at the gym where I don’t feel like com­mit­ting my­self 100 per­cent, I’ll just skip rope for 20 min­utes. I may not have gone hard but at least I didn’t flop down on the couch in­stead. It’s keep­ing the rou­tine of get­ting up, putting on your shoes, go­ing to the gym and do­ing some­thing.”


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