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On New Year’s Eve, Lani, Eli, Adri­enne, Justin, Eric, Sarah, Chloe, Brady, Jen­nifer, Henry, JJ, and Ha­ley at­tend a ben­e­fit for the Hor­ton Cen­ter at Doug’s Place.

As the clock strikes

12, Eve makes a sur­prise ap­pear­ance at the ben­e­fit. She ex­co­ri­ates every­one at the party, es­pe­cially Brady and Jen­nifer. She prom­ises to take a wreck­ing ball to their lives. The guests are shocked when she re­veals her spe­cial guest: Jack Dev­er­aux.


Eli and Lani leave the party and head home, where they make love for the first time as a cou­ple.


Jen­nifer is stunned to

see her pre­sumed-dead hus­band, but her joy quickly turns to dis­may when she re­al­izes that Jack doesn’t re­mem­ber any­thing or any­one from his past, and has a dim view of his pre­vi­ous life. Eve and Jack re­turn to the Salem Inn to­gether; Jen­nifer is dev­as­tated.


Chad and Will catch

up. Will sym­pa­thizes with Chad over los­ing Abi­gail, and Chad shares his guilt over the sit­u­a­tion with both Abi­gail and Sonny. Will is de­ter­mined to find a way to get rid of Leo so he and Sonny can be to­gether.

Chad en­coun­ters

Abi­gail and it’s awk­ward be­tween them. Chad prom­ises that Gabi will pay for what she did, but Abi­gail ex­plains to him that it’s not enough.

De­ter­mined to get Abi­gail back, Chad gets ad­vice from Julie about how to win Abby’s heart again.


JJ in­forms Abi­gail that their fa­ther is alive but doesn’t re­mem­ber any of them .... Jen­nifer bangs on Eve’s door. Eve tells her Jack isn’t there and slams

the door in Jen’s face.

Jack runs into Hope, who tries to jog his mem­ory, but it doesn’t work. Af­ter, Jen­nifer opens up to Hope, who prom­ises they’ll find a way to get through to Jack.

Abi­gail vis­its Jack and tries to trig­ger his mem­ory by re­mind­ing him how he died sav­ing her. Eve in­ter­rupts their chat and in­sists that Abi­gail must go.


Justin tells Sonny that Jack is alive, but has am­ne­sia. They won­der if Dr. Rolf was in­volved with Jack’s res­ur­rec­tion, as he was with Will. Later, a hun­gover Leo ad­mits to Sonny that he had ma­jor is­sues with his mom. Sonny calls Will and re­lays the con­ver­sa­tion, hop­ing they may have found

Leo’s Achilles’ heel.


Eve leaves to run an er­rand. She en­coun­ters JJ, who blasts Eve for her de­struc­tive­ness. While Eve is out, Jen­nifer re­turns to the Salem Inn and tries to spark Jack’s mem­ory by show­ing him fam­ily pho­tos, but it doesn’t work. Jen­nifer learns that Jack was at the fa­cil­ity in Nashville where Dr. Rolf worked. They talk about Eve. Jen­nifer ex­plains to Jack that his past re­la­tion­ship with Eve was based solely on money. Jen­nifer makes it clear to Jack that she still loves him and wants him back. They share a kiss. Later, Jen­nifer vows that she won’t give up on help­ing Jack re­cover his mem­o­ries.

Eve meets with her se­cret ac­com­plice: Xan­der. They dis­cuss the deal they cut: Xan­der gives Jack over to Eve in ex­change for a flash drive, which Eve hands over.

When Eve comes home, Jack asks why she lied about his past.


Kayla con­fronts JJ about help­ing Ha­ley cover up her sui­cide at­tempt. Ha­ley gets up­set, think­ing JJ rat­ted her out, but Kayla in­forms them a nurse told her. Ha­ley com­forts JJ about Jack, and later, JJ tells Kayla his fa­ther is back. A stunned Kayla calls Steve with the news. JJ, mean­while, over­hears Ha­ley on the phone, say­ing she won’t tell Kayla any­thing.

How is Will feel­ing about Leo’s in­ter­fer­ence in his and Sonny’s (Fred­die Smith, r.) life? Chan­dler Massey says:“Ob­vi­ously, Will is not a fan that the man is alive and not a fan of what he’s do­ing to Will and Sonny, ba­si­cally keep­ing them from hav­ing their hap­pily ever af­ter.”

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