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Di­gest’s Face­book page re­acted to the news of Ari­anne Zucker’s re­turn as Ni­cole. Debra R. wrote, “Omg I’m not sur­prised. Love her and glad she’s com­ing back.” Geoia G. noted, “I fig­ured she wasn’t re­ally dead. No one truly stays dead on DAYS. Just wait long enough, they’ll be back!” Carolyn S. en­thused, “So happy she is re­turn­ing. I bet Eric mar­ries Sarah to try and get Holly. Then Ni­cole will re­turn and Eric will break Sarah’s heart.” Sandy H. in­structed, “Get back there so Eric can have holly back.. Chloe and Brady have no busi­ness even near her af­ter what they did...!!” Mary S. added, “If she comes back how long do you think Eric will be in­ter­ested in her. Seems like he’s only in­ter­ested in women he can’t have. As soon as he has them, he moves on. Al­ways acts so right­eous but he’s just a pri­est turned player. It’s too bad be­cause I used to like his char­ac­ter.” Amy F. ob­served, “Dead is never dead in the soaps. Even if the ac­tor dies, the char­ac­ter can come back with or without hav­ing had plas­tic surgery due to be­ing in an ex­plo­sion (and pre­sumed dead).” Su­san C. posted, “That’s why all this fight­ing over holly will be use­less. She be­longs with Ni­cole, pure and sim­ple and glad she is re­turn­ing.”


“I think Lin­sey God­frey is a won­der­ful ac­tress; how­ever, Sarah Hor­ton on DAYS is be­ing a nosy busy­body butting into Holly’s cus­tody. I would care more for the char­ac­ter if she in­vested all that en­ergy into re­cov­er­ing from her breakup with Rex. Why doesn’t she vol­un­teer at the hospi­tal; in­ter­act with her mom more; any­thing but a nosy Nel­lie.”

Ñ Cathy G., via email

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