Clas­sic Lines

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(Brooke in­ti­mates to her sis­ters that she feels Tay­lor can be danger­ous.) Brooke: “No­body loses their life in a cake fight.” Donna: “Pam’s lemon bars, maybe.”


(Sonny com­plains to Kate about Leo.)

Sonny: “Now I’m be­ing black­mailed by a man I wish I mur­dered.”

(Julie re­fuses to make a din­ner reser­va­tion for Ben to eat at Doug’s Place.) Julie: “I dis­crim­i­nate against se­rial killers. Sue me.”


(Cristal tells Alexis that she and Blake are go­ing ring shop­ping.) Alexis: “I’m sur­prised that jew­eler hasn’t given him a punch card by now.”

(Cristal tells Blake that things have been rocky with Alexis.)

Cristal: “I don’t think she likes me.”

Blake: “Why? What did she say?”

Cristal: “That she didn’t like me.”

(Blake tries to re­as­sure Cristal about Alexis.) Blake: “Don’t worry about Alexis. She’s the thorn that keeps on prick­ing.”

(Af­ter dou­ble-cross­ing Jeff, Fal­lon tries to per­suade Mon­ica to start a record la­bel to­gether.) Fal­lon: “I know how to start a com­pany. Ask your brother. And I know how to run one, too. Don’t ask your brother.”

(Alexis sees that Cristal is still on the grounds.) Alexis: “Don’t tell me you’re still here. I thought you were just a tem­po­rary in­fes­ta­tion.”


(Giselle plans to re­veal Jeff’s big se­cret.) Giselle: “I have some­thing to tell you about Jeff Kings­ley.”

Cookie: “Ev­ery­thing I need to know about Jeff Kings­ley can fit on one fin­ger. Guess which one.”


(Epiphany tells Anna what she thinks of her and Finn as a cou­ple.)

Epiphany: “You two are so cute to­gether, it’s dis­gust­ing.”

Finn: “It is.”

Ja­son: “I don’t know what to say.”

Alexis: “That’s okay. I’ve never known you to be much of a talker.”


(Sharon has her reser­va­tions about at­tend­ing Mia’s beauty party.) Sharon: “Af­ter our last few in­ter­ac­tions, it might be awk­ward.”

Rey: “Well, if it’s any con­so­la­tion, I’m not gonna be there. Women only — and my sis­ter.”

Killer In­stinct: Sonny (Fred­die Smith) vented to Kate (Lau­ren Koslow) about Leo on DAYS.

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