(Caroline, THE BAY; ex-ri­ley, AMC, 2008-09; ex-sheri­dan, PAS­SIONS, 1999-2008)

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You were re­cently seen on the An­i­mal Planet chan­nel as a celebrity dog lover dur­ing the AKC NA­TIONAL CHAM­PI­ONSHIP DOG SHOW. How did that hap­pen? “I’ve al­ways been a dog lover and a dog fan. Royal Canin [pet food] pre­sented the show and when they reached out to me, I thought it a match made in heaven. It was just so fun to get to be a part of this show.”

Did you en­joy the ex­pe­ri­ence? “I had the best time. They were re­ally some of the nicest, loveli­est peo­ple. It’s amaz­ing to work with peo­ple of the same mind-set where I don’t look at my pets as pets, they’re fam­ily mem­bers. It’s not just the dog or the cat, they’re fam­ily, and I love that.”

Your minia­ture grey­hound is adorable! “That is Asha and she’s the smaller ver­sion of a grey­hound. I’ve al­ways been in love with the grey­hounds as a breed. It was fun for me to film this with Asha be­cause this was sev­eral hours of sit­ting there with her and she would not move once, ex­cept if I stopped pet­ting her, then she’d kick me! I love that they got footage of that. There’s a mo­ment where I stopped pet­ting her and she just kicked me right in the leg.”

Why did you choose the name Asha? “Asha means hope [in In­dian]. I think it’s a beau­ti­ful mean­ing. I just love that idea of hope and faith. Ev­ery­thing that we all want. What a great name and word to start the New Year with: hope. It’s just so re­gal and el­e­gant and it goes so well with the grey­hound breed.”

Are your hus­band and son huge an­i­mal lovers as well? “Oh, my gosh, yes. My son knows that his job is to feed the an­i­mals in the morn­ing. It’s not for any re­ward, it’s just this is part of be­ing a fam­ily and these are our fam­ily mem­bers and we take care of our fam­ily. My hus­band is a huge an­i­mal lover.”

Would you like to work on more projects with An­i­mal Planet? “I would love to! I’ve got Westmore Beauty [prod­ucts] go­ing on, which is once in a while on QVC, but I’m pretty much a free agent right now. I did start THE BAY, but we wrapped that. If any­thing came up with An­i­mal Planet, that is so up my al­ley be­cause of my ob­ses­sion with an­i­mals. I would jump on it in a heart­beat.”

You hosted the re­al­ity com­pe­ti­tion show FACE OFF for many years. How was

that? “We fin­ished our fi­nal show. Sea­son 13 was it. That was the end of it. It was a shock be­cause none of us were told. We all found out through an online interview and it was like, ‘Oh, okay. Guess the show’s done!’ It was a shock to find out that way but, to be hon­est, we filmed that sea­son last year and saw the writ­ing on the wall. We took it in stride. It was a bummer be­cause we were all a lit­tle tight fam­ily. It was a very fun show to work on. I had a great time.”

Are you do­ing any­thing with your singing? “The other day I was telling my hus­band, ‘I miss singing.’ There’s al­ways that op­por­tu­nity and who knows what the fu­ture will bring? You never know. Even if it’s a three-month run on Broad­way I would do it. I do miss it.”

Are you in con­tact with any of your for­mer day­time co-stars? “Oh yeah! I still keep in touch with the ma­jor­ity of them, ac­tu­ally. I just spoke with Ai­den [Turner, ex­aidan, AMC] yes­ter­day and I’m work­ing with him on his wa­ter bot­tle com­pany. As far as PAS­SIONS, yes, we keep in touch. Even if it’s through Face­book or In­sta­gram or Twit­ter.”

How is your son, Mad­dox? “Mad­dox is 12½ now. If you can imag­ine, I had him when I was on PAS­SIONS. He’s in the sev­enth grade now. He’s got straight A’s, and he has an IQ over 130! It’s a fun age and it’s great watch­ing him grow up.”

You had a very short ma­ter­nity leave from PAS­SIONS. “You know why? I didn’t want to chance the other ac­tress com­ing in, the fans lik­ing her, Soap Opera Di­gest lik­ing her, and los­ing my job in three months! I said, ‘You know what, I’m go­ing back to work af­ter three weeks if I have to strap him on my pants.’ I loved play­ing Sheri­dan Crane.”

What were some of your fa­vorite mo­ments on PAS­SIONS? “Oh, gosh, there are so many. All the past lives stuff, like Ti­tanic; The Pi­rates of the Caribbean was an­other fun one, and so was Alice In Won­der­land and all of the Paris stuff.”

Would you be open to work­ing on an­other soap? “Yes, I would. I miss the day­time world. I did go out not that long ago for a role on GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL. That did not work out, ob­vi­ously, but I would def­i­nitely make that jump back. I re­ally had so much fun do­ing day­time. It’s such a great en­vi­ron­ment to be in and it’s such a won­der­ful group of peo­ple. I miss the peo­ple and just cre­at­ing the sto­ry­lines and the char­ac­ters you get to play. I would def­i­nitely jump back.”

Dream Job: Westmore en­joyed the fan­tasy scenes on PAS­SIONS, in­clud­ing this Alice In Won­der­land se­quence with Galen Ger­ing (exluis; Rafe, DAYS).

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