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Jay Kenneth Johnson Returns To DAYS For The New DOOL App Series


Jay Kenneth Johnson dishes about his return to the role of DAYS’S Philip in “Last Blast Reunion”.

Soap Opera Digest: “The Last Blast Reunion” was so much fun.

Jay Kenneth Johnson: Yeah, it was cool. I’m really glad that we got to get everybody there to do it. There were a few new people that I hadn’t met, but it was good to meet them and good to see everyone that I used to work with.

Digest: Tell me about when DAYS reached out to you and how you felt. Did you ever think you’d be back?

Johnson: Yeah, I’ve been kind of talking to them off and on for probably the past nine months. We kind of kept in contact and then we talked over the summer. They said they were thinking about getting some things together. Greg [Meng, co-executive producer] called me and said that they had some ideas for the online webisodes. He brought me on for this first chapter and said there’s potential for possibly more and maybe some things after that. I’m keeping my fingers

crossed and praying that it all works out. Digest: How did it feel going back to the set?

Johnson: It was cool. They changed a few things over there at NBC. It’s not an NBC building anymore; it’s owned by a different company. They changed kind of the blueprint of the entire facility. They got a lot of new stuff over there. I’m in Missouri right now, and so it was nice to come back out to California for a few weeks. And it was really good to see all the cast. I was there for about two weeks, so I got a chance to catch up with everybody and say hello. It was really good to see everybody. I had a good time.

Digest: Were you nervous about learning the dialogue?

Johnson: They were pretty short scenes. The webisodes were eight-page scripts. It was broken up between nine different characters. It wasn’t a whole lot of material. It wasn’t like shooting an episode for the television show.

Digest: You started on the show 20 years ago, in 1999. What stands out to you about that time? Johnson: That was my first long-term job out there in California, so that was a real blessing to be able to get a job so quickly. I was out there for six months and I got the job. I guess that makes it a very special place for me, DAYS OF OUR LIVES. I’m glad that I’ve kept a good relationsh­ip with them and glad that they still see some opportunit­ies for the character of Philip. It’s always good to work. Digest: What does it mean to you that this

“Last Blast” crew really has a special place in the hearts of the fans?

Johnson: Oh, I think it’s very special. The fans really drove us to get more work. We had a very good fan base for some of us there, and the show has a very good fan base, and people are pretty vocal and they kept writing and coming to the events and showing their support. I think they have a big impact on driving some of the stories. It’s always good for the fans to show their support. I think the producers like that, and the actors.

Digest: What was it like to reconnect and work with Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) again?

Johnson: Oh, it was great to see Nadia. She’s beautiful as ever. We had a few scenes together. I had a great time.

Digest: Last time you saw Nadia and Martha Madison (Belle), they were not mothers.

Johnson: I’m very happy for them, and they’re both still very beautiful.

Digest: When was the last time you saw Aaron Van Wagner (Jason)?

Johnson: It’s been probably 15 years since I’ve seen him and he’s doing very, very well for himself. I was happy to see him, as well.

Digest: Did you get to spend time with Lauren Koslow (Kate) and John Aniston (Victor)?

Johnson:yes. It was really, really good. We did a few interviews together. They’re great. Both of them are great.

Digest: How’s life in Missouri?

Johnson: Missouri’s good. It’s a little cold here. I’m doing a few things out here. I’ve been going back to Los Angeles once in a while. Everything is great.

Digest: If the show did find a way to bring you back full-time, would you be interested?

Johnson: I think I would. I had a good time when I was out there. I’d like to get back to Los Angeles. I think that would be a great opportunit­y.

Digest: Any message for the fans?

Johnson: I love them all. Thank you for your support. Keep me in your good thoughts and prayers, and hopefully I’ll see you all very soon.

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 ??  ?? (Philip Kiriakis)
(Philip Kiriakis)
 ??  ?? The Gang’s All Here: “I’m really glad that we got to get everybody there to do it,” says Johnson of working again with (from l.) Brandon Beemer (Shawn), Martha Madison (Belle) and Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe).
The Gang’s All Here: “I’m really glad that we got to get everybody there to do it,” says Johnson of working again with (from l.) Brandon Beemer (Shawn), Martha Madison (Belle) and Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe).

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