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■ The death of a former colleague of Jordan’s is sparking a major new storyline for the Ashfords. “Everyone is pumped!” reports Briana Nicole Henry (Jordan). “It’s been a while and I like a challenge. I like to work hard; it’s just kind of in my DNA. For the past couple of months, not that I haven’t been working hard, but there just hasn’t been too much for me to do. I’m kind of just supporting everyone else’s story. So, I’m very excited to have something that is actually about Jordan and her life. And it seems like there’s going to be some action in it, which I’m really excited about.”

Jordan is preoccupie­d after learning that her old acquaintan­ce died from an overdose. “I think that she’s just shocked,” the actress offers. “Jordan knew this person, Bob, very intimately; they spent a lot of time together. And especially in a job like [law enforcemen­t], you just know each other on a different kind of intimate level than other profession­s. She doesn’t believe it. And I think there’s an element of, ‘Oh, maybe I just didn’t know this intimate detail about him.’ But in her gut, she thinks, ‘No, this doesn’t totally feel right. It feels like something is going on.’ ”

As Jordan scrutinize­s the police report, her gut feeling amplifies, so she places a call to a mystery person, inviting them to Port Charles to aid in her investigat­ion. “I think that ultimately, she feels that she owes it to Bob to find out what actually happened,” Henry explains. “I think there are a limited amount of people that can help her do that, and the person that she’s calling ... it seems to me like there is some kind of romantic history there, but more than that, he is someone that she can trust to really help her get to the bottom of this. I also think on some level, she’s trying to protect Curtis, trying to keep him out of this as much as possible in case it goes south. She’d rather take the hit and protect her family.” Expect a big surprise when the person she summons arrives in Port Charles.

On another Ashford front, fans have been speculatin­g that it’s no coincidenc­e that Stella and Trina both got a hit on an ancestry website indicating that they have a relative living close by. Henry, for one, hopes that Trina turns out to be Curtis’s daughter. “I love Sydney [Mikayla, Trina,]” she enthuses. “I’m excited for any reason to have a new, intriguing storyline. Hopefully, this will open up a bit more of a family storyline for us and I’m excited to see what happens with it. Literally, I check in with Donnell [Turner, Curtis] all the time: ‘Is she your daughter yet? Is this happening yet?’ I’m just ready! I think she’s so sweet and so talented. Let’s bring her into the Ashford family!”

 ??  ?? Help Wanted: Jordan (Henry) summons someone to Port Charles as she investigat­es her friend’s suspicious death.
Help Wanted: Jordan (Henry) summons someone to Port Charles as she investigat­es her friend’s suspicious death.
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