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■ Why did you de­cide to take Billy on this emo­tional jour­ney? “With Adam’s re­turn it brought back all the feel­ings of what had hap­pened with Delia. Billy had never to­tally come to peace with it, so we had to take him down that dark path that cul­mi­nated in the cabin, where he faced all his demons.”

That seemed like a big break­through for him but he’s still strug­gling. “We didn’t want it to be just a pat, ‘Okay.

Now I’m good.’ I saw such phe­nom­e­nal work from Ja­son Thomp­son [Billy] that I said, ‘There’s gotta be more. Let’s go deeper. Let’s go fur­ther back.’ We cov­ered the Adam/delia stuff, but I wanted to go into the heart and soul of who Billy is and why he’s this way. How much of his bad be­hav­ior and mis­takes and fool­ish­ness is com­ing out of the fact that ev­ery­one ex­pects it of him and judges him be­cause of it? So, it felt like or­gan­i­cally the right di­rec­tion to take and with an ac­tor that we knew could just kill it.” Did you dis­cuss how you would be con­tin­u­ing the story with Ja­son? “Yes, we’ve had lots of con­ver­sa­tions about it. He’s very ex­cited. He’s just such a smart ac­tor that he just asks all the right questions. He says, ‘What about this?’ and has sug­ges­tions and digs a lit­tle bit deeper. ‘Maybe this is where this is com­ing from.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s good.’ It in­spires me to just take the story to the next level.”

You’ve wo­ven Chloe into this here and there. Are we go­ing to see more of her in Billy’s story? “Yes.”

Why did you de­cide to bring Amanda into the pic­ture? “She was new in town. She just went through all this crap with the will and every­body thought she was a part of it, but she was just there to do her job. And here was a guy that was also go­ing through all kinds of con­fu­sion about his place and the way peo­ple looked at him. They were kind of in the same space when they met at the dive bar. Now that’s where they go so they won’t run into any­body who’s gonna give them crap. These two strangers find they have this con­nec­tion; it’s not a ro­man­tic con­nec­tion, it’s pla­tonic, but they’re able to re­ally open up to each other and help each other get through this. And then, of course, the mis­guided as­sump­tions about what the re­la­tion­ship is is gonna cause plenty of prob­lems.”

What do you en­vi­sion as the end re­sult? “This is go­ing to be sort of the rein­ven­tion of Billy Ab­bott by em­brac­ing all facets of the char­ac­ter, the good and the bad, and no longer feel­ing ashamed about it. It’s who he is.”

We don’t know what kind of per­son Billy will be when he emerges from this. Will he be bet­ter for it or worse off? “He could be a lit­tle bit of both.”

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