Trash col­lec­tion rules to be updated

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It’s been more than a quar­ter cen­tury since the laws now on the books for trash col­lec­tion in Soud­er­ton were writ­ten and it’s time to make some changes, Soud­er­ton Bor­ough Coun­cil mem­bers agreed at coun­cil’s Aug. 13 pub­lic works ses­sion.

One of the is­sues re­cently raised in­volves cases in which trash cans are kept full time in front yards or other highly vis­i­ble places. Wile Av­enue res­i­dent Tom McIn­tyre was re­cently told to move his trash con­tainer from where it is stored next to the side­walk, al­though McIn­tyre said he was pre­vi­ously told by bor­ough of­fi­cials that hav­ing the con­tainer there is not a vi­o­la­tion of the rules.

That por­tion of the or­di­nance will likely be tweaked in the up­date, Mike Coll, bor­ough man­ager, said.

The cur­rent rules, passed in 1985, in­clude a re­stric­tion on putting trash con­tain­ers out for pickup more than 24 hours be­fore the sched­uled col­lec­tion time.

“That gen­er­ally is be­ing fol­lowed throughout the

bor­ough and it’s a fairly com­mon UHVWULFWLRQ yRu fiQG LQ D ORW RI RU­d­i­nances,” Coll said.

The or­di­nance does not, how­ever, ad­dress how close to the side­walk or where trash con­tain­ers can be stored.

It does re­quire that garbage shall not be kept at the home for more than seven days and that the trash con­tain­ers be wa­ter tight, pre­vent WKH HQWUy RI flLHV DQG EH SURSHUOy main­tained, in­clud­ing be­ing kept free of garbage residue on the bot­tom or sides of the con­tainer.

An­other por­tion of the rules in­cludes a ban on putting garbage on the ground, but coun­cil mem­ber Jeff Gross said there are cases where peo­ple are keep­ing items on their prop­erty that the res­i­dents say are be­ing re­cy­cled.

“We weren’t even do­ing re­cy­cling when this was put in, so WKHUH’V VRPH GH­fiQLWH DUHDV WKDW QHHG WR EH FODUL­fiHG,” GURVV VDLG of the cur­rent rules.

With sev­eral trash col­lec­tion com­pa­nies mak­ing pick­ups on var­i­ous days, rather than all on WKH VDPH GDy, LW’V GLI­fiFuOW WR NHHS track of whether some con­tain­ers are left out on the side­walk longer than al­lowed, coun­cil mem­ber Richard God­shall said.

“Ba­si­cally, we’re look­ing at six days a week, we’re see­ing trash cans out at the street,” coun­cil mem­ber Steven Toy said.

Trash col­lec­tions in Soud­er­ton are al­lowed be­tween 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Mon­days through Satur­days.

Coll said he will meet with Robert Bricker, the bor­ough’s so­lic­i­tor, to have a pro­posed up­date writ­ten for the trash col­lec­tion rules.

“We’ll try to work at piec­ing to­gether some­thing ev­ery­body feels is a lit­tle clearer and we can work with,” he said.

Along with the up­date to the trash col­lec­tion rules, coun­cil also is plan­ning a re­view and up­date of other rules, in­clud­ing ones for us­ing couches or other in­door fur­ni­ture as out­door fur­ni­ture and hav­ing in­op­er­a­ble or un­li­censed ve­hi­cles on pri­vate prop­erty, but most of those is­sues are in sep­a­rate prop­erty main­te­nance por­tions of the or­di­nances and are not part of the waste col­lec­tion rules, Coll said. In other Soud­er­ton mat­tersW • :LWK D OLWWOH OHVV WKDQ D PRQWK to go in this sum­mer’s swim sea­son, Soud­er­ton Community Pool is on tar­get to meet ex­pec­ta­tions for the year, Coll said.

“We’re hit­ting our bud­get pro­jec­tions there rather nicely,” he said.

• 7KHUH wDV DQ HOHFWULF RuWDJH at the bor­ough’s sewer treat­ment plant af­ter the July 26 storms.

The plant is de­signed to have a dual feed, with sep­a­rate elec­tri­cal hookups to Sellersville and HDW­fiHOG, DQG WR VwLWFK RvHU WR the other one if one of those goes down, Coll said.

In this case, it ap­pears the sys­tem started a switch, but then may have tried to back­track, he said.

“It got it­self caught up and the sys­tem then locked out,” Coll said.

There is a mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem to send an alert if the power goes off, but part of that sys­tem was also knocked out in this case, so it’s not known ex­actly when the shut­down hap­pened, he said. It was dis­cov­ered the morn­ing of July 27.

6RPH SDUWLDOOy WUHDWHG HIfluHQW was dis­charged from the plant dur­ing the out­age, he said.

“It was be­ing treated, but not to the level our per­mit re­quires, be­cause of the lack of power,” Coll said.

By mid-morn­ing, the dis­charges were stopped and the sewage was kept in a tank at the plant. The dis- charges started again about 5 p.m. af­ter re­pairs were made, Coll said.

Penn­syl­va­nia Fish C Game of­fiFLDOV KDvH FKHFNHG RuW WKH GLVcharge area, he said.

“There was no stream dam­age, QR fiVK NLOO RU DQyWKLQJ OLNH WKDW,” Coll said.

7KH HIfluHQW GLVFKDUJHG EHIRUH the out­age was dis­cov­ered had lower-than-usual lev­els of dis­solved oxy­gen, he said. Air is usu­ally added dur­ing the treat­ment process.

7KH VWDWH FRuOG fiQH WKH ERUough for the dis­charges, but, so far, there’s been no in­di­ca­tion that will hap­pen, Coll said.

An in­sur­ance claim has been opened, he said. The costs in­clude about $11,000 of re­pairs, along with an­other cou­ple thou­sand dol­lars for pumps, he said.

The bor­ough, its elec­tri­cal con­trac­tor and PPL Elec­tric Util­i­ties are also meet­ing to re­view the in­ci­dent, he said.

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