Gophas sti­fled Obama’s ef­forts to grow jobs

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To the Ed­i­torW

I sub­mit to you the fol­low­ing facts for your con­sid­er­a­tion. Bin Laden at­tacked RuU fiQDQFLDO VWUHQJWK wLWK the at­tack on the twin tow­ers. He even bet on it in the hedge fund mar­ket for our mar­ket to plum­met. It did so and he won. His goal was to de­stroy our econoPy DQG yRuU FRQ­fiGHQFH LQ our coun­try.

So let me ask you this. The stim­u­lus pack­age pro­posed by Pres­i­dent Obama in 2009 in­creased em­ploy­ment by be­tween 1.4 to 3.3 mil­lion jobs with what it would have been oth­er­wise. (This is from, which quotes the non-par­ti­san Con­gresVLRQDO BuGJHW 2IfiFH.) $ lot of economists credit Obama with ad­vert­ing the sec­ond great de­pres­sion of our time with this one bold move. So I ask you, who then has worked so hard to VWLflH WKH QDWLRQ’V HIIRUWV WR re­duce un­em­ploy­ment for the last two years? Why GLG WKLV JURuS wDQW WR VWLflH job growth? The an­swer, in my opin­ion, is the GOP in Congress. vou know, that Repub­li­can Congress with a 14 per­cent job ap­proval rat­ing. They would rather hurt the na­tion than al­low WKH HPSORyPHQW fiJuUHV WR be­come a greater credit to Pres­i­dent Obama.

We are sup­posed to kick 2EDPD RuW IRU QRW fixLQJ D prob­lem fast enough that they them­selves and their agenda caused. That’s like fiULQJ WKH VuUJHRQ IRU QRW com­pletely heal­ing the vic­tim of a shoot­ing, then putting an­other gun in the hands of the crim­i­nal who did the shoot­ing and put him back out on the street. If this makes sense, then vote Repub­li­can. Robert Grafton


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