Moyer, Lepre in­ducted into Perky Hall

Souderton Independent - - OPINION - By Tom Ker­rane

The play­ing ca­reers and lives of the Perkiomen Val­ley Twi­light League’s two 2012 Hall of Fame in­ductees have been re­mark­ably sim­i­lar to one an­other.

Their Perky ca­reers both be­gan in 1980, though with dif­fer­ing teams. The two con­tem­po­raries would end their league tenures within a year of each other, and as team­mates. Dur­ing their time in the Perky League, each ex­pe­ri­enced great suc­cess, as part of a team and in­di­vid­u­ally.

And to­day, both are coach- es at the high school level, pass­ing along their knowl­edge of com­pet­i­tive­ness and sports­man­ship to a new gen­er­a­tion of ath­letes.

They even are the same age, 51.

For Paul Lepre and Todd Moyer, the con­nec­tion to base­ball and the Perky League has been alive for PRrH WKDn 30 yHDrV. ,W wLOO continue, as the two were en­shrined in the league’s Hall of Fame dur­ing a cer­e­mony SrLRr WR GDPH 3 RI WKH FKDP­pi­onship se­ries.

This is such a great feel­ing,” Moyer said fol­low­ing the cer­e­mony. “It’s funny, though, you get to see some of the guys you played against. In some cases, it’s just like when I left. The Altieri boys (Bob and Matt) are here, Vince (Elsier) is coach­ing down at third base like al­ways and (Fred Fai­son) still amazes me.”

Moyer was present for the in­duc­tion. Lepre ended up miss­ing the cer­e­mony as he was de­layed in re­turn­ing home from a fam­ily va­ca­tion.

“WKHn , firVW KHDrG,” Lepre said Wed­nes­day, “it just brought back so many great mem­o­ries of all the friend­ships you de­velop in the Perky League. The great teams you play on and the ri­val­ries that de­velop.”

Lepre played a to­tal of 16 sea­sons in the Perky League, span­ning from 1980 to 1996. HH SODyHG firVW IRr 1Rr­ris­town, then Trooper and finDOOy wLWK CROOHJHYLOOH. Moyer played in 14 sea­sons, his Perky ca­reer also be­gin­ning in 1980 and end­ing in 1995. He never wore any uni­form other than Col­legeville’s.

Moyer won 10 cham­pi­onships with Col­legeville while LHSrH wRn fiYH FrRwnV, IRur with Col­legeville and one with the A’s. Each played mul­ti­ple po­si­tions – Moyer is cred­ited with hav­ing played all nine po­si­tions dur­ing his Perky ca­reer. Each had also been a Most Valu­able Player re­cip­i­ent.

Still, while the ca­reers and achieve­ments are so sim­i­lar, Rn WKH EDVHEDOO fiHOG, WKH WwR men seemed like such op­po­sites.

“WH DrH GHfinLWHOy DW GLIfer­ent ends of the spec­trum, Todd and I,” Lepre said. “I kept most things in and Todd wore it on his sleeve. Where we’re the same, though, is that we both played with a lot of in­ten­sity.”

Moyer laughed at the dif­fer­ence be­tween the two, and the friend­ship which de­vel­oped be­cause of it.

“Paul is the nicest guy in the world,” Moyer said. “1HYHr GLG , HYHr VHH KLP get mad at any­body. His be­ing with some of the rest of us at Col­legeville, all those cra­zies, that was in­ter­est­ing.”

Moyer was one of the many Perky League play­ers who came through the Boyertown base­ball pro­gram, mi­grat­ing to Col­legeville for Perky games. Af­ter three sea­sons in the league, Moyer was signed to a mi­nor league con­tract by the Pitts­burgh Pi­rates, spendLnJ 1983 DnG SDrW RI 1984 Ln the Pi­rates farm sys­tem. He re­turned at the end of the ’84 sea­son, in time to help Col­legHYLOOH EHDW LHSrH’V 1Rr­rLVWRwn WHDP Ln WKH finDOV. 0RyHr DOVR missed the 1986 sea­son when he spent a year help­ing coach the Boyertown Le­gion pro­gram.

HLV firVW 09P VHDVRn came in 1982. In 1989 he won the triple crown, hit­ting .459 with 12 home runs and 41 RBI. The fol­low­ing year, he again led the cir­cuit in hit­ting with a .476 av­er­age.

“There were al­ways such great ri­val­ries, but you al­ways re­spected guys as play­ers,” Moyer said. “We played hard, but in the end, we have a lot of good friends here and a lot of good times.”

Lepre has the rare dis­tinc­tion of play­ing in the cham­pi­onship se­ries for three dif­fer­HnW IrDnFKLVHV: 1Rr­rLVWRwn, Trooper and Col­legeville. He was there nine times in DOO. A SLWFKHr, firVW EDVHPDn DnG RuW­fiHOGHr, LHSrH wDV WKH league MVP in 1992 when he hit .427 with seven homHrV DnG 37 5B,. HH DOVR wRn seven games on the mound that sum­mer.

HH VSHnW KLV firVW VHYHn VHDVRnV wLWK 1Rr­rLVWRwn EH­fore mov­ing over to Trooper in 1987, where he be­gan as just a player and be­came the player-man­ager in 1989 when the team reached the cham­pi­onship se­ries.

Lepre did not play in 1990 – he was manag­ing J.P. Mas­caro in Amer­i­can Le­gion ball at the time. He then took on a new role in the Perky League as he be­gan um­pir­ing games. That con­tin­ued into 1991 when Mike Cre­ciun, Lepre’s for­mer man­ager DW 1Rr­rLVWRwn, FRnYLnFHG WKH left-han­der to re­turn to the league with Cre­ciun’s cur­rent team in Col­legeville.

He spent six sea­sons with Col­legeville, win­ning the ti­tle four times.

“7KH firVW WLPH wH wRn WKH FKDPSLRnVKLS wLWK 1Rr­rLV­town, in ’85, that was a big deal,” Lepre said in re­call­ing his fond­est mo­ments in the league. “We were a young team, we had got­ten there D IHw WLPHV, EuW wH finDOOy broke through that year.

“One of the other times wDV JHWWLnJ WR WKH finDOV wLWK Trooper in 1989. That was some­thing they had never done.”

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