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• $ IRuU-VHVVLRn Har­mon­ica Work­shop will be held Tuesdays, Sept. 4, 11, 18, 25, from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Men­non­ite Her­itage Cen­ter, 565 Yoder od., Har­leysville. Folk mu­si­cian Sharon Huns­berger will con­duct the work­shop. No prior knowl­edge of the har­mon­ica is needed. The work­shop fee is $35 ($30 mem­bers). This fee in­cludes a ba­sic diatonic har­mon­ica with brass reeds. To reg­is­ter, call 215-2563020, email [email protected] or visit

•$ Grain Paint­ing Work­shop will be held Satur­day, Sept. 15 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Men­non­ite Her­itage Cen­ter, 565 Yoder od., Har­leysville. Ar­ti­san Jim hing will con­duct the work­shop. Par­tic­i­pants will learn to grain paint a soft­wood 5 x 7 pic­ture frame and a small doc­u­ment box us­ing acrylic glazes. The work­shop fee is $55 ($50 mem­bers) plus a ma­teri- als fee of $40 for the frame and box. To reg­is­ter, call 215-256-3020, email [email protected] or visit www.

•$ Cro­chet Rag Rug Work­shop will be held Satur­day, Sept. 22 from 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m. at Men­non­ite Her­itage Cen­ter, 565 Yoder od., Har­leysville. Textile artist Cathy Het­z­necker will teach this fun and sat­is­fy­ing work­shop. The work­shop fee is $55 ($50 mem­bers) plus a $6 ma­te­ri­als fee for be­gin­ners cro­chet book. To reg­is­ter, call 215-256-3020, email [email protected] or visit

•$ Rug Hook­ing Work­shop will be held Satur­day, Sept. 29 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at Men­non­ite Her­itage Cen­ter, 565 Yoder od., Har­leysville. Textile artist Cindy Ir­win will teach par­tic­i­pants how to make a wool car­pet bag and hook onto a wool back­ground. The work­shop fee is $55 ($50 mem­bers) and par­tici- pants choose ei­ther a large bag kit for $85 or a small bag kit for $63. To reg­is­ter, call 215-256-3020, email [email protected] or visit ets at www.pup­pawlooza. Ad­mis­sion pric­ing: In ad­vance, $15, chil­dren four and un­der are free; at the door, $20; dogs are free.

• $n In­ter­na­tional Food Fes­ti­val will be held Fri­day, Sept. 21-Satur­day, Sept. 22 at St. Philip Ortho­dox Church, 1970 Clearview od., Soud­er­ton. For the menu, visit net. 10% of the pro­ceeds EHnH­fiW .HyVWRnH 2SSRUWu­nity Cen­ter.

• 7KH KRuUV IRU GLVWULEu- tion for Shep­herd’s Shelf Emer­gency Food Cup­board at Christ Lutheran Church, hulpsville, are Mon­day and ted­nes­day from 6:30-8:30 p.m. In­for­ma­tion: 215-256-8738. lo­cal authors tell about their work (from 12-2 p.m.) and en­joy some dorEL while you lis­ten; share your fa­vorite Dick­ens pas­sage (2:102:30 p.m.); watch a Dick­ens movie (10 a.m.-2:30 p.m.); Euy D UDIflH WLFNHW FKDnFH WR win a By­ers’ Choice Ebenezer Scrooze Car­oler (draw­ing at 2 p.m.). In­for­ma­tion: 215-723-9109, ext. 103.

•$ Used Book Sale will be held Tuesdays, Sept. 18, Oct. 2 and 30 and Thursdays, Aug. 30, Sept. 13, 27,

Oct. 11 and 25 from 9 a.m.9 p.m. at In­dian Val­ley Pub­lic Li­brary, 100 E. Church Ave., Telford. In­for­ma­tion: 215-723-9109.

• HarOeyVYLOOe BRRNV, 674 0aLn 6t., HarOeyVYLOOe – Tod­dler and Preschool Story Time LV heOG eYery 7hurVGay PRrnLng at 10:30 a.P. ZLth 0LVV 6teShanLe. ChLOGren ageV 0-5 are LnYLteG tR SartLcLSate Ln VRngV, VtRrLeV anG fin­ger SOayV. ,nfor­ma­tion: 215-256-9311 Rr YLVLt ZZZ.harOeyVYLOOeERRNV.cRP.

• 7he In­dian Val­ley Pub­lic Li­brary’s Mys­tery Book Dis­cus­sion PeetV the VecRnG :eGneVGay RI the month from 2:30-4 p.m. 5egLV­tratLRn: 215-7239109, ext. 1.

•A Teen Anime Club, IRr VeYenth- thrRugh 12thgraGerV tR reYLeZ neZ anLPe, taON aERut IaYRrLte char­ac­terV anG eat VnacNV, LV heOG 7:30-8:30 S.P. the OaVt 7hurVGay RI the PRnth at ,ndian Val­ley Pub­lic Li­brary, 100 E. Church Av­enue, Telford. In­for­ma­tion: 215-7239109, Rr YLVLt ZZZ.LYSO.Rrg. BuVLneVV,” Rn the firVt anG thLrG :eGneVGayV RI the month, 10 a.m.-12 p.m., by ap­point­ment only, in the ChaPEer 2Ifice, 100 3enn AYe., 7eOIRrG. 7R VcheGuOe an ap­point­ment, call 215723-9472.

• 7he Ed­ward Jones Cof­fee Club @ Main Street Java will meet the VecRnG anG IRurth FrLGay from 8:30-10 a.m. and at the EGZarG -RneV RI­fice, 650 E. BrRaG 6t., 6RuGertRn, :eGneVGayV IrRP 8:3010 a.m.

• Penn Foun­da­tion’s Em­ployee As­sis­tance Pro­gram nRZ RIIerV cuVtRPLza­EOe ZRrNVhRSV Rn ecRnRPy anG VtreVV IRr area EuVLneVVeV. Fee LV $300. ,nfor­ma­tion: 215-257-6556 or e-mail [email protected]­n­foun­datLRn.Rrg. EuV, 3LuV ,X CRuncLO, 258 :eVt 8th 6t., /anVGaOe. 7he cRVt LV $8 IRr aGuOtV, $7 IRr VenLRrV. Ac­tLYe Guty fire, po­lice, mil­i­tary and chilGren unGer fiYe eat Iree. ,nfor­ma­tion: 215-368-3044 or [email protected]

• Fam­ily Fu­sion, a hLghen­ergy church VerYLce IRr NLGV anG theLr Sar­entV, ZLOO be held Sun­day, Sept. 2 at 10:30 a.m. at Soud­er­ton BRrRugh CRPPunLty 3arN, oeliance od. There will be OLYe en­ter­taLnPent LncOuGLng VLngLng, GancLng, Iun VNLtV, VOLPe, PaVcRtV, VnacNV, anG EaOORRnV. 7here ZLOO nRt Ee a for­mal pic­nic at the event, Eut IeeO Iree tR ErLng a Ounch IRr aIter the VerYLce. ,nfor­ma­tion: 215-723-0963, ePaLO [email protected] Rr YLVLt ZZZ. cal­

• Gen­er­atLRnV RI ,nGLan 9aOOey taNeV Day Trips ZhLch heOSV raLVe neeGeG IunGLng IRr the nRn-SrR­fit community cen­ter and 0eaOV Rn :heeOV SrR­graPPLng. 8ScRPLng trLSV: 6eSt. 5, 0arYeORuV 0Rnar­chV; 6eSt. 11, 0yVtery 7rLS; 6eSt. 14, GrRunGV IRr 6cuOS­ture; 6eSt. 15, -Rhn HeLnz :LOGOLIe 5eIuge; 6eSt. 21, “7he :RrNV” at 7he :aterZRrNV; 6eSt. 28, 6PLthYLOOe HLVtRrLc 9LOOage anG Green. ,nIRrPa­tion: 215-723-5841, [email protected] gen­er­atLRnVR­fiY.Rrg Rr YLVLt ZZZ.gen­er­atLRnVR­fiY.Rrg.

• Bingo ZLOO Ee heOG FrLGayV, 6eSt. 7 anG 14 at 6:45 S.P. (GRRrV RSen at 5:30 S.P.) at .nLghtV RI CROuPEuV, 3LuV ,X CRuncLO, 258 :eVt 8th 6t., /anVGaOe. GaPe carGV Vtart at $9 Ser ERRN IRr SOay aOO nLght. ,nfor­ma­tion: 215-368-3044 or [email protected]

• A IaOO IeVtLYaO Peaches and Stuff will be held Satur­day, Sept. 8 from 11 a.P.-5 S.P. at BranchCreeN CRPPunLty Church, HarOeyVYLOOe. A Gay RI IaPLOy Iun ZLOO LncOuGe NLG’V gaPeV, a PRRn ERunce, craIterV, SRny rLGeV, hRt aLr EaOORRnLng anG PRre IRRG (eVSecLaOOy SeacheV) than yRu can SRVVLEOe cRnVuPe.

• A great Out­door Ad­ven­ture Event for Women will be held Satur­day, 6eSt. 8 at CaPS Hart B6A, 3en­nVEurg. 7he 6RutheaVt 6LOYer 6SurV chaSter RI the 1atLR­naO :LOG 7urNey FeGer­atLRn (1:7F) anG the 3A GaPe CRPPLVVLRn ZLOO hRVt thLV eYent tR encRurage ZRPen RI aOO ZaONV RI OLIe to try new out­door ac­tiv­itLeV Ln a VaIe enYLrRnPent that PaNeV theP IeeO at eaVe. 7he cRVt RI the eYent LV $55 ZhLch LncOuGeV IRur exSertOy LnVtructeG cOaVVeV, cRn­tL­nen­taO EreaNIaVt, Ounch, VnacNV, EeYer­ageV anG PRre. 3reregLV­tratLRn LV reTuLreG; GLrec­tLRnV ZLOO Ee SrRYLGeG ZLth regLV­tratLRn cRn­firPatLRn. ,nIRrPa­tion: 215-249-9367, [email protected]­ Rr ZZZ.nZtI.Rrg.

• 7he Pur­grain Fifth Pi­geon Fancier’s Show and Swap Meet will be held Sun­day, Sept. 16 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. at The Store Moyer In­door/Out­door, 538 oail­road Ave., Soud­er­ton. 2Yer 400 ELrGV, ZLth naPeV OLNe ,nGLan Fan­taLO, 3Ruter, ooller and Tip­pler, will Vtrut theLr VtuII. 7hLV an­nuaO eYent GraZV ELrGV IrRP aV Iar aV 7en­neVVee. ,nIRrPa­tion: 215-799-2004.

• 7he 16th An­nual In­dian Val­ley Cham­ber of Com­merce’s Res­tau­rant Fes­ti­val ZLOO Ee heOG 7ueV­day, Sept. 18 from 5:308:30 p.m. at In­dian Val­ley CRun­try COuE. 7LcNetV are $30 each Rr a OLPLteG nuPEer RI reVerYeG taEOeV RI 10 IRr $350. 7LcNetV are aYaLOaEOe Ln aGYance Ey caOOLng, 215-723-9472. In­for­ma­tion: www.In­di­an­Val­l­ey­Cham­

• 3eaceIuO /LYLng, a nRnSrR­fit Rr­ganLza­tLRn that VerYeV SeRSOe ZLth GLVaELOLtLeV, ZLOO hRVt a cRnIer­ence to ex­plore Flour­ish­ing: Reach­ing Divine Po­ten­tial in Whole Community Satur­day, Sept. 22 at 9 a.m. at Soud­er­ton Men­non­ite Church, 105 :. CheVt­nut 6t., 6RuGertRn. 5egLV­tratLRn Iee LV $75 Ser SerVRn; LI reTueVtLng CEC’V, cRVt Ser SerVRn LV $110. CRn­tL­nen­taO EreaNIaVt anG Ounch are LncOuGeG. 5egLV­tratLRn anG EreaNIaVt EegLnV at 8:15 a.P. CRnIer­ence Ge­taLOV anG regLV­tratLRn at ZZZ.SeaceIuOOLYLng.Rrg. ,nIRrPatLRn: 610-287-1200 Rr [email protected] SeaceIuOOLYLng.Rrg.

• 7he Seventh An­nual Hol­i­day Bazaar will be held Satur­day, Nov. 3 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Ar­bour 6Tuare RI HarOeyVYLOOe, 695 0aLn 6t. 9enGRrV ZLth hanGcraIteG LtePV are neeGed and lim­ited to 50. Space can Ee renteG IRr $35 ZhLch LncOuGeV an 8’ taEOe, Rne chair, and one paid lunch. In­for­ma­tion: 267-933-6402 Rr ePaLO [email protected]

• A EuV trLS tR the ChrLVtPaV ex­hLELtV at the Brandy­wine River Mu­seum and Long­wood Gar­dens will Ee heOG 6aturGay, Dec. 1. 7he trLS GeSartV at 1 S.P. anG re­turnV at 10 S.P. at 6chRRO 5RaG 3arN, 1619 6chRRO 5G., Hat­fieOG. 7he cRVt RI $69 Ser SerVRn LncOuGeV rRunGtrLS traYeO; aGPLVVLRn tR ERth at­trac­tLRnV; the cRVt RI an aOO-LncOuVLYe cafe din­ner, tax and tip at /RngZRRG GarGen anG EuV GrLYer tLS. 5eVerYatLRnV are nRZ EeLng ac­ceSteG Ln SerVRn at the 7RZnVhLS EuLOGLng, 1950 6chRRO 5G., Hat­fieOG Rr regLVter RnOLne at ZZZ.EnMRyHat­fieOG.Rrg. In­for­ma­tion: 215-855-0900.

• 7he 3reVen­tatLRn RI 2ur /RrG 8NraLnLan CathROLc Church, 1564 Al­len­town 5G., 7RZaPencLn, hROGV Bingo eYery :eGneVGay. DRRrV RSen at 5 S.P.; gaPeV Vtart at 7 S.P. AGPLVVLRn LV $6. ,nIRrPatLRn: 215-3629599 or 215-368-3993.

• 7he 7yOerVSRrt 9ROun­teer FLre CRPSany VSRnVRrV Bingo eYery 7ueVGay at 6:40 S.P. ZLth a $1,000 MacNSRt eYery ZeeN. ,nIRr­ma­tion: 215-453-9666. SreVentV Grand New You – Weight and Life­style Man­age­ment Pro­gram led by a GranG 9LeZ HRVSL­taO regLVtereG GLetLtLan, VRcLaO ZRrNer anG an ex­er­cLVe ShyVLRORgLVt. Each 10-ZeeN VeVVLRn LV unLTueOy GLIIer­ent anG aGGreVVeV VSecLfic tRSLcV tR heOS PaNe OLIeV­tyOe changeV ZRrN IRr yRu. YRu Pay MRLn at any time. drand New You LncOuGeV ZeeNOy cOaVVeV RIIereG at cRnYenLent tLPeV, PeaO SOanV GeVLgneG IRr you by a di­eti­tian, food MRur­naOLng, ex­er­cLVe tLSV, heaOthy OLIeV­tyOe anG VtreVVPan­agePent VNLOOV, heOSIuO hanGRutV anG recLSeV, anG RStLR­naO ZeLgh-LnV. FRr VSecLfic tLPeV, OR­catLRnV, anG IeeV, caOO 215-453-3262.

• T’ai Chi and Qi Gong cOaVV LV RIIereG 6aturGay PRrnLngV at the Church RI the HROy 6SLrLt, 6uPneytRZn 3LNe anG BarnGt 5RaG, HarOeyVYLOOe. ,nIRrPatLRn: 215-234-8020 Rr YLVLt ZZZ. VtLOOPRun­

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