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• GrDnG 9LHw HRVSL­tal Out­pa­tient Cen­ter, 915 Lawn Ave., Sellersville, is of­fer­ing Mas­sage Ther­apy wLWK FHrWL­fiHG PDVVDgH WKHrDSLVW 0DrLDnnH 9DrgR 0RnGDyV DnG :HGnHVGDyV. 0DrLDnnH GRHV 5HODxDWLRn, 6wHGLVK PDVVDgH, 7KHrDSHuWLF DHHS 7LVVuH 0DVsage, Stretch­ing, oange of 0RWLRn, 5HflHxRORgy, HRW 5RFNV, DnG 3rHgnDnFy 0DVsage. Fees vary from $40 to $70. oegis­tra­tion is re­quired by call­ing 215-262-2678.

• Re­vised Times for Blood Pres­sure Clin­ics, pro­vided by North Penn VNA, are as fol­lows: EnFRrH ExSHrLHnFHV DW HDrOHyVYLOOH, firVW :HGnHVGDy of ev­ery month, 9:30-11:30 a.m.; Har­leysville oite $LGH, firVW :HGnHVGDy RI ev­ery month, 12:30-2 p.m.; 7KH 3HDN &HnWHr, /DnVGDOH, VHFRnG 7uHVGDy RI HYHry month, 10-11:30 a.m.; and Neshaminy Falls, North :DOHV, WKLrG 7KurVGDy RI ev­ery month, 9:30-10:30 a.m. All other lo­ca­tions re­main un­changed from in­for­ma­tion you cur­rently have. In­for­ma­tion: 215-855-6191, 215-855-8296, HxW. 117 or visit screen­ings.htm.

• Blood Pres­sure Checks wLOO EH KHOG WKH firVW 0Rn­day of ev­ery month from 10-11:30 a.m. at den­er­a­tions of In­dian Val­ley, 259 N. Sec­ond St., Soud­er­ton. ,W wLOO EH firVW FRPH, firVW serve.

• Heal­ing Rooms of Hopewell holds a time of KHDOLng SrDyHr 7uHVGDyV from 6-7:30 p.m. and Satur­days from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. at Hopewell Chris­tian Fel­low­ship, 601 Hun­sicker od., Fran­co­nia. In­for­ma­tion: visit www.hopewellchris­tian­fel­low­

• GrDnG 9LHw HRVSLWDO RIfers Free Blood Pres­sure Screen­ings WKH WKLrG 7uHV­day of the month at Lan­dis 0DrNHW, 7HOIRrG, 11 D.P.-12 p.m. In­for­ma­tion: 215-4534265.

• Free Glu­cose Test­ing wLOO EH KHOG WKH firVW 7KurV­day of ev­ery month from 9:30-10:30 a.m. at den­er­a­tions of In­dian Val­ley, 259 N. Sec­ond St., Soud­er­ton. 7R VFKHGuOH Dn DSSRLnW­ment, call 215-723-5841.

• WIC is a health and nu­tri­tion pro­gram for preg­nant and breast­feed­ing women and for chil­dren. El­i­gi­ble fam­i­lies will re­ceive help in buy­ing in­fant for­mula, milk, eggs, fruit juice and other ba­sics. In­for­ma­tion: 215-536-6500.

• Coun­sel­ing for I.V. Drug Users is avail­able IrHH RI FKDrgH WR quDOLfiHG in­di­vid­u­als at Penn Foun­da­tion, 807 Lawn Ave., test oock­hill. In­for­ma­tion: 215257-9999, HxW. 274.

• Power Wheel­chairs are

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