Sec­ond term would yield a na­tion with zero hope

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To the Ed­i­tor:

Many years ago I had so­cial­is­tic lean­ings and def­i­nite feel­ings on how the pres­i­dent of this coun­try could im­ple­ment these ideals. Shortly there­after I had an epiphany and com­pletely went in an­other di­rec­tion and have trav­eled down that road ever since.

The scary thing to me is that Pres­i­dent Obama may have read my notes go­ing back to my so­cial­is­tic think­ing be­cause he has done al­most ev­ery­thing that I thought was nec­es­sary to trans­form this coun­try into that ide­ol­ogy. He has cer­tainly done ev­ery­thing in his power to make as many peo­ple de­pen­dent on the gov­ern­ment as he can. He has done a mas­ter­ful job of di­vide and con­quer with the Amer­i­can peo­ple and turned into the food stamp king. He has tried to con­vince peo­ple that you needed help to start that busi­ness of yours, which is ab­so­lutely un­true, as he de­serves all the credit for build­ing up our na­tional debt to his­toric pro­por­tions.

He has used his first term to lay the ground­work for trans­form­ing this coun­try into a so­cial­is­tic if not com­mu­nis­tic em­pire if elected for a sec­ond term. You can for­get about free­doms and lib­er­ties that we all have taken for granted by the end of his sec­ond term as we de­scend into a third world na­tion re­plete with zero hope and very lit­tle chance for change. Don Landry


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