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• Fam­ily Fu­sion, a high­en­ergy FhurFh VerviFe Ior NidV and their par­ents, will be held Sun­day, SeSW. 2 aW 10:30 a.m. aW Soud­erWon %or­ough Com­mu­niWy ParN, RelianFe Rd. There will be live en­ter­tain­ment in­clud­ing singing, danc­ing, fun skits, slime, mas­cots, snacks, and Eal­loonV. There will noW be a for­mal pic­nic at the event, but feel free to bring a lunch for af­ter the ser­vice. In­for­maWion: 215-723-0963, email [email protected]­vary-FhurFh. Fom or viViW www.Fal­

• Gen­er­aWionV oI ,ndian Val­ley WaNeV Day Trips which helps raise needed fund­ing for Whe non-SrofiW Fom­mu­niWy FenWer and 0ealV on WheelV Sro­gram­ming. USFom­ing WriSV: SeSW. 5, 0arvelouV 0onarFhV; SeSW. 11, 0yVWery TriS; SeSW. 14, GroundV Ior SFulSWure; SeSW. 15, -ohn Heinz WildliIe ReIuge; SeSW. 21, “The WorNV” aW The WaWer­worNV; SeSW. 28, SmiWhville HiVWoriF Vil­lage and Green. ,nIor­maWion: 215-7235841, [email protected]­er­aWionVofiv. org or visit www.gen­er­a­

• Bingo will be held Fri­dayV, SeSW. 7 and 14 aW 6:45 S.m. (doorV oSen aW 5:30 S.m.) aW .nighWV oI ColumEuV, PiuV ,X CounFil, 258 WeVW 8Wh SW., LanV­dale. Game FardV VWarW aW $9 Ser EooN Ior Slay all nighW. ,nIor­maWion: 215-368-3044 or [email protected]

• A greaW Out­door Ad­ven­ture Event for Women will Ee held SaWur­day, SeSW. 8 aW CamS HarW %SA, Pen­nVEurg. The SouWheaVW Sil­ver SSurV chap­ter of the Na­tional Wild Tur­Ney Fed­er­aWion (1WTF) and Whe PA Game Com­miVVion will host this event to en­cour­age women of all walks of life

• A Iall IeVWi­val Peaches and Stuff will Ee held SaWur­day, SeSW. 8 Irom 11 a.m.-5 S.m. aW %ranFhCreeN Com­mu­niWy ChurFh, Har­leyVville. A day oI Iam­ily Iun will in­Flude Nid’V games, a moon bounce, crafterV, Sony rideV, hoW air Eal­loon­ing and more Iood (eVSeFially SeaFheV) Whan you Fan SoVViEle con­sume. Wo Wry new ouW­door aFWiviWieV in a safe en­vi­ron­ment that makes Whem Ieel aW eaVe. The FoVW oI Whe evenW iV $55 whiFh in­FludeV Iour exSerWly in­VWruFWed FlaVVeV, con­ti­nen­tal break­fast, lunch, snacks, bev­er­ages and more. Pr­eregiVWraWion iV re­quired; direc­tions will be pro­vided wiWh regiVWraWion Fon­fir­maWion. ,nIor­maWion: 215-249-9367, [email protected] or

•A Key­stone Op­por­tu­nity Cen­ter Walk­ing Tour will Ee held Fri­day, SeSW. 14 or 28. The Wour in­FludeV a VhorW walN along 0ain SW. Wo Vee Vev­eral IaFil­iWieV uVed Ey .eyVWone Sro­gramV and will end aW 0ain SWreeW -ava wiWh FoIIee and light break­fast items pro­vided Ey -ava. To Vign uS, Fall 215723-5430 or viViW www.NeyVWo­neoSSorWu­

• An Amer­i­can Red Cross Blood Drive will be held Fri­day, SeSW. 14 Irom 2-7 S.m. aW EnFore ExSe­rienFeV aW Har­leyVville, 312 Alumni Ave. To regiVWer, Fall 215-256-6900.

• The Pur­grain Fifth Pi­geon Fancier’s Show and Swap Meet will be held Sun­day, SeSW. 16 Irom 10 a.m.-1 S.m. aW The SWore 0oyer ,ndoor/OuW­door, 538 Rail­road Ave., Soud­erWon. Over 400 birds, with names like In­dian FanWail, PouWer, Roller and TiSSler, will VWruW Wheir VWuII. ThiV an­nual event draws birds from aV Iar aV Ten­neVVee. ,nIor­maWion: 215-799-2004.

• The 16th An­nual In­dian Val­ley Cham­ber of Com­merce’s Res­tau­rant Fes­ti­val will Ee held TueV­day, SeSW. 18 Irom 5:30-8:30 S.m. aW ,ndian Val­ley CounWry CluE. TiFNeWV are $30 eaFh or a lim­iWed num­ber of re­served tables of 10 for $350. TiFNeWV are availaEle in ad­vanFe Ey Fall­ing, 215-7239472. ,nIor­maWion: www.,ndi­anVal­leyChamEer.Fom.

• PeaFeIul Liv­ing, a nonSrofiW or­ga­ni­za­Wion WhaW VerveV peo­ple with dis­abil­i­ties, will host a con­fer­ence to ex­plore Flour­ish­ing: Reach­ing Divine Po­ten­tial in Whole Community SaWur­day, SeSW. 22 Irom 9 a.m.-4:30 S.m. aW Soud­erWon 0en­non­iWe ChurFh, 105 W. CheVWnuW SW., Souder- Won. RegiVWraWion Iee iV $75 Ser SerVon; iI re­queVWing CEC’V, FoVW Ser SerVon iV $110. Con­ti­nen­tal break­fast and lunch are in­Fluded. RegiVWraWion and EreaNIaVW EeginV aW 8:15 a.m. ConIerenFe deWailV and regiV­tra­tion at www.peace­ful­liv­ing. org. ,nIor­maWion: 610-2871200 or [email protected]­liv­

• The 1orWh Penn V1A will be of­fer­ing Flu/Pneu­mo­nia Im­mu­niza­tions Wed­neV­day, OFW. 3 Irom 9-11:30 a.m. aW EnFore ExSe­rienFeV aW Har­leyVville, 312 Alumni Ave. A $25 Fo-Say may aSSly. To regiVWer Ey SeSW. 26, Fall 215256-6900.

• The Seventh An­nual Hol­i­day Bazaar will be held SaWur­day, 1ov. 3 Irom 10 a.m.-2 S.m. aW ArEour Square oI Har­leyVville, 695 0ain St. Ven­dors with hand­crafted items are needed and lim­ited Wo 50. SSaFe Fan Ee renWed Ior $35 whiFh in­FludeV an 8’ WaEle, one chair, and one paid lunch. ,nIor­maWion: 267-933-6402 or email [email protected]

• A EuV WriS Wo Whe ChriVW­maV ex­hibits at the Brandy­wine River Mu­seum and Long­wood Gar­dens will be held SaWur­day, DeF. 1. The WriS de­parts at 1 p.m. and re­turns at 10 S.m. aW SFhool Road ParN, 1619 SFhool Rd., HaW­field. The FoVW oI $69 Ser SerVon in­FludeV roundWriS Wravel; ad­miVVion Wo EoWh aWWraFWionV; Whe FoVW oI an all-in­clu­sive cafe din­ner, tax and WiS aW Long­wood Gar­den and EuV driver WiS. ReVer­va­tions are now be­ing ac­cepted in SerVon aW Whe TownVhiS Euild­ing, 1950 SFhool Rd., HaW­field or regiVWer on­line aW www.En­joyHaW­ ,nIor­maWion: 215-855-0900.

• The PreVenWaWion oI Our Lord UNrainian CaWholiF ChurFh, 1564 Al­lenWown Rd., Towa­menFin, holdV Bingo ev­ery Wed­neV­day. DoorV oSen aW 5 S.m.; gameV VWarW aW 7 S.m. Ad­miVVion iV $6. ,nIor­maWion: 215-362-9599 or 215-3683993.

• The TylerVSorW Vol­unWeer Fire ComSany VSonVorV Bingo ev­ery TueV­day aW 6:40 S.m. wiWh a $1,000 jaFNSoW ev­ery weeN. ,nIor­maWion: 215-4539666. School has been pro­vid­ing a pro­gram of kinder­garten readi­ness for chil­dren three and four yearV old Ior more Whan 40 yearV. SSoWV are VWill availaEle Ior Whe Whree year old aIWer­noon FlaVV on TueV­day and ThurV­day and Iour year old aIWer­noon FlaVV on 0on­day, Wed­neV­day, and Fri­day. ThiV Sro­gram iV an exFel­lenW way Wo have your Fhild ready Ior Nin­der­garWen. ,nWereVWed SarenWV Fall, 215723-3592.

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