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• CeleEraWe Lo­cal Authors and the 200th An­niver­sary Year of Charles Dick­ens’ Birth SaWur­day, SeSW. 8 aW ,ndian Val­ley PuEliF LiErary, 100 E. ChurFh Ave., TelIord, with ac­tiv­i­ties throughout the day: hear loFal auWhorV Well aEouW Wheir worN (Irom 12-2 S.m.) and en­joy Vome GRUEL while you liVWen; Vhare your Ia­voriWe DiFNenV SaVVage (2:102:30 S.m.); waWFh a DiFNenV movie (10 a.m.-2:30 S.m.); Euy a raIfle WiFNeW FhanFe Wo win a %yerV’ ChoiFe EEenezer SFrooge Car­oler (draw­ing aW 2 S.m.). ,nIor­maWion: 215-7239109, exW. 103.

• The In­dian Val­ley Pub­lic Li­brary’s Mys­tery Book Dis­cus­sion meets the sec­ond Wed­neV­day oI Whe monWh Irom 2:30-4 S.m. RegiVWraWion: 215723-9109, exW. 1.

•A Used Book Sale will be held TueV­dayV, SeSW. 18, OFW. 2 and 30 and ThurV­dayV, SeSW. 13, 27, OFW. 11 and 25 Irom 9 a.m.-9 S.m. aW ,ndian Val­ley PuEliF LiErary, 100 E. ChurFh Ave., TelIord. ,nIor­maWion: 215-723-9109.

• Har­leyVville %ooNV, 674 0ain SW., Har­leyVville – Tod­dler and Preschool Story Time iV held ev­ery ThurV­day morn­ing aW 10:30 a.m. wiWh 0iVV SWeShanie. Chil­dren ageV 0-5 are in­viWed Wo SarWiFiSaWe in VongV, VWorieV and fin­ger SlayV. ,nIor­maWion: 215-256-9311 or viViW www.harleyVvilleEooNV. com.

•A Teen Anime Club, for VevenWh- Whrough 12Wh-graderV to re­view new anime, talk

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