Den­tal of­fices to ex­pand at Har­leysville lo­ca­tion

Souderton Independent - - FRONT PAGE - By Bob Keeler

Smile Realty’s got an­other rea­son tR flash thRse Searly whites.

FRl­lRwinJ a SeSt. 5 FRn­di­tiR­nal use hear­inJ, the LRwer SalfRrd TRwn­shiS BRard Rf SuServisRrs Jave the real es­tate divisiRn Rf Weaver, ReFkner & Rein­hart AssRFi­ates the JR-ahead fRr Slans tR demRlish its Fur­rent den­tal Rf­fiFe at 181 Main St. in Har­leysville and an aFFRmSany­inJ JaraJe and build a new den­tal Rf­fiFe Rn the site.

The den­tal Rf­fiFes are nRw Rn the first flRRr Rf what was RnFe a hRuse, Dr. -Rhn ReFkner tes­ti­fied. There is an aSart­ment that is rented Rut Rn the seFRnd flRRr, he said. Weaver, ReFkner & Rein­hart bRuJht the SrRSerty alRnJ with the SraFtiFe Rf Dr. -aFk Brent when Brent re­tired.

The Slanned new 4,000-square-fRRt buildinJ Rn the site will be a bet­ter fit fRr the Fur­rent needs and al­lRw fRr JrRwth, ReFkner said.

“We’d like tR have a faFil­ity that has rRRm fRr 10 den­tal Fhairs,” ReFkner said. “Gen­er­ally, there’s JRinJ tR be twR den­tists wRrk­inJ at Rne time.”

There are Fur­rently five Fhairs and Rne den­tist, he said.

“We’re basiFally try­inJ tR duSliFate Rur SRud­ertRn Rf­fiFe, whiFh we find is mRre ef­fiFient fRr Sa­tients and Rur emSlRy­ees,” ReFkner said Rut­side the meet­ing room fol­low­ing the hear­ing.

A tR­tal Rf abRut 16 emSlRy­ees are exSeFted tR wRrk in the buildinJ, he said dur­inJ the hear­inJ.

The den­tal Rf­fiFes will be Rn the first flRRr, with emSlRyee lRFker and FRn­fer­enFe area sSaFe Rn the seFRnd flRRr, he said. There FRuld alsR be Rf­fiFe sSaFe Rn the seFRnd flRRr, but the Rf­fiFe wRuld nRt be used full-time, he said.

AlthRuJh the SrRSerty dRes nRt nRw have aFFess tR Ruth RRad, Weaver, ReFkner & Rein­hart is will­inJ tR make a drive­way tR Ruth RRad and limit the Sum­neytRwn RRad en­tranFe and exit tR Rnly riJht turns in Rr Rut if ease­ments beFRme avail­able tR make a drive­way tR Ruth RRad, ReFkner said.

The Fur­rent Slan is tR keeS the drive­way where the ex­istinJ Rne is, but make sRme uSJrades tR it, RiFhard Mast, Sres­i­dent Rf Led­er­aFh­based enJi­neer­inJ firm RCMA, said.

The Slan in­Fludes 48 Sark­inJ sSaFes, eiJht mRre than are re­quired, he said.

“All Rf the Sark­inJ is SrRSRsed at the rear Rf the buildinJ,” Mast said.

There is nRw Sark­inJ at the side and frRnt, he said.

CRn­di­tiRns SlaFed Rn the aSSrR­val in­Flude meet­inJ tRwn­shiS de­siJn stan­dards fRr the buildinJ’s aSSear­ance.

Fol­low­ing the hear­ing, Reckner said he’s nRt yet sure when the wRrk will be dRne. Land de­velRS­ment Slans fRr the new buildinJ must alsR first be aSSrRved.

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