GVH starts cel­e­bra­tion of 100th an­niver­sary

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A pho­to­graph taken in 1917 shows nurses mow­ing the yard at Grand View Hospi­tal.

“We do not ask them to do that to­day,” Mary Karpe, pub­lic re­la­tions spe­cial­ist, said. “We think they have enough to do.”

Along­side that photo, the ac­tual mower was one of the items on dis­play as the first hospi­tal in Bucks County be­gan cel­e­brat­ing its 100th an­niver­sary.

“Our ac­tual an­niver­sary date is Dec. 6, 2013,” Karpe said while about 400 peo­ple joined in Sept. 18 for what would usu­ally be the hospi­tal’s an­nual meet­ing, but this year had a spe­cial fo­cus on the cen­ten­nial. “This is the kick-off of that cel­e­bra­tion,” Karpe said.

Along with the in­tro­duc­tion of the sev­en­minute “Well Into the Fu­ture” video made for the hospi­tal’s cen­ten­nial and the www. gvh100.org cen­ten­nial web­site, there were

dis­plays of the hospi­tal’s past and a view of the present and fu­ture through tours of the Car­diac Catheter­i­za­tion Lab­o­ra­tory, the In­ten­sive/Coro­nary Care rnit (ICCr), the Joint Re­place­ment Cen­ter and the ma­ter­nity ward.

WKHn WKH KRVSLWDO fiUVW RSHnHG Ln D con­verted house, it had eight pa­tient rooms, a room for oper­at­ing, an of­fiFH, NLWFKHn DnG EDWKURRP, EXW nR u-ray ma­chine, proper sur­gi­cal ta­ble or tele­phone, and an­tibi­otics were still XnNnRwn, DFFRUGLnJ WR LnIRUPDWLRn in a wel­come let­ter to this year’s an­nual re­port.

“2XU fiUVW SDWLHnWV wHUH DWWHnGHG WR in what was de­scribed at the time in the me­dia as a splen­didly equipped IDFLOLWy, EXW , WKLnN wH wRXOG HDFK view that as be­ing a pretty bar­ren and an­ti­quated hospi­tal,” CEO Stu­art Fine VDLG DW WKH FHnWHn­nLDO NLFNRII. “7Rday’s Grand View is a very dif­fer­ent place. It’s a mod­ern fa­cil­ity of more than 200 beds oc­cu­py­ing over a half mil­lion square feet of space on six dif­fer­ent cam­puses.”

,n GUDnG 9LHw’V fiUVW yHDU, WKHUH were 101 ad­mis­sions. In 2011, 36,000 pa­tients were treated in just the emer­gency depart­ment. More than 312,000 out­pa­tient cen­ter vis­its are sched­uled each year. More than 1,600 ba­bies are born at Grand View each year.

“Nearly half a mil­lion dol­lars a day is ded­i­cated to the op­er­a­tion of Grand View Hospi­tal, 365 days a year, and that money is, for the most part, spent locally, through the salaries and through the sup­pli­ers who rein­vest it so that we have a mul­ti­plier ef­fect in our community of many mil­lions of GROODUV D GDy, HFRnRPLFDOOy VSHDNing,” Fine said.

7KH KRVSLWDO DOVR SURYLGHV PLOOLRnV of dol­lars of char­i­ta­ble ser­vice each year, he said.

A pic­to­rial time­line cre­ated for the cen­ten­nial shows mile­stones in the hospi­tal’s his­tory, along with other things go­ing on in the world at the same time.

“Re­ally, the story is that the growth of the hospi­tal was in step with the community and what the needs were,” Karpe said.

His­tor­i­cal items on dis­play for the cen­ten­nial cel­e­bra­tion were on loan from Sellersville Mu­seum.

“7KHy KDYH D KXJH FROOHFWLRn Rn Grand View’s his­tory. It’s amaz­ing,” Karpe said.

Su­san Fer­rari, physi­cian li­ai­son, pointed out a photo from the 1950s RI D VPRNLnJ MDFNHW wHDULnJ PDn Ln D hospi­tal room with an ash­tray as one ex­am­ple of the changes that have oc­curred.

A uni­form from the past also caught Fer­rari’s at­ten­tion.

“, wDV D FDnGy VWULSHU wDy EDFN when,” Fer­rari said. “It was fun.”

Her candy striper days weren’t at Grand View, though, she said.

Stephanie Weaver, a health pro­mo­tion and well­ness spe­cial­ist, demon­strated the www.gvh100.org web­site, which in­cludes the “Well Into the Fu­ture” video, time­line, sto­ries about peo­ple and events in Grand View’s his­tory and news on up­com­ing cen­ten­nial events.

“We also have a spot avail­able where peo­ple can share their mem­o­ries of Grand View,” Weaver said.


“7KH PHVVDJH LW’V WUyLnJ WR FRnYHy LV GUDnG 9LHw, WKH KRVSLWDO, wLOO NHHS peo­ple well into the fu­ture and Grand View, the in­sti­tu­tion, will continue well into the fu­ture,” she said.

Car­di­ol­o­gist Dr. J. Doyle Wal­ton, one of the tour guides for the Car­diac Catheter­i­za­tion Lab­o­ra­tory named in honor of the late Dr. David Flow­ers, pointed out the move to a new part of the hospi­tal and the ad­di­tion of a sec­ond lab in re­cent years.

“When the lab was started, we had one cath lab that was in the basePHnW,” WDOWRn VDLG. “7KLV VSDFH wDV built to ac­com­mo­date this equip­ment.”

7KH 5HY. DRURWKy 6KHOOy JUHw XS in the house that is now the Re­cov­ery 5RRP 7KULIW 6KRS RSHUDWHG Ey GUDnG View Hospi­tal Aux­il­iary on the prop­erty across the street from the main hospi­tal and where the Sellersville Out­pa­tient Cen­ter now is lo­cated.

Shelly was a nurse at Grand View for al­most three decades be­fore be­com­ing staff chap­lain at Phoebe Rich­land Health­care Cen­ter in Rich­land­town, a pas­tor and pub­lished poet.

“I har­bor fond mem­o­ries of Grand View from my child­hood and from Py nXUVLnJ DnG wKHn , FRPH EDFN WR visit,” Shelly said.

“Grand View still is a fam­ily,” said 0DUy $IflHUEDFK, wKR KDV wRUNHG DW the hospi­tal for 49 years, the past 47 as night su­per­vi­sor. “Some­times the econ­omy changes some of those isVXHV, EXW Ln JHnHUDO, HYHUyERGy wRUNV to­gether.”


“7KH DnVwHU WR WKDW LV LW’V nRW WKH same job. It’s changed ex­po­nen­tialOy,” $IflHUEDFK VDLG. “,W’V FRnVWDnWOy D dif­fer­ent job.”

0HGLFDO WHFKnRORJy DnG NnRwOedge has changed a lot in the years she’s been on the job, she said.

An­other long­time em­ployee, Mary BHFN, wKR VWDUWHG Ln WKH NLWFKHn DnG nRw wRUNV Ln WKH DFFRXnWLnJ GHSDUWPHnW, MRNHG VKH KDV wRUNHG DW GUDnG View “for­ever.”

“I ac­tu­ally started in 1955 when I wDV Ln VFKRRO,” BHFN VDLG. “,n ‘57, I grad­u­ated from high school and I wHnW WR WKH EXVLnHVV RI­fiFH. ,’YH EHHn here ever since mi­nus three years.”

In both 2011 and 2012, Hos­pi­tals & HHDOWK 1HWwRUNV PDJDzLnH KDV OLVWHG Grand View on the na­tion­wide “Most Wired Hospi­tal” list.

7KH VwLWFK WR HOHFWURnLF UHFRUGV PDNHV LW PXFK HDVLHU IRU PHGLFDO per­son­nel to ac­cess and share in­for­ma­tion, Jane Love­less, Grand View’s FKLHI LnIRUPDWLRn RI­fiFHU, VDLG.

“,W JLYHV WKHP D UHDOOy HI­fiFLHnW DnG safe way to pro­vide care,” she said.

Soud­er­ton In­de­pen­dent photo — DEBBY HIGH

As part of the kick­off event, Grand View Hospi­tal dis­plays pho­tos of how the hospi­tal has trans­formed over the past cen­tury.

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