Soud­er­ton runs past CB West

Souderton Independent - - SPORTS - By Mike Cabrey

AnWKRny WiOOiDPV DnG WKH rest of the Soud­er­ton foot­bDOO WHDP ZDV nRW VDWiV­fiHG ZiWK MuVW D fivH-SRinW OHDG over Cen­tral Bucks West af­ter two quar­ters.

“We were go­ing into half­time, we knew that we were up, but it wasn’t good enough,” he said. “Coach (EG GDOODJKHr) JDvH uV WKDW speech and he was just like we have to come out here fast. We get the ball, let’s do some­thing with it.”

Wil­liams took that train of thought and lit­er­ally ran with it. Three plays into the third quar­ter, the In­di­ans’ se­nior half­back found a seam af­ter cut­ting back to the left and raced to the end zone from 60 yDrGV RuW.

“When I got the ball, I just saw a cut­back lane,” Wil­liams said. “My line was do­ing a great job of block­inJ. AnG , IRunG JrHHn DnG I went for the touch­down.”

The score was one of the four Soud­er­ton had on the ground Fri­day night as it opened Subur­ban One LHDJuH CRnWinHnWDO CRnIHrHnFH SODy ZiWK 28-17 viFWRry over the vis­it­ing Bucks.

WiOOiDPV finiVKHG ZiWK 110 yards and two touch­downs Rn 14 FDr­riHV DV WKH ,nGiDnV (3-1, 1-0 FRnIHrHnFH) FROOHFWHG 218 WRWDO ruVKinJ yards in de­feat­ing Cen­tral Bucks West for the fourth con­sec­u­tive sea­son.

“WH rHVSHFW (CB WHVW FRDFK) BriDn HHnVHO DnG they have a great pro­gram go­ing over there,” Gal­lagher said. “It’s al­ways a tough opener for us, but we found a ZDy. AnG WKH NiGV rDOOiHG DnG did what they had to do.”

TKH BuFNV (2-2, 0-1) scored both of their touchGRZnV Rn biJ SODyV - Dn 80yard run by Kevin Duggan in the sec­ond quar­ter and D 51-yDrG SDVV IrRP CRGy Riemen­schnei­der to Kurt LRJDn in WKH IRurWK – buW KDG trou­ble con­sis­tently mov­ing the ball on the Soud­er­ton de­fense. Out­side of those two scor­ing plays, West comSiOHG 137 yDrGV.

“We didn’t quite get our­selves into sync. We didn’t quite get to where we needed to get to to get our­selves into sync,” Hensel said. “There’s some things that we’re go­ing to ad­dress that we’re go­ing have to have an­swers for.

“I’ve got to give Soud­er­ton credit for a great game plan.”

Jar­rett Rein­hard and Dan Knight both ran for a touch­down, while Kyle Wenger had two in­ter­cep­tions and FDuJKW IRur SDVVHV IRr 76 yards for Soud­er­ton, which ZRn iWV VHFRnG VWrDiJKW. LDVW week, the In­di­ans snapped a three-game los­ing streak WR NHVKDPiny ZiWK Dn 18-7 win.

“Neshaminy was a great win, but it would be very sour if we came out here and lost to CB West,” said WilOiDPV, ZKR ZHnW RvHr 100 yards rush­ing for the third WiPH WKiV yHDr. “AnG ZH FDr­ried our pride from the Neshaminy game and to a good ZHHN RI SrDFWiFH – ZH KDG D re­ally good week of prac­tice – DnG FRPinJ RuW KHrH DnG get­ting the W tonight.”

RiHPHnVFKnHiGHr ZDV 12RI-25 SDVVinJ IRr 176 yDrGV, a touch­down and two in­WHrFHSWiRnV. LRJDn FDuJKW WZR SDVVHV IRr 60 yDrGV DnG score, while Duggan paced

West in rush­ing with 85 yards and a touch­down on fivH car­rLHs.

“You goW Wo gLvH WKHP crHdLW, WKHy Kad a grHaW gaPH plan for stop­ping our at­tack,” said eensel of SoudHrWon. “And wH Wook our sKoWs Ln sSoWs, soPH oI WKHP were suc­cess­ful, oth­ers just our WLPLng was oII.”

CB West – which has now lost two straight – was held to its low­est point to­tal of the sHa­son aIWHr coPLng LnWo WKH :HHk Four conWHsW avHragLng 31.3 SoLnWs SHr gaPH.

“I thought (as­sis­tant coacK) Barry BHn­fiHld Kad a grHaW gaPH Slan dHIHn­sLvHly,” Gal­lagKHr saLd. “7KHy gashed us on the one long play and they got the early onH WKaW SuW WKHP Ln fiHld goal rangH. BuW Ior WKH PosW part, our de­fense re­ally stood sWrong.”

BoWK WHaPs arH acWLon FrL­day Ln :HHk FLvH. CHn­tral Bucks West hosts Pen­nrLdgH, wKLcK bHaW AcadHPy 3ark 37-15. 6oudHrWon vLsLWs Cen­tral Bucks South, which stayed un­de­feated with a 49-21 wLn ovHr HaWboroHorsKaP.

2n WKH firsW oIIHn­sLvH Slay oI WKH gaPH, Duggan WurnHd a sKorW Sass IroP 5LHPHn­schnei­der into a 40-yard gain down to the Soud­er­ton 27. 7KH Bucks HndHd WKH sHries 11 plays later with Mark 0Ll­lHr’s 31-yard fiHld goal Wo go uS 3-0 aW 7:43 Ln WKH firsW quarWHr.

7KaW SrovHd Wo bH WKH only West lead, as Soud­er­ton an­swered with a 13-play, 53-yard drLvH WKaW 5HLnKard capped off with a two-yard touch­down run with 1:5T lHIW Ln WKH firsW.

In the sec­ond, Wenger lookHd Wo KavH WakHn KLs LnWHr­cHSWLon oI 5LHPHn­scKnHLder in for a touch­down, but the score was called back do Wo a cKoS block. 6oudHrWon would HvHnWually SosW SoLnWs oI WKH WurnovHr, as crossHd the goal line on a two-yard run at 3:16 for a 14-3 Big 5Hd ad­vanWagH.

CB West needed just one Slay Wo PakH LW 14-9 as Duggan took a draw right up the PLd­dlH Ior an 80-yard WoucK­down aW 3:03. A PLssHd HxWra SoLnW kHSW WKH KalIWLPH PargLn aW fivH.

6oudHrWon, KowHvHr, quLckly buPSHd LWs lHad Wo 21-9 at 10:30 in the third quar­ter on the 60-yard touch­down dasK by :Ll­lLaPs.

“We said to the kids at KalIWLPH, ‘You know wKaW, you shouldn’t be happy with the way that you’re play­ing rLgKW now. BuW WKH good nHws Ls wH’rH gHWWLng WKH ball. ,W’s crit­i­cal that we go get points on WKLs firsW drLvH,’” Gal­lagKHr saLd. “:H wHnW and scorHd and IHlW SrHWWy coPIorWablH WKH rHsW oI WKH way.”

Knight put the In­di­ans up 28-9 wLWK 53.1 sH­conds rHPaLnLng Ln WKH quarWHr as KLs fivH-yard WoucK­down run fin- LsKHd a sHvHn-Slay, 80-yard drLvH WKaW Ln­cludLng a 50yard Sass IroP quarWHr­back A.-. CuroWWo Wo :HngHr.

Cen­tral Bucks West pulled to within 28-1T late in the IourWK. 5LHPHn­scKnHLdHr KLW a streak­ing Lo­gan down the PLd­dlH Ior a 51-yard scorH at 1:36, then found Sher­rod HLg­gLn­boWKaP Ior WKH WwoSoLnW con­vHrsLon. 7KH Bucks tried an on­side kick, but it was rH­cov­HrHd by WKH ,ndLans, wKo ran ouW WKH clock.

For Mont­gomery Media / MARK C. PSORAS

Soud­er­ton’s Jon Horton races past Cen­tral Bucks West de­fend­ers dur­ing Fri­day’s Sub­ur­ban One Con­ti­nen­tal Con­fer­ence ac­tion.

For Mont­gomery Media / MARK C. PSORAS

Soud­er­ton’s An­thony Williams car­ries the ball dur­ing Fri­day’s Sub­ur­ban One Con­ti­nen­tal Con­fer­ence game against Cen­tral Bucks West.

For Mont­gomery Media / MARK C. PSORAS

Soud­er­ton re­ceiver Kyle Wenger is brought down dur­ing Fri­day’s game against Cen­tral Bucks West.

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