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• Each PRnWh PRO-ACT (3en­nVyl­vanLa 5ecRvery 2rganLza­WLRn-$chLevLng CRPPunLWy 7RgeWher), hRVWV a IaPLly eGu­caWLRn SrR­graP begLn­nLng Whe firVW weeN RI each PRnWh anG PeeW Rnce a weeN IRr Whree cRnVe­cuWLve weeNV Rn 7hurVGayV, 7-9 S.P. aW 1RrWh 3enn CRPPunLWy HealWh FRunGaWLRn, 2506 BrRaG 6W., CRlPar. 6eVVLRnV are Iree anG cRn­fiGenWLal – firVW naPeV Rnly. 7R regLVWer, call 352-$C7 aW 1-800-2216333 Rr vLVLW www.SrRacW.Rrg anG clLcN Whe FaPLly EGu­caWLRn 3rR­graP lLnN.

• GranG 9Lew HRVSLWal an­nRunceV Neona­tal Care for its Tini­est Pa­tients in SarWn­erVhLS wLWh 7he ChLlGren’V HRVSLWal RI 3hLlaGelShLa (CH23) whLch qualL­fieV Grand View as a Level ff 1eR­naWal ,nWenVLve Care 8nLW (1,C8). ExSecWanW SarenWV RI hLgh-rLVN babLeV are Ln­vLWeG WR learn PRre abRuW Whe CH23 1ew­bRrn anG 3eGLaWrLc Care SrR­graP aW GranG 9Lew HRVSLWal Rr WR VcheGule a WRur by cal­lLng, 215-453-4902. FRr more in­for­ma­tion: 215-4534300 Rr vLVLW www.gvh.Rrg.

• Al­co­holics Anony­mous meets ev­ery Sun­day, at 7 S.P. Ln Whe G9H CRPPunLWy EGu­caWLRn CenWer, lR­caWeG be­hLnG Whe PaLn hRVSLWal. 3eer VuSSRrW IRr al­cRhRl SrRblePV.

• Road to Free­dom, a BLblL­cally baVeG 12-VWeS recRvery SrR­graP GealLng wLWh lLIe-cRnWrRl­lLng LVVueV, PeeWV each 0RnGay nLghW IrRP 6:30-9 S.P. aW Branch CreeN CRPPunLWy Church, 6uPneyWRwn 3LNe, Har­leyVvLlle. ChLlG­care uS WR 12 yearV RlG is avail­able. fn­for­ma­tion: 215-256-0100.

• DivorceCare, a sup­port grRuS GealLng wLWh GLvRrce anG VeSaraWLRn, PeeWV each 0RnGay nLghW IrRP 6:30-9 S.P. aW Branch CreeN CRPPunLWy Church, 6uPneyWRwn 3LNe, Har­leyVvLlle. ChLlG­care uS WR 12 yearV RlG is avail­able. fn­for­ma­tion: 215-256-0100.

• ‘No Steps’ peer sup­port grRuS PeeWV 0RnGayV aW 7 S.P. aW Whe 7elIRrG cRPPunLWy buLlGLng, 125 6. HaPLlWRn 6WreeW. 7he grRuS LV IRr WhRVe VWrug­glLng wLWh al­cRhRl anG Grug aGGLcWLRn. ,nIRrPaWLRn: 215-264-1747.

• Lau­rel House pro­vides sup­port groups for women cRSLng wLWh Rr VurvLvLng GRPeVWLc vLR­lence Iree RI charge anG cRPSleWely cRn­fiGenWLal. 0eeWLngV are helG 0RnGay anG 7ueVGay evenLngV IrRP 6:30-8 S.P. Ln a cRn­fiGenWLal 0RnWgRPery CRunWy lR­ca­tion. fn­for­ma­tion: 610-2771860 exW. 205, Rr Whe 24-hRur hRWlLne aW 800-642-3150.

• Overeaters Anony­mous PeeWV each 0RnGay anG 7hurVGay aW 7:30 S.P. aW 3enn FRunGaWLRn, 807 Lawn $ve., :eVW 5RcNhLll. 7here are nR GueV Rr IeeV IRr PePberVhLS, juVW Whe GeVLre WR VWRS eaWLng cRPSulVLvely. ,nIRrPaWLRn: 610-287-6297 IRr 0RnGay; and 215-721-6217 for in­forPaWLRn abRuW 7hurVGay.

• Bed­min­ster Nar-Anon Fam­ily Group, a sup­port group for fam­ily and friends whR have a lRveG Rne WhaW VWrug­gleV wLWh aGGLcWLRn, PeeW ev­ery 7ueVGay aW 7:30 S.P. aW DeeS 5un :eVW 0en­nRnLWe Church, 1008 DeeS 5un 5G., 3erNaVLe. $GulWV only please. fn­for­ma­tion: [email protected] cRP.

• Nar-Anon, for any­one whR VWrug­gleV wLWh aGGLcWLRn, PeeWV ev­ery 7ueVGay aW 7:30 S.P. aW FLrVW BaSWLVW Church, 700 N. Broad St., Lans­dale.

• Claire Bridge of Dublin hRVWV an $lzheLPer’V anG DePenWLa 6uSSRrW GrRuS Whe firVW :eGneVGay RI each PRnWh IrRP 7-8 S.P. aW 160 EleShanW 5G., DublLn. ,nIRr­ma­tion: 215-249-1700.

• 7he 1RrWh 3enn 9LVLWLng 1urVe $VVRcLaWLRn RIIerV a Care­givers Sup­port Group Whe IRurWh :eGneVGay RI each PRnWh IrRP 1:30-3 S.P. aW Gen­er­a­tions of fn­dian Val­ley, 259 1. 6ecRnG 6W., 6RuGer­ton. fn­for­ma­tion: 215-8558296.

•$ Help Your­self to Health Sup­port Group will be helG Whe WhLrG 7hurVGay RI each PRnWh aW 1 S.P. aW EncRre ExSerLenceV aW Har­leyVvLlle 6enLRr CenWer, 312 $luPnL $ve. 7here LV nR charge WR aWWenG. ,nIRrPa­tion: 215-256-6900.

• Al­co­holics Anony­mous Big Book Step Study open meet­ings are 7:30 p.m. 7hurVGay evenLngV aW 6RuGerWRn 0en­nRnLWe Church, 105 :. CheVWnuW 6W., 6RuGerWRn. 7he enWrance LV Rn :Lle Av­enue.

• 3arenWV RI chLlGren Rn Whe $uWLVP 6SecWruP are Ln­vLWeG WR jRLn a Sup­port Group on Whe 6ecRnG FrLGay RI each PRnWh aW 7 S.P. aW 3laLnV 0en­nRnLWe Church, 50 :. 2rvLlla 5G., HaW­fielG. CaWherLne 6chaGler 0.EG. VhareV her NnRwleGge anG exSerWLVe arRunG WRSLcV chRVen by Whe group. fn­for­ma­tion: 215-3627640 or www.plains­men­nonLWechurch.Rrg.

• Penn Foun­da­tion’s Re­cov­ery Cen­ter, whLch RIIerV WreaWPenW IRr Grug anG al­cRhRl aGGLcWLRn LVVueV, gLveV pri­or­ity at­ten­tion to in­tra­venRuV Grug uVerV, wRPen whR are preg­nant and preg­nant wRPen whR are alVR LnWravenRuV Grug uVerV. 7R learn PRre, vLVLW www.SIrecRverycenWer.Rrg Rr call 877-GE75EC29E5Y.

• Post­par­tum Sup­port is GRne by cRnVulWaWLRn anG LV IRr WhRVe exSerLencLng SRVWSarWuP GeSreVVLRn Rr aGjuVWPenW GLI­fi­culWLeV. ,nIRrPa­tion: 215-453-4594.

• 7he Women’s Cen­ter of Mont­gomery County is cRPPLWWeG WR helSLng anG eIIecWLng VRcLal change IRr wRPen, IRcuVLng Rn VervLng vLcWLPV RI GRPeVWLc vLR­lence. 7he cenWer SrRvLGeV acWLvLties and op­por­tu­ni­ties for wRPen; VuSSRrWLve cRunVelLng; le­gal aGvR­cacy; vLR­lence SrevenWLRn eGu­caWLRn anG SrR­graPV WR Weach wRPen VNLllV anG Ln­creaVe awareneVV RI WheLr rLghWV anG RSSRrWu- nLWLeV. :RrNVhRSV, VSeaNerV and in­for­ma­tional dis­plays are avail­able for an event or grRuS. $ll VervLceV SrRvLGeG are free. fn­for­ma­tion: 215853-8060 or 1-800-773-2424 Rr vLVLW www.wcPRnWcR.neW.

• Par­ents of Di­vorced Chil­dren PeeW WRgeWher IRr VuSSRrW anG encRuragePenW aW BlRRPLng Glen 0en­nRnLWe Church, 713 BlRRPLng Glen Rd., Bloom­ing Glen. fn­for­ma­tion: 215-257-3431.

• $nyRne whR haV exSerLenceG a vLVLRn lRVV Pay SarWLcLSaWe Ln Rne RI Whe VuSSRrW grRuSV Rr­ganLzeG by Whe Mont­gomery County As­so­ci­a­tion for the Blind. 7R finG RuW abRuW Whe VuSSRrW grRuS VcheGule Rr RWher VervLceV RIIereG by Whe aVVRcLaWLRn, call 215-661-9800.

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