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• Judge Judy: The Fi­nal Ver­dict; Murder, Din­ner, and You wLll be helG 6aWurGay, 2cW. 6 aW 6 S.P. (hRW buIIeW); VhRw aW 6:45 S.P. aW Green Lane FLre CR. LaGLeV $uxLlLary, 214 0aLn 6W. DRRrV RSen aW 5:30 S.P. CRVW LV $30 Ser SerVRn anG Ln­cluGeV GLn­ner, brew, VRGa anG VhRw. FRr reVer­vaWLRnV, call 215-670-5872.

• 7he ,nGLan 9al­ley 3ublLc LLbrary, 100 E. Church $ve., 7elIRrG, VubVcrLbeV to The Film Move­ment Se­ries anG re­ceLveV a new awarG-wLn­nLng VelecWLRn each PRnWh. 6RPe RI Whe VelecWLRnV Ln­cluGe: “El BRla” (6SaLn), “He DLeG wLWh a FalaIel Ln HLV HanG” ($uVWralLa), “5aja” (0RrRccR), anG “BuGGy” (1Rr­way). $ll WheVe filPV anG PRre Pay be IRunG Ln Whe vLGeR rRRP. fn­for­ma­tion: 215-723-9109.

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