Res­i­dent brings com­plaints about fire­works dis­play to Fran­co­nia board

Souderton Independent - - OBITUARIES - By Bob Keeler

Fran­co­nia Town­ship res- ident Martha Herold says sKH NnRws WKH firHwRrNs dis­play that was seen for miles around last Satur­day was le­gal, but thinks it’s time the mu­nic­i­pal­ity PDGH D ODw EDnnLnJ firH­works dis­plays at pri­vate homes.

“My house shook, my win­dows rat­tled, my cats were go­ing nuts,” Herold told the Fran­co­nia Town­ship Board of Su­per­vi­sors Oct. 15.

“These were not lit­tle bot­tle rock­ets. These were SrRIHssLRnDO PRrWDr firH­works,” Herold said. “It’s just not the right place to be do­ing it. That part of the town­ship is not ru­ral any­more.”

When she con­tacted the po­lice the night of Oct. 13, HHrROG sDLG, WKH RI­fiFHr said she wasn’t the only one to do so, but that the firHwRrNs wHrH DOORwHG.

7KH firHwRrNs wHrH sKRW off from a Mininger Road home, Fran­co­nia po­lice Chief Joseph Koze­niewski said Oct. 16.

“HH’s D FHrWL­fiHG firH­works spe­cial­ist,” KozenLHwsNL sDLG. “7KH firH mar­shal and the code enIRrFHPHnW RI­fiFHr ERWK went out and made sure he com­plied with all the reg­u­la­tions.”

Those in­ter­na­tional reg­u­la­tions in­clude hav­ing the DELOLWy WR HxWLnJuLsK firH­works and set­back dis­tances that must be ob­served, along with other safety pre­cau­tions, Koze­niewski said.

Herold said one of her big­gest con­cerns is that DsKHs IrRP WKH firHwRrNs FRuOG OHDG WR D firH DW KHr Mid­dle Park Drive home or other homes in the area.

When she left her home to pick up her son af­ter the Soud­er­ton Area High School homecoming dance Satur­day night, there were DsKHs IrRP WKH firHFrDFNHrs on her car, she said.

“It was all over my deck, my ta­ble, my swim­ming pool,” Herold said.

That means the ashes had to also be on the roof of the house and she doesn’t know if the ashes were still hot when they landed, Herold said.

7KLs Lsn’W WKH firsW WLPH WKH firHwRrNs GLsSODy wDs held, she said, but this year’s one was longer than in pre­vi­ous years.

AOWKRuJK WKH firHwRrNs were the ma­jor con­cern, she said, there was also an­other part of the event that was more of a nui­sance than in pre­vi­ous years.

“The band was louder. It lasted longer,” Herold said.

Res­i­dent Ger­ald Thiel said some re­stric­tions may be in or­der, but small GLsSODys RI firHwRrNs DW homes, such as ones be­ing held for the Fourth of July, should be al­lowed to continue.

“To down­play the ash or noise is one thing,” Thiel said, “but to look at aban­don­ing it in the town­ship, I don’t think is right.”

In other mat­ters at the Oct. 15 meet­ing:

• AOOHnWRwn 5RDG rHsL­dent Char­lie Sac­carelli said the noise from truck jake brakes is a nui­sance to not only homes, but also to a neigh­bor­ing day care.

Board Chair­man Steve Barndt said the board has dis­cussed the mat­ter, but hasn’t yet come to a con­clu­sion.

“We can’t pro­hibit jake brake use on a state high­way,” Barndt said. “We might be able put a sign up there say­ing no jake brake, but we can’t en­force it.”

Board mem­ber Grey God­shall said he agrees with Sac­carelli and that other mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties have passed rules ban­ning jake brakes.

“We have to dis­cuss it a lit­tle fur­ther,” God­shall said. “Give me a month or two.”

• .RzHnLHwsNL rHSRrWHG on the Sept. 29 Na­tional Pre­scrip­tion Drug Take­Back Day at the new dropoff box in the lobby of the po­lice head­quar­ters on Al­len­town Road.

More than 19 pounds of drugs were dropped off that day, he said. The box is avail­able for drop-offs of ex­pired or un­used drugs 7:30 to 5 p.m. Mon­days through Fri­days.

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