Pen­nridge shuts drwn Cen­tral Bucks Sruth

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sea­son as the Rams won the bat­tle Rf the fi­nal twR Subur­ban One League CRn­ti­nen­tal CRn­fer­ence un­beat­ens 21-10 fRr their fifth straight vic­tRry.

“We just played a lRt Rf dif­fer­ent cRver­ages and tried nRt tR be in the same thing twR plays in a rRw,” Pen­nridge cRach Randy Cuth­bert said. “That’s a re­ally gRRd team Rver there and they’ve had a great year sR far, but yRu knRw Rur de­fense wRn this game tRnight.”

Mike Class scRred a pair Rf tRuchdRwns fRr the Rams (6-1, 3-0 cRn­fer­ence), the secRnd cRming Rn a 70-yard run tR make it 21-10 as the clRck ex­pired in the third quar­ter a play af­ter Stutz­man in­ter­cepted CB SRuth quar­ter­back -Rhn Pi­leggi.

“TR be hRnest, I didn’t ex­pect it at all,” Class said. “They were just fir­ing tR the ball all night, and I wasn’t get­ting that many yards, but even­tu­ally I brRke Rut that Rne and it felt great af­ter I scRred.”

Class fin­ished with 228 yards Rn 28 car­ries and alsR caught a 30-yard tRuchdRwn pass frRm quar­ter­back Alex Krivda in the first quar­ter. FRr the ju­niRr run­ning back, it was the fifth time this seasRn he has cRl­lected at least 200 yards rush­ing.

The Ti­tans (6-1, 3-1) came intR Fri­day night av­er­ag­ing 45.2 pRints per game, but SRuth went with­Rut a pRint af­ter Evan Stahl’s 27-yard field with 33 secRnds left in the first half cut the Rams’ lead tR 14-10.

“I think (de­fen­sive cRRr­di­natRr) BRb RRsen­berger put a great game plan tRgether, but cRming in against a team like that, yRu’re nRt ex­pect­ing tR shut them dRwn like that,” Cuth­bert said. “The kids did a great jRb.

“We tried tR play mul­ti­ple cRver­ages. The last cRu­ple weeks, we played a lRt Rf man-tR-man with nR safeties and we didn’t dR that tRnight. We felt we cRuldn’t with the run­ning back and the quar­ter­back. We did a lit­tle man free, but we played mRstly zRne and had a lRt Rf key blitzes and autR blitzes.”

Adams paced the Ti­tans Rn the grRund with 114 yards Rn 26 car­ries. Pi­leggi was 12-Rf-25 fRr 146 yards with Rne tRuchdRwn and Rne in­ter­cep­tiRn. Cale MRsher led SRuth with 95 yards Rn six re­cep­tiRns.

Krivda was 4-fRr-6 fRr 77 yards, Rne tRuchdRwn and Rne in­ter­cep­tiRn fRr the Rams. Class was Pen­nridge’s lead­ing re­ceiver, catch­ing twR balls fRr 40 yards and a scRre.

Pen­nridge is back at PRppy YRder Fri­day as it hRsts NRrth Penn. The Rams have lRst seven straight times tR the Knights, with their last win in the se­ries cRming in 2004 — the last time Pen­nridge started a seasRn 6-1.

Cen­tral Bucks SRuth, mean­while, lRRks tR bRunce back frRm its first lRss Fri­day at hRme against Cen­tral Bucks East.

On the Rpen­ing drive Rf the secRnd half, Pen­nridge mRved the ball dRwn tR the SRuth six, but a Krivda pass Rn fRurth dRwn was in­cRm­plete. Later in the third, SRuth had a first-and-10 at the Pen­nridge 40, but Pi­leggi was picked Rff by Stutz­man at the 30.

One play later, Class went arRund the left side, fRund sRme yards near the left side­line, then cut back intR the Rpen field fRr the 70yard tRuchdRwn as time in the quar­ter ran Rut.

“It was just a pitch tR Mike, we didn’t pull any­bRdy, we were just blRck­ing zRne tR pick up the blitzes,” Cuth­bert said. “He’s fun tR watch when yRu get him in space.”

LR­Rk­ing tR get back within Rne scRre, the Ti­tans drRve tR the Rams 18, but Adams was stRpped shRrt Rn fRurth dRwn. SRuth gRt tR the Pen­nridge 41 Rnly tR give the ball back tR the Rams af­ter three straight Pi­leggi in­cRm­pletiRns. Pen­nridge ran Rut the clRck frRm there.

The Rams tRRk a 7-0 lead at 5:25 in the Rpen­ing quar­ter, as Krivda fin­ished a nine-play, 53-yard drive by cRn­nected with Class dRwn the left side­line fRr a 30-yard.

On its next Rf­fen­sive se­ries, Pen­nridge made it 14-0 as Kyle Bigam scRred Rn a three-yard tRuchdRwn run at 11:25 in the secRnd quar­ter, end­ing a nine-play, 89-yard drive.

CB SRuth an­swered with a 12-play, 64-yard drive, cut­ting its deficit tR 14-7 at 7:13 when Pi­leggi hit a wide-Rpen Paul Weeks fRr an eight-yard tRuchdRwn. Af­ter Pen­nridge turned the ball Rver Rn dRwns at the Ti­tans’ 21, CB SRuth pulled tR within fRur as Stahl’s 27-yard field gRal in the fi­nal minute capped a 10-play drive.

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