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Pre-cal­i­bra­tion mea­sure­ments were made with the Acer’s VL7860 Rec.709 color pre­set ac­tive. Post-cal­i­bra­tion mea­sure­ments were made in the same mode. All mea­sure­ments were made us­ing a Ste­wart Film­screen Cima 1.1 gain pro­jec­tion screen.

The pro­jec­tor’s high­est stan­dard dy­namic range con­trast ra­tio was achieved with the Rec.709 color pre­set and Dy­namic Black mode ac­tive. With this com­bi­na­tion, black level mea­sured 0.003 ft-l and peak white 44 ft-l for a con­trast ra­tio of 14,666:1. Con­trast ra­tio in the same pre­set with Dy­namic Black turned off was 508:1. Max­i­mum light out­put was mea­sured at 110 ft-l with con­trast set to max­i­mum in Bright mode with Eco mode switched off.

Be­fore cal­i­bra­tion, the Acer’s de­fault color tem­per­a­ture pre­set in Rec.709 mode dis­played be­low-av­er­age grayscale track­ing, with the Delta E av­er­ag­ing out to 8.6. Af­ter cal­i­bra­tion, that av­er­age im­proved sub­stan­tially to 2.6, with a high of 3.7 at 70 per­cent bright­ness. (Delta E is a fig­ure of merit in­di­cat­ing how close the color comes to the stan­dards, ei­ther D65 for the white point or the color co­or­di­nates for each of the pri­mary and sec­ondary col­ors that de­fine the color gamut un­der test. Val­ues be­low 3— some ex­perts al­low for 4— are gen­er­ally un­no­tice­able.)

With the de­fault set­tings ac­tive in Rec.709 mode, the Acer’s color point mea­sure­ments mostly lived up to that la­bel, with the Delta E av­er­ag­ing out to 3.0. The VL7860 does not cur­rently pro­vide user-ac­ces­si­ble color man­age­ment sys­tem con­trols (they are avail­able to Isf-cer­ti­fied tech­ni­cians through the pro­jec­tor’s ISF modes). With the 2.4 Gamma pre­set se­lected, gamma closely tracked the tar­get for most of its range, av­er­ag­ing out to 2.3. In HDR 1 mode, the VL7860’S light out­put on white pat­terns rang­ing from 2% to 25% av­er­aged around 285 nits, and it mea­sured 300 nits on a 100 per­cent pat­tern. The Acer’s cov­er­age of the P3 color gamut was 81%.

Picture uni­for­mity was mostly good: white full-field test pat­terns showed some bright­ness drops be­tween the cen­ter and edges of the screen, but color shifts were min­i­mal. Our suite of video pro­cess­ing tests re­vealed poor per­for­mance, with the Acer fail­ing on HD and SD 2:3 and 2:2 pull­down pat­terns. In­put lag with a 1080p source mea­sured 79.3 ms, mak­ing the VL7860 a less-than-ideal op­tion for gam­ing use.

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