THOMAS AN­DER­SON leads a dou­ble life. Dur­ing the day, he is a com­puter drone for a big cor­po­ra­tion; by night, he’s Neo, hacker ex­traor­di­naire. Mor­pheus opens Neo’s eyes to the real world, a vast waste­land where most of hu­man­ity has been en­slaved by machines that use our bod­ies as a power source. To re­claim the Earth, Neo must reen­ter the Ma­trix in or­der to over­throw the machines and dis­cover his true destiny in life.

The Ma­trix was a mas­sive the­atri­cal hit in 1999 and is widely con­sid­ered the movie that helped launch DVD into the main­stream, sell­ing over one mil­lion copies dur­ing its first week on store shelves. For years, it was only avail­able in a Blu-ray boxed set, prob­a­bly be­cause that was the only way the stu­dio could sell the in­fe­rior se­quels. For­tu­nately, Warner Broth­ers has cho­sen to re­lease this iconic film on Ul­tra HD Blu-ray sourced from a new 4K scan with HDR that has been su­per­vised by the orig­i­nal direc­tor of pho­tog­ra­phy. It also has a new Dolby Atmos sound­track.

I’ve sat through this film count­less times and this is by far the best it has ever looked on home video. The color bal­ance that leaned heav­ily to­wards green on pre­vi­ous disc re­leases is now more bal­anced, with blue hues in the “real” world, and green in the “data” world. Pre­vi­ous re­leases sported a green tint that made ev­ery­one look sickly, but that’s been fixed. Fur­ther­more, the black lev­els are to die for, and the level of de­tail to be seen in skin tex­tures and cloth­ing is off the chart.

The lobby scene from the orig­i­nal

DVD helped to sell count­less home the­ater sys­tems over the years, and I’m sure this disc’s stel­lar new Dolby

Atmos sound­track will do the same.

Bul­lets fly through the sound­stage; cas­ings ping and bounce off the floor; tiles erupt with such force that you can’t help but duck and cover. One huge im­prove­ment the new sound­track brings is low-fre­quency ef­fects, which are mixed more promi­nently than on past re­leases.

The disc’s sup­ple­ment pack­age is mas­sive and ports over most, if not all, of the fea­turettes from the pre­vi­ous home video re­leases. The Ul­tra HD

Blu-ray con­tains five com­men­taries, while the in­cluded re­mas­tered Blu-ray ver­sion ports over an In-movie PIP

Ex­pe­ri­ence. The re­main­ing bonus fea­tures ex­plore the story ori­gin, spe­cial ef­fects, score, and trail­ers from the ground-break­ing pro­duc­tion. You’ll need to set aside six hours to get through them all.

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