WHEN AN IMF AGENT gets killed in the line of duty, crit­i­cal files con­tain­ing Rus­sian nu­clear launch codes that he was car­ry­ing fall into the wrong hands. With the help of two IMF col­leagues, agent Ethan Hunt pen­e­trates the Krem­lin to find out the iden­tity of “Cobalt,” a ter­ror­ist who wants the codes to start a nu­clear war. Things go awry when Cobalt plants ex­plo­sives in the fortress-like com­plex, and Hunt and his team get blamed for the re­sult­ing car­nage. As ten­sions rise be­tween the U.S. and Rus­sia, the Pres­i­dent is forced to dis­avow the IMF, leav­ing it up to Hunt and his team to solve the cri­sis.

With six films un­der its belt, in­clud­ing the re­cent Mis­sion: Im­pos­si­ble - Fall­out, M:I is a bank­able fran­chise for Paramount. It’s rare that a mul­ti­film series gets bet­ter as it goes along, but that’s cer­tainly the case here. (Let’s pre­tend that the sub­par Mis­sion: Im­pos­si­ble II never ex­isted!) Brad Bird’s ex­cel­lent writ­ing and di­rect­ing makes this one of the best films in the fran­chise. The pac­ing is fan­tas­tic and the ac­tion is breath­tak­ing, es­pe­cially the stunts per­formed by Tom Cruise.

If you’ve made the leap to 4K view­ing, you’ll def­i­nitely want to add this ref­er­ence-qual­ity Ul­tra HD Blu-ray to your col­lec­tion to show your sys­tem off to friends and fam­ily. The 12-bit Dolby Vi­sion-en­hanced trans­fer is mes­mer­iz­ing from the first scene that fea­tures over­head shots of Is­tan­bul on­ward. The HDR grad­ing is also used to full ef­fect: there are many scenes where you’ll lit­er­ally find your­self shield­ing your eyes from the harsh light, which is ex­actly the kind of life­like ex­pe­ri­ence that 4K/HDR is sup­posed to pro­vide.

My only com­plaint about the disc is its lack of a Dolby At­mos track, but that’s not to say Ghost Pro­to­col’s Dolby

Truehd 7.1 sound­track can’t hold its own. Like the video, the au­dio here is ref­er­ence-qual­ity. Di­a­log is in­tel­li­gi­ble from start to fin­ish, the imag­ing matches the on­screen ac­tion, and the low-fre­quency ef­fects give your sub­woofer a work­out, es­pe­cially in the se­quence where the Krem­lin goes up in smoke!

The disc’s sup­ple­ment pack­age is ported over from the Blu-ray ver­sion and in­cludes three “Mis­sion

Ac­cepted” and 11 “Im­pos­si­ble

Mis­sions” fea­turettes that take you be­hind the scenes to show chal­lenges faced dur­ing pro­duc­tion, such as the shoot­ing of spe­cific scenes with IMAX cam­eras.

UL­TRA HD BLU-RAY STU­DIO: Paramount Pic­tures, 2011 AS­PECT RA­TIO: 2.40:1 AU­DIO FOR­MAT: Dolby Truehd 7.1 LENGTH: 133 mins. DI­REC­TOR: Brad Bird STAR­RING: Tom Cruise,Paula Pat­ton, Jeremy Ren­ner, Si­mon Pegg

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