IN 1983, Michael Crich­ton wrote a screen­play for Juras­sic Park that never re­ally took off. Seven years af­ter shelv­ing the project, he wrote the first of two books— Juras­sic Park, fol­lowed by The Lost World. Both were even­tu­ally adapted and di­rected by Steven Spiel­berg. Juras­sic Park hit the­aters in 1993 and was a re­sound­ing suc­cess. The di­nosaurs came to life through the film’s fan­tas­tic set pieces cou­pled with as­ton­ish­ing spe­cial ef­fects work by ILM.

Juras­sic Park is by far the best film of the bunch. Spiel­berg’s di­rec­tion trans­ports you to the fic­tional is­land of Isla Nublar, where pre­his­toric crea­tures are bio­engi­neered for the ben­e­fit of an ec­cen­tric bil­lion­aire who wants share them with the gen­eral pub­lic. Un­for­tu­nately, Mur­phy’s Law takes hold and all hell breaks loose when the cloned di­nosaurs es­cape. Vis­i­tors to the is­land are then forced to play a game of cat and mouse with the deadly crea­tures.

The next two Juras­sic films are mostly for­get­table, but the fran­chise re­ceived a suc­cess­ful re­boot in 2015 with Juras­sic World star­ring

Chris Pratt. Juras­sic World’s story cen­ters on hu­man ar­ro­gance as a new group of in­vestors think they can con­trol Mother Na­ture. .

Univer­sal’s box set in­cludes Ul­tra HD and reg­u­lar Blu-ray disc ver­sions of four films: Juras­sic Park (1993), The Lost World: Juras­sic Park (1997), Juras­sic Park III (2001), and Juras­sic World (2015). Each film re­ceives a new 4K trans­fer along with HDR color grad­ing, though the re­sults are mixed. Juras­sic Park is in­con­sis­tent, with some shots even fea­tur­ing print dam­age. Also, some of its scenes don’t trans­late to 4K, with vis­i­ble ha­los in the high-con­trast shots. The next two films have a more con­sis­tent and sta­ble look, but the stand­out is 2015’s Juras­sic World. The new Ul­tra HD disc looks amaz­ing, with notably im­proved color sat­u­ra­tion and shadow de­tail over the reg­u­lar Blu-ray.

Juras­sic Park was the first film mixed in DTS, so it’s no sur­prise that all four films here get a DTS:X au­dio track.

Each sounds amaz­ing, but The Lost

World and Juras­sic World are al­most per­fect. That said, the T-rex scene from Juras­sic Park still re­mains my go-to demo, even on Ul­tra HD Blu-ray.

The sup­ple­ments are the same as what was pro­vided on the orig­i­nal

Blu-ray ver­sions, so there’s noth­ing new here to re­port.

UL­TRA HD BLU-RAY STU­DIO: Univer­sal, 1993-2015 AS­PECT RA­TIO: Var­i­ous AU­DIO FOR­MAT: DTS:X LENGTH: 474 mins. DI­REC­TOR: Steven Spiel­berg, Joe Johnston, Colin Trever­row STAR­RING: Sam Neil, Laura Dern, Chris Pratt, Jeff Gold­blum

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