SEA­MAN­SHIP QUIZ Test your knowl­edge with these Coast Guard li­cense exam prep ques­tions from the National Cap­tain’s In­sti­tute

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1. IN­TER­NA­TIONAL RULES: A ves­sel near­ing a blind bend in a chan­nel would sound what sig­nal? A. 1 long blast B. 1 pro­longed blast C. 4 short blasts D. none of the above

2. IN­TER­NA­TIONAL RULES: A stern light cov­ers an arc of how much on each side of the ves­sel? A. 135 de­grees B. 67.5 de­grees C. 12 points D. 10 points

3. IN­LAND RULES: A ves­sel not un­der com­mand shall ex­hibit two all-round red lights in a ver­ti­cal line, side lights and a stern light when: A. an­chored or aground B. un­der­way, not mak­ing way C. un­der­way D. mak­ing way

4. IN­LAND RULES: A sail­ing ves­sel shall keep out of the way of: A. a ves­sel en­gaged in fish­ing B. a ves­sel not un­der com­mand C. a ves­sel re­stricted in abil­ity to ma­neu­ver D. all of the above 5. The rate at which a barom­e­ter falls in­di­cates the rate of: A. de­creas­ing hu­mid­ity B. ap­proach and in­ten­sity of a storm C. clear­ing and tem­per­a­ture rise D. fog for­ma­tion

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