Solid-State Dop­pler Radar

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Ray­ma­rine’s Quan­tum 2 solid-state radar uses the lat­est Dop­pler tar­get iden­ti­fi­ca­tion, plus CHIRP pulse com­pres­sion, to iden­tify mov­ing and static tar­gets at long and short ranges. Dop­pler pro­cess­ing de­tects the radar echo’s fre­quency shift in the re­turn sig­nal to de­ter­mine mov­ing ver­sus sta­tion­ary tar­gets. Color-coding in­di­cates whether tar­gets are get­ting closer (red) or mov­ing away (green). Quan­tum 2 also high­lights and color-codes po­ten­tially dan­ger­ous static tar­gets within about 650 feet for­ward of the boat. From $1,950. Ray­ma­rine, Nashua, New Hamp­shire, (603) 324-7900.

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