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Test your knowl­edge with these Coast Guard li­cense exam prep ques­tions from the Na­tional Cap­tain’s In­sti­tute

1. IN­TER­NA­TIONAL RULES: You are un­der­way in re­stricted vis­i­bil­ity and hear 1 short, 1 pro­longed and 1 short blast. This means: A. ves­sel in dis­tress B. ves­sel fish­ing C. ves­sel at an­chor D. ves­sel tow­ing

2. IN­TER­NA­TIONAL RULES: A sail­boat is ap­proach­ing from your port side on a col­li­sion course. You should: A. keep clear B. main­tain course and speed C. sound 1 blast on the whis­tle and turn to star­board D. stop en­gines 3. IN­TER­NA­TIONAL RULES: The dan­ger sig­nal may be given in which of the fol­low­ing sit­u­a­tions: A. meet­ing and over­tak­ing B. meet­ing and cross­ing C. over­tak­ing and cross­ing D. meet­ing, cross­ing or over­tak­ing

4. The ab­bre­vi­a­tion “hrd” on a chart means: A. bot­tom is hard B. har­bor C. head­land D. hor­i­zon­tal clear­ance

5. A dye marker used as a dis­tress sig­nal must be: A. red B. orange C. yel­low D. any color

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