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Foil­ing sail­boats aren’t any­thing new — folks have been fid­dling around with one type of foil­ing de­vice or an­other on sail­boats since at least the 1950s. But these craft can be a chal­lenge to sail, leav­ing a sub­stan­tial chunk of hopeful foil­ing sailors on the dock. Ful­crum Speed­works’ Foil­ing UFO aims to change that. It’s 10 feet long, and its hull weighs 70 pounds, which means it can fly in as lit­tle as 8 knots of wind. Things can get hairy above those speeds, how­ever, and sailors aboard tra­di­tional foil­ing sail­boats have come into con­tact with some por­tion of the boat when things came crash­ing down. The Foil­ing UFO is de­signed to avoid all of that, keep­ing a clear splash­down area for­ward of the skip­per. The whole pack­age is car-top­pable. Ful­crum Speed­works says most folks are able to “fly” the UFO their first time out.

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