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The Catch and Lift MOB Res­cue Sys­tem from In­tel­li­gent Sail­ing is de­signed to let a sin­gle op­er­a­tor re­cover and lift as many as two peo­ple back on board in the event of an emer­gency. The three-step sys­tem in­cludes a sling, pul­ley and sea an­chor. It uses the boat’s for­ward mo­tion to bring a per­son back on deck. A sep­a­rate mount­ing bracket is also avail­able. Price: $875. The op­tional bracket is $80.

Soft Shoe

The SoftS­cience Fin 2.0 wa­ter shoe is built to be light­weight and odor-re­sis­tant, to dry quickly, and to keep wa­ter out with a self-drain­ing sys­tem. Cre­ated for boaters, an­glers, surfers and beach­combers, the Fin 2.0 re­port­edly holds its grip on slip­pery sur­faces—in the wa­ter and out. In ad­di­tion, the SoftS­cience shoe is de­signed to be kind to the body. A con­toured foot bed is meant to evenly dis­trib­ute the body’s weight to re­duce pres­sure points, and the shoes are wide to give toes more wig­gle space. Price: $60 to $90.

Wire­less Kill Switch

Au­totether’s marine wire­less sys­tem is built to in­stantly cut the out­board en­gine when the op­er­a­tor falls over­board or is sep­a­rated from the boat by more than 150 feet. The host unit re­places the en­gine’s red safety lan­yard, and a com­pact re­mote sen­sor that the op­er­a­tor wears will kill the en­gine if he or she falls over­board. The unit is com­pat­i­ble with all ma­jor out­board brands. As many as three sen­sors can be added to sound an alarm if a guest falls over­board. Price: $235. Ad­di­tional sen­sors are $95 each.

Mov­ing Big­ger Bows

Ve­tus has ex­panded its line of Bow Pro se­ries thrusters to in­clude mod­els for 45- to 80-foot ves­sels. The Bow Pro Boosted thrusters use a brush­less mo­tor that’s re­port­edly main­te­nance­free for 12-volt or 24-volt in­puts, and is de­signed to fit tun­nel sizes up to 250 mm. The thrusters come with a stan­dard or a fully pro­por­tional con­trol panel and now have un­lim­ited run-time. Price: $2,169 to $4,519.

High-Strength Hook

The M2 chain hook from Man­tus Marine latches to a chain and re­port­edly stays on even when there is no load on the chain or hook. It is made from 2205 Du­plex stain­less steel and is de­signed to be as strong as high-test chain. It can be used with a snub­ber or bri­dle and fits BBB, Proof Coil, High Test and stain­less chain. It is avail­able for 1/4-, 5/16-, 3/8and 1/2-inch chain. Price: $36 to $170.

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