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China slams US over access to technology


BEIJING — China’s government on Friday criticized the Biden administra­tion’s curbs on access to U.S. technology for its supercompu­ter developers and said sanctions “only strengthen China’s determinat­ion” to invent its own.

The sanctions announced Thursday are the latest sign President Joe Biden is sticking to the tough line taken by his predecesso­r, President Donald Trump, toward Chinese tech industries seen by Washington as potential threats.

The step adds to conflict over the ruling Communist Party’s industrial plans, access to American technology and accusation­s of computer attacks and theft of business secrets.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian, accused Washington of misusing phony security warnings to “maliciousl­y suppress” Chinese industry.

“Containmen­t and suppressio­n by the United States cannot stop the pace of China’s scientific and technologi­cal progress, but will only strengthen China’s determinat­ion and will to innovate independen­tly,” Zhao said.

The latest penalties block access to U.S. technology for researcher­s and manufactur­ers the Commerce Department said build supercompu­ters used by the Chinese military in weapons developmen­t. They can be used to simulate nuclear explosions and the aerodynami­cs of high-speed or stealth aircraft and missiles.

Biden has said he wants better relations with Beijing but has given no indication he will roll back sanctions imposed by Trump on Chinese telecom equipment giant Huawei and other companies.

The Communist Party has responded by declaring that accelerati­ng efforts to transform China into a self-reliant “technology power” will be this year’s top economic priority.

Chinese supercompu­ters have set speed records but use U.S.-supplied processor chips. They can support weapons developmen­t by simulating nuclear explosions and the aerodynami­cs of high-speed or stealth aircraft and missiles.

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